Is chocolate good or bad for your health?


Dark-chocolate20160719How is that possible? Something so delicious as chocolate is truly good for your health? Well it’s true, studies have shown that chocolate has many positive health benefits. Like most foods, overdoing chocolate may cause consequences such as weight gain, but a healthy amount in moderation can promote natural health benefits.

Unfortunately chocolate is no substitute for vegetables, it does contain flavonoids which have powerful antidioxidant affects such as preventing heart disease by protecting the heart and cancer by guarding the DNA from damage. Flavonoids are found in other products such as tea, except the EGCG in tea is less powerful than the antioxidants in chocolate.

You also have to aware of the different types of chocolate. Similar to most types of foods, chocolate has different antioxidant levels due to how much cocoa is used; hence, the reason dark chocolate has the most antioxidants.

There is a large difference between a 50 calorie piece of chocolate compared to a 250 calorie candy bar. Many people think chocolate is the culprit to weight gain, but that is false. Eventhough chocolate contains saturated fat, the saturated fat is called stearic acid which is different because it does not raise blood cholesterol

No guilt chocolate? It’s tempting because it’s true, but moderation is key. Just because chocolate is not as negative to health as people believe, does not mean it is a replacement for vegetables. You just do not need to feel guilty when biting into a dark chocolate piece of candy to satisfy your needs.

There are three main reasons why chocolate is good for your physical and mental health:

• There are two main types of fat. Unsaturated fast and saturated fats. Saturated fats such as cheese are bad for you. It is this type of fat that contributes to problems such as heart attacks, clotting and organ failure. Unsaturated fats however are good for you, they can be found in things like nuts, red wine and dark chocolate. Unsaturated fat actually helps reduce the cholesterol levels caused by saturated fats. Considering this taken in modest amounts dark chocolate is good for your physical health.

• Serotonin is a chemical inside your body that makes you happy. Chocolate contains amino acids, which contribute towards the creation of serotonin. Furthermore eating chocolate triggers the release of endorphins in the body. Endorphins reduce the bodies sensitivity to pain, which in small amounts actually relates to the happy feeling you get after eating chocolate. So in terms of mental health again chocolate acts as a stimulant and is good for you.

• Lastly, even if chocolate is bad for you it will not harm you so long as you eat it in moderation. If you eat only chocolate for the rest of your life, it probably will be quite bad for you. But like most sweets, confectionary chocolate is meant to be a treat. Considering this—taken as a snack in an otherwise healthy diet and lifestyle—the bad effects will be quite inconsequential.

Some of the reasons why people may think chocolate is bad for you is that it contains caffeine.

However, I have read before that an ounce of milk chocolate probably contains an equal amount of caffeine to a cup of decaffinated coffee. Going back to the first creation of chocolate, the Aztecs who first made it actually made it from the cocoa beans reserved it for people of high importance.

Warriors, religious leaders, nobles etc all drank chocolate in order to gain vitality and wisdom.

About the author: Muktar Mustapha Idris is a featured writer of ArticlesGratuits.Com.


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