• Is Aquino rewriting the Mamasapano story?


    YOU can get it from the horse himself (not just from his mouth) if you log into the website of the Philippine Daily Inquirer( www.inquirer.net). There you will hear on video President Aquino telling an Inquirer audience of journalists and staff, that there is an alternative version of what took place on January 25, 2015, in Mamasapano, Maguindanao – different presumably from the popular version of the incident/encounter/ massacre that is generally believed by the public.

    The president spoke at a forum at the Inquirer’s headquarters in Makati City. His key message, as reported by the paper, is that there is still no conclusion on the incident because the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and other groups are still investigating.

    Aquino declared there: “I still have quite a number of questions, and there are various agencies of government tasked to ferret out the truth of exactly what happened in its entirety. There is an alternative version of events that happened there, which is undergoing very intense scrutiny. We are looking for witnesses that will prove or disprove certain observations.”

    “Certain quarters raised certain points that led to the alternate version. There is no conclusion at this point,” he added.

    This presidential line has stunned many people who heard the video and read the Inquirer banner story, including, it appears, some of the paper’s journalists themselves.

    With no wish to rain on the Inquirer parade and its cozy relations with Malacañang, we will say here that Aquino’s statements are extremely disturbing and enraging.

    It is now eight months since the tragedy happened, and the victims’ families and the nation are still vainly looking for closure in this affair, and here we have the president of our country saying that the matter is still up in the air, still being investigated, and with no end in sight.

    It would have been different had the President said that there can be no conclusion because he himself has not yet told the full story of how he authorized and even helped organize the operation. For that would be the truth. He has never admitted his role in green lighting the operation.

    It would have been different also had Aquino declared that there can be no conclusion because he has not yet told the story of what really happened on January 25, and why, after being apprised of the encounter, he as commander-in-chief did not order rescue operations to be immediately mounted and launched by military forces, so that the lives of the commandos could be saved. He has not yet confirmed that he did not order rescue operations. The nation has only seen generals squirming under questioning by the Senate on why inexplicably no rescue was attempted.

    And yet, and yet, it got even worse at the Inquirer love-in. Aquino raised some tantalizing and speculative questions.

    He of all people cited the question whether the SAF 44 were actually the ones who killed the terrorist Marwan. He seemed by this to be impugning the heroism of the commandos.

    He broadly hinted that there are other intriguing questions to resolve, before closure can be achieved.

    All these are serious matters for clarification and confirmation, because the President’s line of questioning is certain to rouse a lot of anger and gnashing of teeth.

    Distorting the facts is never a good way of lifting the weight on one’s conscience.

    Our people are literally in anguish because up to now our national leadership and our government cannot come to terms with this national tragedy. They cannot seem to find the words and the ideas that will enable the widowed, the orphaned, the comrades-in-arms, and the public to surmount this tragedy.

    The President and Congress have yet to render proper honors and recognition to the fallen. Aquino has stubbornly refused every opportunity that came his way.

    For the President to now rewrite the Mamasapano story in this way is ignoble and reprehensible. He deserves the full condemnation of our people and the nation.


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    1. I will not be surprised. This Aquino government is as incompetent as it is wicked. Every time Aquino opens his mouth nothing comes out but lies, lies, and more lies. Aquino and his minions have nothing to offer but ask for “pasensya” as a way of running away from the miseries that daily confront the citizenry. Under Aquino RP is no longer Republic of the Philippines. It has now come to mean Republic of Pasensya.

    2. He deserved to place him in MENTAL HOSPITAL in Mandaluyong… Bakit hindi ka humarap nuong kasagsagan ng Mamasapano massacre investigation?? Tapos na ang conclusion, kaya wag ka ng gagawa ng istorya.. Alam na ng buong mamayan ng Pilipinas kung sino ang may kasalanan. Sabi nga ni Mr. Adaza, this President had no balls and his balls had no mind as well.
      WHO IS THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE PHILIPPINES ??? You are the sole responsible of this incident. Citizens of the Philippines will condemn you, kung gagawa ka uli ng kasinungalingan Mr. Pnoy.. You have no shame on yourself.. Moronic..

    3. Sakim kase sila sa 10million dollars na pabuya kay wanted na Marwan.. para sa pera pinangunahan ni purisima ang pagsugod kahit wala pang go signal sa MILF Intel nila.

    4. What really happened in mamasapano? Too many questions and too many secrets that needs to be reviled. Maybe not in my lifetime.

    5. Believe me sirs .. I speak the truth though the heavens say otherwise. We have a blam less President .. In Yolanda , Samboanga , poverty alleviation ,trafficc,unemployment ,poor infrastructure,high costs of power , water and fuel,exorbitant medical and hospitalization costs,,lack of equipment of our police and armed forces,corruption, leaking and inefficient MRt/LRT and Mamasapano… But we have 6% GNP growth, our oligarch are making billions upon billions milking the public thru monopolies oligopolies and cartels………we are fine who cries about the suffering of the Filipinos .. This is Matuwid na Daan

    6. Didn’t they also say that Plaza Miranda was bombed by Marcos, not by the enemies of Marcos? They also said Ninoy was killed by Marcos, not by the enemies of Marcos. They are also pushing Cory as a candidate for sainthood without, understandably, asking the Hda. Luisita tenants for their opinion. The jaw-dropping alternative of the day that is in a close contest with the idea that PPP projects are actually for the people’s benefit not the oligarchs’ is the line that in spite of the corruption all around him, Boy Sayad himself is honest and incorruptible. I can’t wait for the Mamapasano alternative story.

    7. trying to escape the wheelchair…….malapit ka na..ilang tulog na lang……sasakay ka na sa wheelchair….

    8. ah kaya pala sabi sa news o praise release ni poe-ppet o poequino, she would re-open the investigation of the mamasapano massacre. now i get it. meron palang naimbentong script ang mga script writers ng abs-cbn este sorry po script writers ng communications group ni joe america

    9. What’s actually more revolting and shameful is that while they squander our coffers and murder and use our fellow Filipinos as pawns for their own interests, we as a people just sit and do nothing. I envy Thailand, HK and Malaysia for their UNITY in protesting against corruption and their BRAVERY to stand up against the evils of their leaders and government.

    10. Aquino is a Paranoid idiotic person.!! he has no heart to the oppressed! how can we extricate him of his polishness to the Filipino people!!!!!? how much more time can we be able to bear the agony while watching him kicking us all into to the pit of hell!!!!!!

    11. bs Aquino virtually commanded the army NOT TO RESCUE THE SAFF-44 PERIOD , HE CAUSED THE DEATH OF THESAFF-44 CRYSTAL CLEAR …. Aquino better not fool us FILIPINOS … HE CAN MAKE FOOL OF HIMSELF ANYTIME but not to any other FIL. CITIZEN …

      • Abraham Olaguera on

        Sabi nga sa article : “Distorting the facts is never a good way of lifting the weight on one’s conscience.”

    12. Leodegardo Pruna on

      This is the kind of president the Fillipinos have. Always trying to play his way out of trouble and TRUTH, if truth is haunting him like hell. Had he told what he knows and authored from the beginning, the Mamasapano issue would have been gone by now with victims properly given their places in history and authors their place in jail. When shall the Filipinos wake up from their deep sleep? God bless the Philippines.

    13. Aquino will always be remembered as the president who took us straight down the “Do It Wrong” path. Getting 44 SAF policemen killed is not something many people could have done. It took Aquino’s personal involvement to get it to be so wrong. When he dies and is buried, we should put “Here lies the reason for 44 SAF dead.” on his marker.

    14. May pagsatanic talaga si NOYTARD ano?Hindi pa niya aminin na siya ang dahilan ng pagmasaker ng SAF44 dahil sa ‘STAND ORDER’ niya ng akmang sasagipin na ng army ang SAF44.

    15. Dennis Fernandez on

      At the height of the Mamasapano investigation, someone floated the idea that it was an American operation, with some of the supposed witnesses claiming that a foreign-looking, Caucasian was one of the bodies retrieved from the scene. Pnoy is may be trying to feed the same idea as his defence to exculpate himself of the tragedy.

    16. For the President to now rewrite the Mamasapano story in this way is ignoble and reprehensible. He deserves the full condemnation of our people and the nation.

      Aquino deserved condemnation years ago when he started his wasting of the peoples money giving billions to the corrupt senate and house members that they gave to fake organizations so they could get kickbacks.

      Aquino and Abad gave away billions in pork barrel allocations, billions again to corrupt politicians to impeach the supreme court chief and more billions more from the Dap fund lost and unaccounted for.

      The penalty for misusing billions that wound up in politicians pockets ? Nothing.
      20 out 23 senators on the Napoles list, 3 opposition senators charged

      100 House of representatives on the Napoles list. None jailed.

      The people have apparently accepted and condone the Dept of Justice and the Ombudsman lapdogs who are not capable of charging anyone without Aquino’s permission.

      Aquino has led by example his entire term, misusing the treasury, ignoring the country’s infrastructure to the point of ruin while enriching government officials.

      This silent protest crap is getting old fast.