‘Iron’ Mike favors Manny over Floyd

Mike Tyson AFP PHOTO

Mike Tyson AFP PHOTO

FORMER world heavyweight champion “Iron” Mike Tyson said that he favored the fighting style of eighth world division champion Manny Pacquiao over unbeaten American Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Tyson, 47, who holds a 50-6 win-loss record with 44 knockouts, is a known Pacquiao fan.

“No fighter looked more sensational than Pacquiao,” Tyson told Lee Cleveland of boxing site Fight Saga.

Although Floyd Mayweather Jr. is known for his craftiness in the ring plus his impeccable speed and timing, Tyson still believes that Pacquiao would demolish the unbeaten American should their mega dream bout materialized.

“Let’s hope Mayweather eventually agrees to face Pacquiao and that they fight each other twice or three times while both are still on top,” Tyson added.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao’s archrival Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez said that Pacquiao should fight Mayweather next instead of him.

“The fifth fight is not going to happen,” Marquez said in an interview. “It’s not even worth it for us because the people are very happy with that knockout,” Marquez told boxingscene.com.

Marquez scored a sixth round knockout against Pacquiao during their fourth encounter in December 2012.


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  1. Tyson knows what he is talking about. Marquez knows what he is talking about when he said that the people are happy with that knockout – what he meant was the Mexican people are happy with that lucky knockout. Marquez is nothing but a cry baby , when he loses he claims he got cheated by the judges. Pacquiao is true sportsman, he accepts the judges decision and moves on with life.
    I just want Pacquiao to retire at this point instead of chasing Mayweather.