Ironically Intact


For Geraldine who knows about consuming passion.

resonance outside music’s realm
tells of a “deep tone or a powerful lasting effect”

when you strike a triangle, puny as it looks
beside a piano or a set of drums, it vibrates
to the last row of the balcony
and carries with it a tender
complexity of its own

and so it is with love’s
properties of push and pull
what has the bed been witness to?
the leavings of love
the tears, the semen
the sweat, at certain times the blood

where did we ever learn
such greediness so bottomless
in the desire to glimpse the face,
to touch the body, then the soul,
to fathom the unknowable
of at times undeserving

you and i have emerged
violently scarred
but saved
by songs
accidental warriors
after the weeping and rending

and most of all
beings who’re still
unexpectedly whole


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