BAGHDAD: Attacks in Baghdad and north of the capital killed seven people on Saturday, the latest in spiralling violence authorities have failed to stem despite launching wide-ranging anti-militant operations. A roadside bomb exploded in the west Baghdad neighborhood of Ghazaliyah, killing at least four people and wounding 14 others, while another blast on a commercial street in Saidiyah wounded six. In Muqdadiyah, north of Baghdad, gunmen entered the home of the town’s police chief’s and shot him dead in front of his family. Elsewhere, a roadside bomb at a minibus station in Buhruz, north of the capital in restive Diyala province, killed two people and wounded seven others, while seven members of the federal police were wounded by a blast further north in Samarra. The violence comes a day after a series of coordinated bombings blamed on Al-Qaeda mainly targeting Shiite neighborhoods of Baghdad killed at least 24 people and left nearly 100 others wounded.



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