• Is Grace Poe an identity thief as well?


    As though her problems with her citizenship and residency status were not formidable enough, it appears that Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares will have yet another mountain to climb.

    In a major scoop, the Daily Tribune yesterday, with its editor Ninez Cacho- Olivares herself reporting, reported that Ms. Poe has been found to have committed a US federal felony of identity theft or fraud while living in the United States.

    Ms. Poe obtained and used illegally, a US Social Security SS number (SSN) from a dead person, but using her name, Grace Poe Llamanzares.

    In the US, a person can only have one SSN; having more than one SSN is a crime of identity fraud and identity theft. This is a federal crime in the United States and Canada.

    Grace Poe Llamanzares has been listed as having two SSNs, one in her name, with SSN 005-03-1988, first issued as stated in one document, in 1934-1951 in ME. This SSN has been recorded as belonging to a deceased person, according to the documents obtained by The Tribune.

    But Ms. Poe has another SSN 538-25-2008 also in the name of Grace Poe Llamanzares, issued in 1992. This is probably her real SSN. She was married to Teodoro Llamanzares in 1991.

    SSN invaluable to Filipino TNTs
    A Tribune source, a Filipino who lives in the US, when asked how one could have two SS numbers in her name, explained “that in Filipino communities, where those who entered the US without the necessary papers, and have to find employment, some enterprising Filipinos and even foreigners, assist them in getting an SSN from a deceased person.

    “There are many Filipinos and even other foreigners, who are TNTs in the US who would pay to have an illegally obtained SSN, because of their illegal immigrant status. Also, they can’t get good and decent jobs without an SSN,” the source told the Tribune.

    Poe on stealing, lying and cheating
    Ms. Olivares of the Tribune is treating her paper’s discovery as a major issue, because Ms. Poe, when asked during the first presidential debate about her inexperience in government, righteously replied: “It is true I have little experience in government, but I can say that I have no experience in stealing, lying or cheating.”

    To the contrary, the documents and information obtained by the Tribune appear to show her stealing (from a dead person), lying to the US government, and cheating.

    Under US law, what Ms. Poe has committed is, identity theft and/or identity fraud, which is punishable with a prison term. It is a federal felony.

    A search done on US Social Security Number records showed that a Grace Poe Llamanzares used the Social Security No. 005-03-1988, which belongs to a dead person three times, in 1999 and once in 2006.

    The records showed that it was first used for 2914 Post Office Box in Fairfax county in Merrifield, Virginia, 22116-2914 on February 2, 1999. It was last used at 42931 Shelbourne SQ, Chantilly, Virginia in Loudon County on May 1, 2006.

    The US Justice Department Web site says the following about identity theft as a crime.

    “The short answer is that identity theft is a crime. Identity theft and identity fraud are terms used to refer to all types of crime in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another person’s personal data in some way that involves fraud or deception, typically for economic gain.

    “In one notorious case of identity theft, the criminal, a convicted felon, not only incurred more than $100,000 of credit card debt, obtained a federal home loan, and bought homes, motorcycles, and handguns in the victim’s name….This case, and others like it, prompted the US Congress in 1998 to create a new federal offense called identity theft.”

    Pattern of deception
    Ms Olivares concluded her review of the evidence with the observation that Ms. Poe has exhibited a pattern of deception in her life, “not only in her use of a dead person’s identity, but also in many other official documents she had submitted to the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET).”

    Olivares recounted the pattern as follows: “It will be recalled that Poe had submitted at least two birth certificates, a document given to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) when she applied for dual citizenship status stating that she was born to spouses Ronald Allen Poe (a.k.a Fernando Poe Jr.) and Jesusa Sonora (Susan Roces) claiming that she is a natural born Filipino, which the BI requires of a Filipino citizen who seeks dual citizenship. Nowhere was it mentioned in the document that she is a foundling and adopted by the Poe couple.

    “Yet another show of deception was noted when Grace Poe, in 2012, running for the Senate, wrote down in the space for years of residency in the country in her certificate of candidacy (CoC) for senator, ‘Six years and six months.’ ”

    Finally, with her eye on the presidency, in 2015 she filed a CoC wherein she claimed to have resided in the Philippines for 10 years and 11 months.

    Poe claimed before the Commission on Elections that she committed an “honest mistake.”

    That defense will not wash in her felonious use of a dead person’s SSN in the US. The crime will survive to spook her.

    Mistake of fact
    Intrigued by the idea that Ms. Poe on the advice of her lawyers invoked “the honest mistake” defense before the Comelec, I researched the concept on the web.

    An honest mistake is often also called a mistake of fact. It means an error that is not caused by the neglect of a legal duty on the part of the person committing the error but rather consists of an unconscious ignorance of a past or present material event or circumstance.

    A mistake of fact can be a factor in reducing or eliminating civil liability or criminal culpability.

    In Criminal Law an honest and reasonable mistake of fact can eliminate the mens rea element of criminal responsibility. Mens rea is Latin for “guilty mind.” Criminal intent is required before a person can be held criminally responsible for most crimes.

    In some criminal and civil cases, no mens rea is required for liability. Such cases involve Strict Liability crimes, which are generally those that endanger the public welfare.

    This I find engrossing. If it can be shown that Ms. Poe with her pattern of deception in her candidacy for the presidency is endangering not only the public welfare, but the very foundations of our government, then surely her honest mistake defense must not be allowed to stand.

    Her ambition to be president and her many deceptions against the authorities and the Filipino public has cost our nation plenty.

    I submit that for her many deceptions she should be held to account by the Supreme Court, the Commission on Elections, and therefore by the people.

    If our government does not get her, the US government will.



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    1. kung… at kung totoo na dalawa ang ssn # nya, ano sa palagay nyo ang naging dahilan? may masama ba syang intensyon? wala. nawala yung unang # nya kaya kumuha uli sya ng bagong #. mas madaling kumuha ng bago kesa hanapin yung nawawalang #. at hindi pwede i-consider na crime ito dahil no bad intention at di nakamamatay gaya ng sigarilyo at pag tawid sa EDSA.

    2. are you even supposed to share the SSN?

      Isn’t that not allowed in US because it makes the person more vulnerable to identity theft?

    3. Hahaaaays. Another failed and questionable decision from our supreme court. Una pinalaya si Enrile tapos ito naman. Susmiyo. Goodluck Philippines!

    4. SC’s fault! Our process is somewhat to be blame. A candidate must thoroughly screened for any disqualification case before he or she may proceed to campaign. Such a waste of time and resources.

      Magloan ka nga eh kuntodo na CI and background check. What more if you’re running for president?

      This is very basic. Like job application lang. HR will screen you. Pag may sabit, on-hold resume mo until clear and may be considered for next hiring.

      Ms. Grace Poe, kindly clear your name first before you run for presidency. Next election ka na lang once cleared please. I cannot gamble my vote on you.

    5. let us not judge people..let them have their way..people tend to change in the course of time..we do not know she was not yet a politician when she illegally acquired her SSN number maybe that’s the case she resorted to some mischief..we ourselves are also sinners and sometimes in our lives we also commit unecessary acts…nobody in the world is perfect..and we cannot tell if we choose the best politician if he did not commit any illegal acts…may the Lord guide our decisions this coming election..remember, corruption not only comes from our govt. it also comes from us..

      • Timoteo Dayao on

        She did it in America she did lied again here, it goes to show shes a natural born lier!

    6. A person with a selfish heart will cling to anything and everything kahit gumamit ka pa ng SSN ng iba.

      • teresita tan on

        pinapatagal tagal po yan SC antay pa mga jurists na lumaki laki ang suhol ng ibat ibang kampo para sa decision nila. Bidding ba kumbaga. the highest bidder syempre duon sila. Corruption din po ang kanilang diskarte. naturingan pa namang mga supreme court justices

    7. there is no such word as FOUNDLING in the constitution of 1935 & 1987, has it been ammended by the CHR na puwedeng tumkbo bilang pangulo si Poe

    8. Ms. Grace P. Llamanzares is really in hot water. If she will file a libel case against the reporter, I am sure the truth will come out. What a shame if it is true.

      If she won’t file a libel case, the people will presume that all what has been reported are all true. If I’m on her shoes, I will immediately withdraw my candidacy.

      God bless Ms. Llamanzares.

    9. Let people dispute the contents of ms olivares by presenting evidence/s to the contrary. If she can’t dispute the contents of ms olivares’ column then its true that people stole the identity of another person.

    10. arturo b. odejar on

      Just give her a chance to answer this charges to make sure she gets a fare hearing like anyone else…

      • NO! Let her be responsible to prove the allegations and explain herself to both US court and Philippine court abou this. And she needs to get clearances from both courts.

    11. Peter Baluga on

      Resign ka nalang Poe. Mas nakakahiya pag nalaman pa yung totoo. Ikaw talo. Wag ka na tumakbo.

    12. We should encourage Grace Poe to have this case investigated and resolved in court. Para malaman natin kung sino ang nagsisinungaling – siya ba o yung writer. Para sa ikakatahimik ng lahat. We deserve the truth, especially from a potential president. So, Grace, magsampa ka ng libel. Ilabas mo tapang mo.

      • don’t worry,if it’s true then the US will run after Grace for the crime she committed,identity thief…

    13. Bianca Mabasa on

      Sige, Sen Grace Poe. Kung sinungaling itong reporter/writer na naglabas ng issue na ito, bakit hindi ka magsampa ng kaso? Para naman maimbestigahan lahat lahat di ba? Or nag dadalawang isip ka pa?

      Kasi kung di mo siya kakasuhan dahil sa paninira ng pangalan mo at pag expose ng SS number, eh di parang umamin ka na rin na totoo ang allegations sayo.

      • She will use silence and defiance just like her ninong binay and let the people decide.

      • Kaya hindi umaangat ang Pilipinas sa mga taong gaya ninyo. Oo, ikaw po Basag182930, at yung iba pang makapagsalita akala mo walang kasalanan. In my part, I don’t actually care kung may ganun siyang kaso. I won’t say anything to offend her. I don’t even doubt her intentions in running as a President. Ms. Grace Poe having that kind of case before doesn’t mean na magiging ganun ulit siya ngayon. We will never find a candidate with the ‘perfect background’. I really want to give Ms. Poe a chance to prove her words, na mapapatakbo niya nang mabuti ang Pilipinas kahit inexperienced pa siya.

    14. The name “Grace” gained popularity in the US between the years 1930 – 65. One website I searched showed 100 people listed with identical name “Grace Poe.” The SSN with the prefix 005 was issued in the state of Maine. If Daily Tribune editor Ninez Cacho-Olivares’ report turns out to be erroneous, she could face possible lawsuit from Grace Poe. This accusation is a very serious matter, Ms.Olivares better be prepared to back up her charges.

      If the original possessor of SSN with prefix 005-03-1988 was obtained in the state of Maine and is now deceased as reported in this article, it means Grace Poe must have visited or lived in the state of Maine to have obtained this SSN, or the number somehow mysteriously ended up in Boston, Massachusetts where she first obtained it in 1988 when she was then a student. If this alleged SSN was somehow obtained in the state of California where forgeries of SSN’s and drivers license is a big problem, this story would be credible. I believe this report from Ms.Olivares is erroneous.

      • Hmmm… something to make check and balance. But, if from the report it includes her married name then, it could indeed be the same Grace Poe Llamanzares the data they’re talking about. Now, Ms. Poe was married 1991 and the recorded usage was after she was married then, it could be indeed her/Ms. Poe. Thank goodness for Ms. Olivarez for I remember she had quite a number of issues with her reportory reports before. With this facts, it seems Ms. Poe has a habit of deception. Poor thing. I’ll just end up here because what I’m to say next is not at all nice. Tadaaah!

    15. Nag-TNT muna si Grace Poe sa USA.gaya ng maraming Pinoy/Pinay na TNT,Bumibili
      Sila ng PEKENG SSN at ang mga ibang malalakas ng loob, nabili pa ng PEKENG Green Card.
      Matagal tumors si Grace Poe sa San Francisco ,California. Talamak ang mega PEKENG Green CArd at SSN doon. Tyak,doon sya nakabili.

    16. Enrico J. Manzano on

      If that is the case, who in the political horizon these days is qualified to lead our country. Why not not subject all the presidential candidates to deep scrutiny as they are subjecting Grace Poe now. Then let’s see who is better qualified to lead our country based on the following criteria: LEADERSHIP, EXPERIENCE IN GOVERNANCE, EXECUTIVE ABILITY, INTEGRITY & HONESTY, PHYSICAL FITNESS, EMOTIONAL STABILITY, PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE, PATRIOTISM, and most of all, DEPENDENCE ON & FEAR OF THE LORD…Meron ba? Sa lima, WALA sa kanila ang PAPASA!

      • Are you blind? Senator Meriam Defensor Santiago is the most qualified of all the candidates running for May 2016 Presidential elections.

    17. well informed pinoy on

      My humble explanation is this–
      The Social Security Number Grace Poe allegedly used that belonged to a dead person was the number she was using when she was attending school at Boston College. When a foreign student goes to the United States for the purpose of getting an education, that person will be issued a student visa. This type of visa cannot be used to apply and obtain a SSN, a very important identification number that will be needed to apply for employment, obtaining drivers’ license, opening a bank account, obtaining a loan, and on and on. One can assume that this SSN was bought, and you can also conclude that money is a very powerful element.

      Is this a crime committed against the U.S. government? you bet it is. Prosecuting Sen. Grace Poe for this offense would be difficult because first, she is no longer an American Citizen and secondly, she is not physically living in the United States. Extraditing her to the U.S. just for the purpose of investigation of an alleged crime would not be realistic because the U.S. government is very aware of this and do not want to spending resources for petty crimes committed by a former U.S. citizen.

      As far as the privacy of an individual, Grace Poe is no longer a citizen of the U.S. and the newspaper organization requested the information under the “U.S. Privacy Act” and that Grace Poe is running for President of the Philippines made her like a public domain, and the voters have the right to know about the person they would be voting. Too bad for Grace Poe because the newspaper organization found some skeletons in her closet.

      It would have been easier if the newspaper organization requested more information from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, or simply known as the IRS. They would have been able to tell which of the SSN holds an account that Grace Poe has been paying during her working years in the U.S. and also the number she used when filing a joint tax return with her husband.

    18. Aaron R. Lirazan on

      Miss Olivarez stand by her story. Grace Poe can sue her for libel if her expose is not true. However, Miss Olivarez is a veteran journalist, she will not expose something she cannot defend.

    19. Jojo Ventura on

      If Grace Poe and her legal advisers think that this is only a black propaganda, which is “baseless” and “absurd” just destroy the personality of Grace Poe, then why not Grace Poe and her legal advisers go to court and file a LIBEL case against Ninez Cacho-Olivares, editor in chief of the Tribune.

      Under Article 353 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines, LIBEL is defined as a public and malicious imputation of a crime, or of a vice or defect, real or imaginary, or any act, omission, condition, status or circumstance tending to discredit or cause the dishonor or contempt of a natural or juridical person, or to blacken the memory of one who is dead. Thus, the elements of LIBEL are:

      (a) imputation of a discreditable act or condition to another;

      (b) publication of the imputation;

      (c) identity of the person defamed; and,

      (d) existence of malice.

      Then, if Grace Poe and her legal advisers are not going to file a LIBEL case against Ninez Cacho-Olivares, then it goes without saying that indeed, the news article as published, is absolutely true that Grace Poe had committed a crime of identity theft and or identity fraud, punishable under the USA Laws.

    20. Rose Sembrano on

      Filipino voters should know about this if this is really true event.What will happened to our country if She will sit in the presidency office???

    21. George A. Peralta on

      Ako po’y nagtitiwala sa pagkatao at kakayahan ni Sen. Poe ngunit sa bagong issue na ito at kung may katotohan ako po’y mag decide na hindi sya karapat dapat na maloklok sa pina kamataas na pwesto ng ating bansa sapagkat ito’y isang malaking kasinungalingan na ginawa nya sa ating bayan.ngunit kung hindi rin mapatunayan na ginawa ito ni Sen. Grace, sa kanya pa rin ang sagradong boto ko.

      • sa galing ni grace poe na magpaikot baka maniwala na naman kayo sa kanya. as her follower you encourage her to file a libel case againts ms olivares. kung hindi siya magfifile siguradong totoo yon.

    22. Lilibeth Canoya on

      To the rescue itong poe-tards ha. hahahaha. sige lang pagtakpan niyo yan. unti unti nang lumalabas baho ng idolo niyo. madi-disqualify na yan.

    23. Roberto cruz on

      If it is US election, Trump will call her LIER, LIER LIER to her face in front of TV and American viewers.

    24. “A search done on US Social Security Number records showed that a Grace Poe Llamanzares used the Social Security No. 005-03-1988, which belongs to a dead person three times, in 1999 and once in 2006.

      The records showed that it was first used for 2914 Post Office Box in Fairfax county in Merrifield, Virginia, 22116-2914 on February 2, 1999. It was last used at 42931 Shelbourne SQ, Chantilly, Virginia in Loudon County on May 1, 2006.”

      BOOM. Lagot ka Poe. Totoo nga ito. Na-verify ko sa https://www.ssn-check.org/verify/.

    25. marifel dandoy on

      akala ko paninira lang, pero nung tiningnan ko doon sa website na pwede ka magverify ng ss numbers ay totoo nga…. ninakaw nga niya,… tsk tsk.. huli ka poe!! student number ka pa more ha…..more more nakaw ka pala!!!

      • Stealing an SSN number, maybe she really did it. But people actually change. Paano kung talagang malinis ang intensiyon ni Poe na tumakbo ngayong 2016? Paano kung binabasura natin yung chance niya dahil sa past mistake niya? Paano? Ang mahirap sa inyo mali lang ng iba ang pinupuna eh. Wag nating i-limit ang capacity ng brain natin. Walang kandidato na perfect ang background. Minsan gumagamit ang Diyos ng mga taong madilim ang nakaraan para sa kanyang purpose. Siyaka ayos lang pong i-judge yung nagawa ni Ms. Poe, pero pwede po bang sa maganda at mahinahong paraan? Kasi kung makapagsalita po kayo parang ‘di kayo nagkaroon ng kasalanan. God bless…

    26. Rizalie Lumantas on

      Dapat kapag may mga ganitong kaso na pending eh hindi na muna pinapayagan tumakbo. Problema satin sa Pinas eh kahit kirminal pwede magpresidente. I-disqualify na muna niyo na si Poe, COMELEC, pls.

    27. liz magbuala on

      magbagong buhay ka na poe.. wala pong mangyayaring maganda sa panloloko ng tao.. nagnakaw ka pa. di ka na naawa sa namatay.

    28. Napansin niyo rin ba na parang lahat na lang ng papeles ni Grace Poe, may mali. Dalawa birth certificates niya tapos di man lang indicated doon na adopted siya. Yung judge na nag-issue ng adoption papers niya, hindi naman pala dapat nagha-handle ng adoption cases. Tapos yung “honest mistake” daw niya — yung certificate of candidacy niya sa pagkasenador at pagkapangulo ay magkaiba naman ang length of residency. Tapos ngayon ito naman, identity thief. Napaka-inconsistent ni Poe. I don’t think she is to be trusted.

      • I told you so!! Grace Poe Llamanzares is DOBLE KARA, DOBLE BANDILA, DOBLE CITIZENSHIP, ngayon naman DOBLE Social Security Number. Ana ba yan!

    29. EXPOSED: GRACE LLAMANZARES IS AN IDENTITY THIEF! There is no way that the U.S. Social Security Administration will re-issue a dead person’s number to anybody. If a number is being used by someone else other that the real owner, it is because it is stolen. Llamanzares using someone else’s number tantamount to thievery. Llamanzares stole the number, pure and simple. Oh my sweet lord…

      She must really be the daughter of the greatest Filipino thief, cheat, and liar that once ruled the country for twenty years with an iron fist. My my my…

    30. Based on the comments above depending GP, I really feel sorry for this country. Sick and tired of people using sympathy as basis for electing a person to office. Stop ignoring the facts! If you are in doubt about the issues being thrown at her, then read, research and understand para maliwanagan ka instead of being in denial and automatically take it as paninira. For a change naman, stop being sympathetic and close-minded. I was one of those few FIlipino people who did not vote for BS Aquino and here I am, suffering from the incompetence of this administration just because majority elected him to office out of sympathy.

    31. NOTE to Writer and Editor: Why are you publishing the actual SSN in the first place? Could you not have crossed out a few numbers or better yet not even write out the actual numbers? Regardless of who it is, you should respect ones personal identifying information (PII) and keep it private, particularly an SSN that can later be used by someone with criminal intentions. Here you write about someone stealing an SSN number yet you make the SSN/PII of the person you’re reporting on public. Think about what this does to your own journalistic credibility. In the US, measures are taken by the government (see Privacy Act of 1974) and public (see privacy guidelines and warnings posted on any website) to ensure PII is protected and not made publicly available to ensure people are protected. Would you like it if someone published your SSN, or other information that could put you or your family in danger? Try harder.

    32. We are wasting so much time and news space on Grace Poe.

      Why doesnt’s she just disappear and let us all face the other problems the country is facing.

    33. Checked it for myself since I couldn’t believe she could do such a thing… only to be surprised. She really did it. This is a nasty thing to do. Will the US government go after her? Have they been informed?

    34. Will anyone from the networks especially ABS CBN or its agent in the US file a request with the proper US government agency under their FOI law to inquire the status of those SSN? That may settle the issue once and for all. I hope those US government agents pushing Grace candidacy will never interfere in the process.

      • hindi patulan ng ABS CBN yang issue na yan. magalit si Pinoy. Baka bawiin niya ang ABS CBN ibigay niya sa iba. kaya nga ibinigay ni cory na libre para ever grateful sila sa aquino forever.

    35. We will not vote for Grace if Binay is DQ’d for it is binay who is actually the yellow empire’s bet. Observe false Asia & SWS pattern of conditioning the minds of the bobotantes

    36. Migs Doromal on

      My goodness. How naive can you readers get?

      GRACE POE is Uncle Sam’s candidate.

      A felony charge? IN YOUR NIGHTMARES. The US bases will be back on Philippine soil and it needs a PRO-US Philippine president to make it happen.

    37. Romuald Bautista on

      Kaya lang sa Pilipinas, people could’nt care less. Cgurado ako hindi sya mananagot dito, at malamang maging pangulo pa yan dahil sa kasikatan ng magulang nya.

    38. How can the U.S. SSS not able to find an applying person for an SSS number not knowing if she has already an SSS number assigned to her. In the Philippines, many SSS member has two or more numbers when the Agency is not yet computerized.

    39. Ang pobreng mataas na mangarap, ang mapangarap nga naman oo! Ayyy nakuuupoooo wala ng secret candidate ang Noynoy…minamalas naman talaga ang mga hunghang! He he he!

    40. Perhaps we should also look at the citizenship and true loyalty of the people behind or supporting Grace, especially those with dual citizenship (of convenience) like her who would be apt to jump the ship of state at the first signs of real internal TROUBLE. Pampagulo rin ang mga iyan!

    41. Emman Chanco on

      Ano pa ba hinihintay natin? Hindi na dapat siya iboto? Kitang kita naman na nandadaya siya. Ngayon pa lang nakikita na natin ang baho ni Sen. Poe. Mag-isip isip na ang Government about the case of Sen. Poe. What are we waiting for? Don’t vote for her.

    42. SSN 538-25-2008 issued to GRACE POE in 1992 is also allegedly belonging to a “DEAD PERSON.”This is verifiable with the Social Security Administration in the USA.
      The SSN-538 series were issued in the latter half of the ’70s,when Poe was still in kindergarten in the Philippines.
      If verified ,Poe committed the federal crime of identity theft /identity fraud.

      Walang gawain matino ang mga “pulot” o mga “bastardo” sa mundong Ito!

      • My goodness! Not just one, but two identity thefts? This, if true, should really be investigated fully and thoroughly.

      • Completely ridiculous: “A search done on US Social Security Number records showed that a Grace Poe Llamanzares used the Social Security No. 005-03-1988, which belongs to a dead person three times, in 1999 and once in 2006.”

        Sa mga tumira na sa States, you very well know that Social Security transactions are completely confidential. Unless you can convince the US Court that there is a need for the records.

        Andres, kahit putot o bastardo, mahal ng Dios.

      • Maria Theresa Bunag on

        hindi po ako bastardo at hindi rin po si ms poe ang iboboto ko pero di po naman ata tama na lahatin sila. ang pagkakapanganak po sa kanila ay di nila desisyon. kung nagkamali ang kanilang magulang ay ibang usapan na iyon. sana po maging objective tayo sa ating mga ibinibigay na komento at isipin din natin na paano na kung tayo ang bastardo. gugustuhin niyo po ba ang ganyang komento?

        at kung nagkamali po si ms poe dapat lang po na harapin niya ito. sana po ay makapagpaliwanag siya ukol sa bagay na ito.

    43. Thank you Yen for this article. As our gov’t has been called “inept” then my hope now for Poe to be given what she deserves for all the lies she has been peddling is in the U.S. gov’t. May this be done as soon as possible.

    44. Primer Pagunuran on

      No amount of somersault legalese can reform matters of fact and matters of logic.
      It is incumbent upon the High Court to judge on the basis of common sense.

    45. From the above article, I understand that the two social security numbers (SSN) were issued in Mrs. Grace Poe Llamanzares’ married name of “Grace Poe Llamanzares”. Just now I read in the News Section of The Manila Times that Mrs. Llamanzares’ spokesman Mr. Gatchalian has claimed that the SSN that was originally in the name of a now-deceased person is actually Mrs. Llamanzares’ student ID number at Boston College. Supposedly, this was issued to her in 1988. But the problem with Gatchalian’s explanation is this: if this was her student ID, then why does it (the SSN card) not read or show as being issued to “Grace Poe”? She was single in 1988, and therefore, the SSN should not have been in her married name of “Grace Poe Llamanzares”. The card was used twice in 1999 and once in 2006 by “Grace Poe Llamanzares”, not by “Grace Poe”. When Pinoys studying in the USA get a SSN card, the name on the card is identical to the name shown in their student IDs. In case of marriage, a name change may be requested and a new card issued.

      I also read Mrs. Llamanzares’ statement that the US embassy in Manila can verify that she had only one SSN. I doubt that the US embassy would provide this kind of confidential information to anyone interested. Apart from the fact that a different US Department is responsible for SSN data, a court order from a US Court may be required if the request comes from a third party. It is up to Mrs. Llamanzares to disprove The Tribune’s claim that she used two SSNs in the USA – both in her married name. Of course, if she fails to disprove the claim, she can always resort to her usual MO: “honest mistake”.

      • Why is the accused now have the burden of proof of innocence? shouldn’t be the other way around?

        It is a crime, then file a case, otherwise, all accused are considered innocent until proven guilty by the court.

        Before that happens, this is just, another black propaganda

    46. ernie del rosario on

      Maybe a test on what has she had stated publicly as TRUTH are indeed proven as truth and which were proven as lies may show us on which side of truth or lies she predominantly stands. This will be a good measure of her moral character. Then people may decide.

    47. So what? Filipinos are tolerant and forgiving. We have elected president one who was accused and convicted of murder but but later absolved by the Supreme Court. We have had a president called a traitor by his contemporaries and now considered a national her. We have one president elected with the highest number of votes but was impeached, convicted but pardoned by another president who now stands accused of plunder and still in detention. We have a sitting president who many expect to put in jail as soon as his term ends. We have a vice president with a string of plunder cases who wants to keep his immunity from suit for another half a dozen years by wanting to be president. Faking one’s social security number is a crime but so is murder, treason and plunder. We have had a murderer, a traitor and a thief as a president so what’s the matter if we have one more with two birth certificates, two erroneous certificate of candidacy, two passports and two social security numbers? Even Jesus Christ was accused and convicted to die on the Cross allegedly for calling himself a “king.” holy grace…

      • … i was about to give you a thumbs up though i don’t agree with some of your statements. but suddenly i cringed at your comparison of the Lord in a similar level with sinners…

      • I don’t think it’s right to justify this with a reason that goes like “we had a president accused and convicted of murder once. so what?” A crime is a crime. I think this needs to be further investigated. Besides, I checked it myself, and it was seen that she did something with the dead man’s SS number. You can check it for yourself.

      • ha ha ha, kaya ganito ang lagay ng bansa natin ay dahil sa ganyang mga kaisipan. para bang BAHALA NA at e bakit sya o ito ang gusto ko. pwede ba hwag mong isama si JESUS CHRIST sa argumento mo? anyways, it is your right to do what you want.

      • Jesus christ was accused but not proven guilty. Why would you compare this to our beliefs?

    48. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      02 March 2016

      If what Ninez Cacho-Olivares, editor of The Daily Tribune, alleges is FACTUAL and TRUE, then presidential candidate GRACE POE LLAMANZARES risks being charged with a US federal felony “by identity theft or fraud while living in the United States.”

      Let us suppose that she is able to hurdle her DISQUALIFICATION by the COMELEC for 1] not being a natural-born Filipino citizen; and 2] for not being in compliance with the 10-year residency requirement.[This is possible with a Supreme Court which is leaning to disaffirm her disqualification by the Comelec, preferring instead to risk committing an act of “grave abuse of discretion.]

      And suppose, further, that she gets elected President in the May 9 elections.

      And suppose, finally, that after she takes her Oath of Office, she, is charged in the United States with “the federal felony of identity theft or fraud while living in the United States.”

      If this is what happens, it is just possible that what former Supreme Court Chief Justice Artemio V. Panganiban describes in a recent column as a “gruesome constitutional and political crises” will be what the Philippines will have to confront!

      In the event, the Supreme Court could very well be the laughing stock of the whole world for completely ignoring the two constitutional bases for her DISQUALIFICATION by the COMELEC.

      Can you imagine a President GRACE POE LLAMANZARES being charged in a US Court with a federal felony?


      • Grabe na to! If this be the case, Indios are really laughingstock. Why are some Illustrado Filipinos choose to be Indiots?

      • Nakakahiya, sa totoo lang. At this point, dapat i-disqualify na siya. We don’t want a criminal for a president, do we?

      • You mentioned CJ Panganiban, he is GPL supporter and legal adviser.

        “If this is what happens, it is just possible that what former Supreme Court Chief Justice Artemio V. Panganiban describes in a recent column as a “gruesome constitutional and political crises” will be what the Philippines will have to confront!”

        Does it mean that former CJ Panganiban coalesced with GPL groups, encouraged, supported the desecration of our constitutional laws for advising GPL on her political actions? BTW former CJ, sits as director for Philippines top corporations. Corporations that are donating big amount of cash and materials for presidential candidates, among these is SMC.

      • i hope the jurists will not succumb to the machinations of the dark forces backing llamanzares. nakakatakot ang mangyayari sa bansa kung babaluktutin ng mga jurists ang saad ng konstitusyon. BANANA REPUBLIC will the philippines be???

    49. Kung totoo any balitang iyan mas lalong delikadong tumakbo at manalo bilang pangulo ng pilipinas si GP dahil pwede Na siyang i-blackmail o hawakan sa leeg ng US….

    50. I told you many a times that this American Llamanzares is a FRAUD, CHEAT, and a LIAR. What else do you need to know before the Supreme Court disqualify this dirt bag? Fellow Filipinos, wake up!

    51. Jose Samilin on

      The case of using two Social Security numbers in the United States is a very serious and dangerous one that it may lead her now to jail or sooner, it is just a matter of time. Mrs, Grace Llamanzares has already enjoyed the benefit of seemingly first big-time deception that leds her in comfortable position to do it again on her birth certificate to secure a dual citizen passport and to another much bigger kind of deception involving her residency qualification to be the President of the Republic of the Philippines, cheating the entire over 100 million Filipinos, the entire population of the Philippines and in fact, the whole world. This must be a very serious crime, that Mrs. Grace Llamanzares would be answerable to each proper proper court of jurisdiction.

    52. Just like using good faith in defending the DAP, Poe-Llamanzares is using honest mistake to defend her using as US passport in 2012. If these are valid defenses, then our country’s judicial system is in trouble.

    53. Grace P. Llamanzares is now being exposed as a certified cheater, yet, her blind and deaf supporters will not hear of the accusations against her. These brainless supporters is now turning out as the same as PNoy supporters. Anyway, Grace is PNoy’s candidate so her supporters could really be PNoy’s as well.

      • Could you be more annoying? Ikaw ang brainless obviously. Who are you even to call Poe’s supporters as brainless? Ikaw ang brainless, ni wala ka man lang respeto sa kapwa.

    54. mikhail hieronymus on

      According to this article, if proven true, Grace Llmazares IS A HABITUAL and a Pathological LIAR to her bone. Great research work SIR.

    55. Ang aking palagay, kung totoong meron nga siyang dalawang SSN, bakit hindi US ang nakadiskubre nito at yung isang journalist pa ang naka diskubre? Ang lagay ba e nagpabaya ang US sa kaso na ganito ni Grace Po? At isa ko pang katanungan e bakit ngayon lang ito lumabas kung ang bagay pala na ito ay isang malaking issue? Ilang taon na nasa bansa si Grace Poe at nakapag senador pa siya pero walang lumabas na ganito, kung kelan na tumatakbo siya bilang presidente biglang nagkaroon ng ganito. Isa na naman ba itong paninira? Ang tingin ko e, OO.

      • Pano ba yan sabi ni grace Poe sa isang birth certificate Nya na natural born siya Kay Jesusa Sonora at Ronald Allan Poe…do ba kasinungalingan yun? Sinungaling yang si Llamanzares…

      • Sa US kasi di na malaking issue ang doble SSN kasi sang tambak nga ang TNT dito lalo na ang mga Hispanic and everyone needs to get a job pati na mga Filipino. Ang point lang kasi kay Sen. Grace Poe sabi nya she never steal, she never cheat or lied. si Jesus lang yun :) …I like her dahil hindi naman talaga sya magnanakaw and of course I believe na pinoy sya kaso nga lang US citizen din sya pati ang family nya and i believe she lied about her recidency. bat kasi di sya makaantay dahil ba sa survey?

      • “Ang sinungaling ay kakambal nang magnanakaw!” Hindi importante ang kung ‘sino ang nakadiskubre?’ o ‘kailan nadiskubre?’ Ang mahalaga ay ang ‘ito ay nadiskubre!’ Ito ay hindi paninira, ito ang katotohanan. Huwag kang duduling-duling, Eyn Cabase, tingnan mong mabuti.

      • The answer is very obvious, isn’t it? When she decided to run as president of our country every Filipino, patriotic or not, was interested to know what kind of person she is. Before that nobody couldn’t care less who she is or what she did. After all she became a senator because of her adopted father’s name (if she ran as a llamanzares do You think she could have won?) and not because she had done something really outstanding in the field of public service or anywhere else. Paninira? An editor of a newspaper would not risk her name and company to go public if she has no proof to start with.

      • This is not “paninira”. This is part and parcel of politics. Mrs. G. Poe Llamanzares wants to become the President of the Philippines. So of course, her life, credentials, etc will be thoroughly scrutinized. She did not run for anything political in the USA. She was just an ordinary employee. Nobody would bother to waste time checking whether her SSN is legitimate or not. There is not enough manpower to do any checking unless a serious crime like murder is involved. There are so many TNTs and illegal aliens in the USA with false SSNs. Stealing a dead person’s identity is a well-known technique. When an identity theft involves a living person, it becomes known only when the victim receives something in the mail, such as a financial statement or notices or documents that require payments or signatures. Dead people whose identities have been stolen will, of course, never know of the thefts, and are beyond caring.

    56. I wonder why the SC is taking up too much time before they can vote on the DQ cases of Grace Poe. Let’s say for the sake of argument, the SC decides that GP is a natural-born Filipino, it still doesn’t make it a fact that she was born from parents Ronald Alan Poe (a.k.a. FPJ) and Jesusa Sonora (Susan Roces). There still exists a material misrepresentation in her BC which was attached to her COC.
      In the Daily Tribune article, Ninez Cacho-Olivares, editor in chief, said she stands by her story, stressing that that “it is Poe’s denial that is baseless and absurd and a big lie to boot, as far as the claims of Poe camp are concerned, saying that “in fact, the SSN 005-003-1998 is the SSN of the deceased person and was issued between 1934 to 1950 and the SSN cardholder’s estimated age is between 93 and 99.
      Clearly, for those who believe that GP is clean and honest, you need to take a serious look at your candidate before you vote. Remember, it is the future of our country and the Filipino people, which is at stake in the coming May elections.

      • teresita tan on

        Clamor, pinapatagal tagal po yan antay mga jurists na lumaki laki ang suhol ng ibat ibang kampo para sa decision nila. Bidding ba kumbaga. the highest bidder syempre duon sila. Corruption din po ang kanilang diskarte. naturingan pa namang mga supreme court justices, pweh!

    57. Hindi naman kapani-paniwala yun balita na yan, Dahil naipaliwanag naman nila na hindi yun SSN ID kundi ID niya yun sa Boston, ganon talaga uso kasi ang siraan kaya’t ginagawan ito ng issue. Dahil eleksyon ngayon at kandidato si Sen Poe kaya siya sinisiraan dahil isa siya sa mga deserving na maging pangulo ng bansang Pilipinas.

      • Yung student ID na pinaguusapan ay nasa married name niya; i.e., as Grace Poe Llamanzares. Single pa siya nang magaral siya sa Boston, Therefore, dapat and pangalan na nakalagay sa SSN card na sabi ni Gatchalian ay student ID daw should be “Grace Poe”. Think about it: she had two social insurance numbers issued to “Grace Poe Llamanzares”. Impossible na student ID yung isa.

    58. Natalia Salvacion on

      Malinaw na isa na naman itong paninira laban kay Senator POE. Lahat na lang na kasiraan ng kalaban ay ibinabato nila kay senator Grace POE. Wake up other candidates your black propaganda will not make you a president. Kaya ako naniniwala sa malinis na puso ni Senator Grace Poe. I will vote for her dahil si Senator Grace Poe ay may prinsipyo at may malasakit sa kapwa. Siya ang maaasahan ng bawat pilipino para sa ikakaganda ng buhay ng bawat isa.

      • simple lang, kung tingin ni poe e paninira, idimanda nya si ninez. wala ng maraming daldalan.

      • maria hammons on

        Ang report na ito ay out of proportion talaga. Basahin ninyo ang mga ibang article to contest this black propaganda. Deleted na nga ang mga news network kasi alam nila nagkamali sila at pwede silang idemanda.