• Is Chiz Escudero to blame for Grace Poe’s fate?


    IN response to Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio saying at the oral arguments before Senate Electoral Tribunal on Monday that Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares is not a natural-born Filipino, some friends of the beleaguered senator are asking that the tribunal’s chair inhibit himself from the proceedings, for having been a law partner of lawyer Avelino (Nonong) Cruz, who is said to be working for LP presidential aspirant Manuel Roxas 2nd, who stands to benefit from unseating Mrs. Llamanzares as a senator and her being barred from the presidential race.

    I am still trying to figure out the logic in this proposition.

    Assuming Carpio and Cruz used to be law partners, and Cruz is now with Roxas, there is nothing to connect Cruz or Roxas to the disqualification suit against Mrs. Llamanzares. Former senatorial candidate Rizalito David is the lone petitioner in the quo warranto suit before the SET; no other politician or non-politician is involved. I believe I could speak on this with some authority because until David came into the picture, and others joined in, I was about the only one discussing this issue with some persistence in the press.

    I was the first to point out that Mrs. Llamanzares is not a natural-born Filipino while UNA’s Rep. Toby Tiangco was apologizing to the Poe family for having earlier questioned her required residency in the Philippines. Since then I have written tons of expository articles on the subject, and discussed it in successive one-hour interviews on GNN cable TV. These have disturbed readers in various parts of the world; one reader from Canada complains that the Times has failed to print what he wrote. Was David, who used to be my political officer in the Senate, and is a regular reader of the Times, probably touched by my persistence?

    Mrs. Llamanzares promoters apparently believe she had to answer to no one but her political peers. They could not believe that in the name of the Constitution and the rule of law a mere citizen could challenge her right to sit in the Senate, even after she had topped the rigged 2013 senatorial elections, and her adoptive uncle and other propaganda fraudsters had put her on top of their unverified and unverifiable propaganda surveys. They had to assume that either Vice President Jejomar Binay or Mar Roxas, was behind David, and it had to be Roxas rather than Binay because Mar’s “bantay balota” lawyer Nonong Cruz was supposed to have collected a big file on Mrs. Llamanzares.

    What they conveniently forget is that no presidential aspirant, certainly not Roxas nor Binay nor even the once and past future candidate Rudy Duterte, has ever found the opportunity to say what David has told the SET, that Mrs. Llamanzares is not a natural-born citizen, and therefore not constitutionally eligible to sit in the Senate or to run for president or vice president. In fact, until she announced her interest in the presidency on Sept. 16, both PNoy and Roxas had been trying to convince her to run as the LP vice presidential candidate. This meant they were prepared to savage the Constitution, or to pretend that they had never read Section 3 of Article VII, which says, there shall be a Vice President who shall have the same qualifications and term of office and be elected with and in the same manner as the President.

    Rather than question the motives or possible bias of Carpio or the two other justices (Arturo Brion and Teresita de Castro), it might be more prudent to examine those of the six senator-judges instead. The reason is obvious. At least two of them had strong links to FPJ. Sen. Loren Legarda ran as vice president to Fernando Poe Jr., Mrs. Llamanzares’ adoptive father, in 2004; will she be able to find against the respondent, if the evidence so requires? Similarly, Sen. Tito Sotto helped run FPJ’s campaign in the same election; will he have the heart to decide against Mary Grace, if needed? More importantly, some of them sat as senator-judges in the Corona impeachment trial and received P50 million or more from the constitutionally outlawed Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) to convict and remove the politically ill-starred Chief Justice. Will they finally be able to render “impartial justice,” gratis et amore?

    Mrs. Llamanzares’ problems are not solely constitutional. They are complicated by defense-related issues. There seems to be some confusion about her defense strategy. At the preliminary conference on Sept. 11, Atty. George Erwin Garcia, who was earlier reported to have been asked to help the defense, found himself excluded from the proceedings while his colleague Alexander Poblador tried to navigate the legal currents by his lonesome. During the Sept. 21 orals at the Supreme Court, Poblador still took charge; Garcia tried to pass some notes to help him handle difficult questions from the justices, but was routinely ignored. The orals proved to be embarrassing for the defense, and Garcia tried to do damage control by trying to tell the press what Poblador had earlier failed to tell the SET.

    The one big unanswered question is, what kind of political and legal advice did Mrs. Llamanzares get, or was getting, from Sen. Chiz Escudero, her announced running mate? Did he not assure her that because she is the adopted daughter of ‘Panday,” the other popular name of Fernando Poe Jr., and she has been rating high in the propaganda surveys manufactured by the usual fraudsters, not even her declared opponents would try to make life hard for her, that foreign and local financial donors would come rushing into her chamber with suitcases bulging with P1,000 bills, and everything would be a walk in the park for her? What happened to this syrupy promise?

    Did Escudero’s lawyers not prepare all the documentary evidence to show that David’s petition was a pure nuisance complaint? Why did the basic documents turn out to be spurious and incompetent, and instead of supporting the respondent, support the petitioner instead? The documents were so incriminatory in character that the petitioner simply adopted them, to the respondent’s patent grief.

    Among these documents were:
    1) A copy of a certificate of live birth of a “foundling,” named May Grace Natividad Contreras Militar, born on Sept. 3, 1968 and found in the parish church of Jaro, on Sept. 3, 1968, at about 9:30 am, by Mr. Edgardo Militar, who turned over the child into the custody of Mr. and Mrs. Emiliano Militar at Sta. Isabel Street, Jaro. The certificate is originally typewritten, but it contains certain erasures and intercalations. For instance, the name “Natividad” is inserted by hand between “Grace” and “Contreras”, and the name “Contreras Militar” is bracketed, and above it is written “Sonora Poe.” The certificate is dated Nov. 27, 1968, but on the right hand side is a handwritten note saying: “Note: Adopted child by the spouses Ronald Allan Poe and Jesusa Sonora Poe as per Court Order, Municipal Court, San Juan Rizal, by the (ineligible) Judge Alfredo Gorgonio, dated May 13, 1974, under Sp. Proc. No. 138.” This is proof positive that the document was not made on Nov. 27, 1968, as claimed, and is therefore at best a spurious document. It cannot stand as evidence in favor of the defense.

    2) A copy of a decision under the signature of Judge Alfredo Gorgonio of the municipal court of San Juan, Rizal, dated May 13, 1974, purporting to show that after due hearing, the Court decided to grant the petition for adoption of the minor Mary Grace Natividad Contreras Militar by the spouses Ronald Allan Poe and Jesusa Sonora Poe. The veracity of the order deserves full investigation because the municipal court had no jurisdiction over adoption cases. This is known to most lawyers.

    3) A copy of a certificate of live birth in favor of Mary Grace Natividad Sonora Poe, executed by Jesusa Sonora Poe on May 4, 2006, claiming that Mary Grace Natividad Sonora Poe was born on Sept. 3, 1968 in Jaro, Iloilo City, to Jesusa Sonora Poe and to Ronald Allan Poe. This is a revision of the circumstance of Mary Grace’s birth, from having no known parents to being the daughter of the Poe couple, whose marriage happened to be childless.

    4) A copy of a petition for retention and/or reacquisition of Philippine citizenship under Republic Act No. 9225 by Mrs. Llamanzares, dated July 7, 2006, where she declares under oath that she is a natural-born Filipino born to the Poe couple in Iloilo City on Sept. 3, 1968.This is a false claim which cannot be the source or basis of the reacquisition of her citizenship.

    5) A copy of a Bureau of Immigration order dated July 18, 2006, signed “for” Immigration Commissioner Alipio Fernandez Jr. by an unknown hand, granting Mrs. Llamanzares petition for reacquistion of Philippine citizenship. Being based on a false claim under oath, and signed by an unknown hand other than the duly authorized signing officer, this order is patently invalid.

    6) A copy of Mrs. Llamanzares’ certificate of candidacy for the Senate, dated Sept. 27, 2012 in Quezon City, saying she is a natural-born Filipino citizen, without any information about her parentage.

    These are all flawed documents. In all these, Mrs. Llamansares (and her surrogate mother Jesusa Sonora Poe, in the case of the 2006 certificate of live birth) lied under oath. Why did this hotshot lawyer Francis Escudero allow his political partner to submit these falsified documents to be used as evidence against her? Are people simply daydreaming when they suggest that Chiz Escudero may not be unprepared to make his next move if and when Grace Poe Llamanzares falls off her self-created pedestal?



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    1. mgatakotkaygracepoaymganumerounongmanloloko on

      Masyado kayong obyus na hate nyo so sen. Grace poe . Relax, masyado kayo takot.ang taong matatakutin ay makasalanang lubos! Hahaha.

    2. mgatakotkaygracepoaymganumerounongmanloloko on

      Simple lang dapat mag react as isyu. Obyus naman kayo hate nyo c sen.grace poe. Masyado kayong takot. Ang taong matatakutin makasalanang lubos. Hahaha. Chillax!

    3. chiz established partido ng Pilipinas so that all contribution will go to his pocket. Tuso talaga. NP, NPC and Lakas has no control on the campaign fund generated. Chiz will have the say. ha..ha naisahan kayo dahil isip nila manalo si grace poe.Panalo na si chiz. mataba na ang bulsa nya sa campaign fund pa lang .

    4. Arnold A. Sabug on

      Alas! I am enlighthened by Kit Tatad on the issue of Grace, the very ambitious lady with no experience in running a post not even a barangay! With those documentary evidences cited, I’m sure Grace will be disqualified to run for the highest post in the land. Thanks Kit.

    5. Danilo C. Silvestre on

      Dear Kit,
      Again I salute you for your clear explanation in regards to case of Sen. Grace Poe case, I hope that both Sen. Grace & Chiz read your statement to enligthend their conscience and mind to withdraw their candidacy fro President/VP because of lying to the Filipino People, Again thank you Mr. Kits.

    6. First of all, Mr. Kit Tatad has no credibility to discuss the merit of Grace Poe case in the SET, he is not a lawyer, he is just trying to get attention, because he is a Laos traditional politician with connection to Binay. How can you say Mr. tatad that 2013 was rigged? do you have evidence??Maybe not the 2013 election but the 2004 Election during FPJ. and Why? o Why? you did not Mention Sen. Nancy Binay in SET, do you think she will be impartial? Do you know what is her connection to Binay or you are just protecting Jojo Binay Mr. Tatad? What is the connection of DAP in Grace Poe case in SET anyway?? that sounds illogical??although I am not favor for Grace to run our country, I wonder why? Mr. Tatad and many Binay alipores was afraid? of Grace. How come you say Mr. Tatad that Grace poe rating high in the propaganda surveys manufactured by the usual fraudsters, how about when Mr. binay was No. 1 in the survey, is it not a propaganda survery manufactured also of usual fraudsters and supporter of Binay like you???

    7. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      25 September 2015

      Columnist Francisco S. Tatad here once more makes the case that GRACE POE LLAMANZARES is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN of the Philippines.

      On the other hand, Inquirer columnist Oscar Franklin Tan has taken up the cudgels for Grace Poe Llamanzares asserting that as a candidate for President, she does not suffer that constutional disqualification..

      As far as Messrs. Francisco S.Tatad and Oscar Franklin Tan are concerned, with respect to Grace Poe Llamanzares, the issues are joined–but only as columnists.

      What should be binding is the decision on her case by the SENATE ELECTORAL TRIBUNAL, or by the SUPREME COURT.

      That binding decision by either Tribunal should come down soon.


      • I’ve read your commentary on either New York Post or Washington Post and I’m proud a Filipino made it there. Those are one of the highly respected journals in US.

    8. I have never read a more scholarly analysis of the POE issue other than this one written by Kit TATAD…..I hope that this issue will be decided soonest by the SET so that the SCAMMER and SWINDLER Grace Poe and her handlers will be exposed,charged in court and jailed for falsifying official documents and by committing large sale swindling of the Pilipino electorate,

    9. Ang paper trail ngayon ang dakilang ebidensiya na si Grace Poe Llamanzares is not a natural born Filipino. She is disqualified to run for President and ultimately be unseated as a Senator due to not exercising due diligence, dishonesty and fraud!

    10. I need your help. Two ways to be citizen of this country, either you are a natural born citizen and a naturalized citizen. The law enumerates the conditions on both ends. The biggest problem is G Poe does not fit any of these conditions. If the law is silent, what will SET follow?

    11. Mrs. Grace Poe Llamanzares is breaking apart. She has been so unnerved that she even subjected herself to a DNA test – a test she declined to take earlier because as she said: “mga katotohanan lahat ang sinasabi ko” in respect of her birth. No matter what decision SET may render, one thing has emerged very clearly from this hearing: Mrs. Poe Llamanzares and Susan Roces have been (as Winston Churchill said) “economical with the truth”.

      As for Chiz Escudero, the puppeteer, what else is new? He is just following his own agenda. After all, isn’t he known as a “balimbing” for his propensity to quickly change loyalty in order to gain political advantage? In fact, at one time, didn’t his current mother-in-law even label him as an “opportunist and manipulative”? The same words can be applied to Mrs. Poe Llamanzares based on her past and recent history. Chiz and Grace are two birds of the same feather flocking together.

      At this point in the SET hearings, it appears that Mr. R. David and his lawyer Mr. M. Luna are “winning”, while the lawyers for Mrs. Poe Llamanzares are “losing”. Soon, they will have more work in their hands. Once she files her candidacy for the presidency, not only will there be more citizens questioning her eligibility, but more importantly, the twin issues of her citizenship and residency will also have to be determined. Based on legal precedents, it is anticipated that she will lose both issues. Her only hope, if she runs and wins the presidency, is the “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” argument. But this is very “iffy”, and unlikely given the Supreme Court’s decision on the Arnado case. Although Mr Arnado won his mayoralty race in Lanao del Norte convincingly, this fact was ignored when he was found to be “disqualified”. The same scenario may be envisioned for Mrs. Poe Llamanzares.

      Thank you for all your work on this matter, and keep on banging that drum loudly, Mr. Tatad. You have an army of supporters behind you. At this point in her history, The Philippines should be spared from a presidential candidate who is not constitutionally qualified to run.

    12. people are so judgmental. these senators get a bashing everyday on social media for having to say their stance on ideas. Ngayon uto uto si Grace at si Chiz naman mapanlinlang. we question their abilities but we forget to thank them for their integrity in fighting for our rights as people. may nakapgtulak na ba ng makataong bill tulad ng FOI sa senado maliban kay Grace? Kasama pa dito ay ang pagkakaroon ng patakaran ng breakdown ng budget na sinimulan ni Sen Escudero?

    13. The nation will be grateful for the continuing education you give to the public on Sen. Poe’s citizenship controversy. Keep writing!

    14. Mr Tatad, we cannot fully blame to Chiz for all these flawed documents, since all these six documents had been existing and nothing is Chiz’s own creation but made or secured by particular governmental agencies who each of their respective officials were now found to be incompetent to issue. I could only objectively claimed fault for Chiz as being secondary as all these pertinent flawed documents were upon perusal was intended to defend her friend Grace on on questions not of Chiz’s creation but but Grace and her family alone. In Chiz’s initiative and good faith purpose to exercise full solidarity on her friend, Grace’s known low circumstance, Chiz intended to try to save Grace in her sorrowful burning house fire, but by just being gullible enough by Chiz who came rushing to throw all these poorly examined for validity documents as pure water to turn off fires on the burning Grace’s house, but to everyone’s surprise due to the force and claws of the law, the water to turn off fires, eventually, turned to be gas to engulf the whole house of Grace to fire. Who then is/are the ultimate root cause/s of the fire but the documents themselves, not Chiz, but the falsified documents issued by perjury by all the six government official’s sources. All the signers of the six purported (sic) official documents were all liable for perjury as the root cause of Mrs Llamanzares imminent political fall and disgrace by virtue of the corporate law on piercing the veil of corporate entity. (Note I have nothing on Chiz but all but pure and objective opinion)

    15. Is Chiz now the new face of the Yellow regime that is behind Grace’s candidacy? I thought he was a Marcos loyalist? I think he is with Grace because he was with FPJ in 2004 and for this reason Grace trusts him. Is he an opportunist? Being a politician, he most probably is but he is not the one who created the questionability of Grace’s citizenship, Grace’s biological parents did. The rule of law may be on your side, but remember that the rule of law did not stop Boy Sayad or GMA from becoming president, or even Cory Aquino for that matter. If the real powers-that -be, and you know who they are, want a dog to be our president, then a dog it will be, until the time when the people really get fed up with these dogs. That is when the true nature of the Filipino as dog meat eaters will emerge with a vengeance. I think that time is nigh, lets just be patient and let them make all the mistakes.

    16. Naku Kit, asahan mo pa na gumawa ng homework nya yang batang yan? Magaling lang dumaldal yan pero sa paperwork eh sloppy.

    17. A copy of a certificate of live birth in favor of Mary Grace Natividad Sonora Poe, executed by Jesusa Sonora Poe on May 4, 2006, claiming that Mary Grace Natividad Sonora Poe was born on Sept. 3, 1968 in Jaro, Iloilo City, to Jesusa Sonora Poe and to Ronald Allan Poe. This is a revision of the circumstance of Mary Grace’s birth, from having no known parents to being the daughter of the Poe couple, whose marriage happened to be childless.

      No need DNA to affirm or confirm that Madam Senator Grace Llamansares is the daughter of the late Fernando Poe Jr and Susan Roces Poe.

      May I suggest that Mr David ask the SET to require Madam Senator Grace to produce her live birth registration. The Live Birth Registration, indicates which Hospital or Clinic where Mrs Susan Roces Poe delivered a baby, including the attending Physician who performed. Alangan naman na Hilot.

      I say this because, there was a Filipina US citizen who came in the Philippines to study. While she was in the Philippines she got pregnant and born to a baby Girl. This Filipina US citizen applied US citizenship her newly born baby.The US embassy there in Manila, told to the lady to produce the necessary papers such as Medical records when she was pregnant until giving birth.The name of the hospital where she delivered her baby, the name of the attending Physician and contact No., the live birth certificate and live birth registration.

      After she produced these papers,her newly born baby became US citizen too.

      Bakit ko nasabi ito?

      Madam Senator Grace Llamanzares is a US citizen, until she is proven to be a Filipino Citizen.

      Pangalawa.Sana ay Madam Senator is reading your article sir Kit.

      If the rumors is said to be true,that you are the Half-Sister of Senator Bongbong Marcos. may I suggest Madam Senator Grace, you should cancel your plan to run for president, and throw your support to your Hafl-Brother Bongbong instead, I know he will take care of you The people that so round and who are around you are said to be the SCORPIONS.. Did you red the AESOP FABLE s?They are going to use you for their own interest I perceived,Sen. BBM is waiting the result of your case, and I think this is the one or big reason for not declaring yet his intention.I know that he want to run for president and not vice president, but he is waiting to clear the clouds before he announce his candidacy.

      • Yes, there is no need for DNA test. Llive birth record to produce is the single most direct evidence as document of actual birth, rather than mere circumstantial DNA testing which is expensive and reliable, not in the Philippine, or even from the United States but from most modern and most updated in medical science facilities in Europe. The DNA test can be thrown out now with the implicit claim of live birth. This must be pursued or otherwise, the claim will turned out as a felony.

    18. It is not far fetched that scheming and opportunist Francis Escudero is principally instrumental in driving Grace Poe to declare her intention to run for the Presidency! Escudero must have advised Poe not to be deterred by the issue of her being NOT a natural-born citizenship status as the convoluted documents of Poe ‘ birth certificates, renunciation and repatriation to Filipino dual citizenship and adoption, will cover her legally safe to run. Of course Escudero is to ride with the celebrity popularity of Poe and Poe’ financial backers egging her to run. Escudero envisioned that becoming a team up VP with Poe has the great potential of winning the Presidency and VP. Escudero prodded Poe to run as President after dissuading her to team up as VP with Roxas knowing he will be out of place in Roxas party. Escudero knows fully well that Poe will win and he will be carried also to his election as VP but thereafter will be DISQUALIFIED and unseated as President, for which he will takeover as President. This opportunistic agenda of Escudero is his driving force to just be contented as VP though he long aspire to run for the Presidency years ago. Escudero is betraying the trust and confidence of Grace Poe in him as he is looked up to as a trusted confidant.
      Without knowing that Escudero is entertaining the devil scheme to take over her as he knows she will be disqualified. Running in tandem with Grace Poe will give the financial backing and free ride on the popularity and name-recall of Poe, and the agenda of eventually taking over her firm the Presidency. With this scenario, Grave Poe has the “bad fate” of being convinced, prodded and pushed to the cpolitical cliff of death and gives Escudero the window of opportunity to take over as his “good fate” to be President without any effort as a freeloader!

    19. This is an intriguing scenario worthy of a Ludlum thriller. This would have been dismissed outright were it not for the compelling and logical presentation of arguments in support of this Machiavellian Escudero-inspired scheme. From the arguments made, it would appear that another critical element was needed to make the scheme work – someone so overwhelmingly ambitious to be president that she will disregard patently forged documents . Or does the Poe-Escudero camp have another thrilling ace-in-the-sleeve card that they will play in the end? That is, the Vox Populi, Vox Dei strategy utilizing Poe’s consistent front – running position in the surveys to claim victory after the 9 May 2016 elections regardless of whether she is constitutionally qualified or not.

      • the vox populi, vox dei has been test floated by the lamenting sisyphus on the other paper
        as the SET goes on, this will surely gain traction.

    20. Beautiful analysis by Atty. Francisco S. Tatad. As long as Sen. Chiz Escudero continues to exalt Sen. Grace Poe and make her believe that she will be the next President, he will be doing Sec. Mar Roxas and even VP Binay a great favor.

    21. Thank you so much for this objective article unlike the one written by Oscar Franklin Tan on Inquirer.net which is not worthy of journalism. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Chiz Escudero is the master manipulator in the Grace Poe candidacy. He’s the ugly head rearing all the time behind the popularity of Poe. You are right on in all fronts of your analysis with Escudero. He has an ultimate personal and greedy ambition to the road of Malacanang disguised under Poe. My late grandfather was one of the original drafters of the Phlilippines Constitution. What Poe and Escudero’s team are doing is making a mockery of the Philippines Constitution. It exists to protect our country, and not the other way around i.e., to propagate the corrupt politicians. Philippines has long been crippled with corruption, and it is very sad that we all have to vote the least evil among the 3 current candidates.

    22. This is a proof positive that Ms Poe Llamanzares is not in government to serve the people but only a deserving liar and hungry of power and status. Now “What say you backers/supporters”. She should be impeached or to save face “Resign” and go back to the USA and see if you can salvage your U.S. citizenship. Am just sayin’.

    23. If, despite all of the discussions on Mrs. Llamanzares status, she will qualify and be able to run for higher office, might as well scrapped the Philippine Consitution, tear it into pieces or burn it. The Philippines is in fantasy world and in real trouble!

    24. Thank you, Senator Tatad, for your persistence in addressing this issue with this American, Llamazares, who wants to be the president of our sovereign country, our Philippines dear “Philippines our native land, the country of the brave. Pearl of all the orient seas, the home of men upright. We are ready all the time to work for peace and right. Philippines dear Philippines for freedom all of us will fight!” I beg you to PLEASE DO NOT RELENT. Our people need to see the light shine upon this darkness of these self serving politicians whose sole intent is to enrich and engrandize themselves at the expense and detriment of our people. Very evil indeed! Our dear homeland has suffered so much for so long and in need of a leader with a pure heart who will not be bought or sold though the heavens fall, a leader who can bring us out of bondage and takes us into the promised land. Your effort is finally paying off. It seems that more and more people are getting educated by being informed on a daily basis with your expose. I do believe that only in making an informed decision when we go to the polling places is when we can make it right for our country and our dear people. For your effort, dear sir Kit, I salute you and I thank you on behalf of our grateful nation. KEEP CHARGING, SIR!

      • “Wake up, so wake up! Fight for the right
        Freedom for freedom, all must fight
        for Philippines our native land
        the country of the brave
        pearl of all the orient seas
        the home of men upright.
        We are ready all the time to work for peace and right.
        Philippines, dear Philippines for freedom all of us will fight.”

    25. Felimon A. Soria on

      What is so hard to understand about the citizenship and or qualification of Sen. Llamanzares by brilliant lawyers of the Philippines on why she can not be a candidate for president ?

    26. My take is Sen. Chiz knows the scenario that Sen. Poe-Llamanzares may not qualify even elected and the upstart lawyer can be elected VP and who will succeed the presidency.

    27. I wonder why the lawyer of Grace Poe keeps on insisting on the UN declarations of Statelessness are the basis of her being a natural born when our constitutions says she is not. There is also a UN declaration against the beheadings of criminals but we can not used this to countrymen beheaded in Saudi Arabia because they too have a law allowing such. Does it mean because Grace Poe is popular now and she is the adoptive daughter of FPJ we have to ignore our constitutions?

      • Jose A. Oliveros on

        Very good observation. And not only that, the USA itself is a signatory to the 1948 UN Declaration of Human Rights with no less than it former First Lady, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, sponsoring the draft UNDHR before the UN General Assembly. But in the case of Sosa v. AlvaezMacHain (542 US 692), the US Federal Supreme Court ruled that the UNDHR does not of its own force impose obligations as a matter of international law, quoting the very sponsorship speech of Mrs. Roosevelt.

    28. Mga manloloko at mangagamit. They told Regine and Dingdong are supporting them the day of Poe’s candidacy announcement that are not true and all lies. Mga manloloko.

    29. Akala ko matalino si Poe. Nauto ni opportunistic Escudero with bad heart around him. Tapos balita na Regine Velasquez and Dingdong will support them the day Poe announced her candidacy, which eventually are all false and lies. Ngayon pa palang Poe and Escudro are already manloloko.