• Is Grace Poe really a foundling?


    If ever I get the chance to meet Sen.Grace Poe in person, I will ask her the following question:

    “Madam senator, I hope you will not be offended, but I have to ask you this question because it is bugging a lot of people: Are you really a foundling? Can you prove that you are one?”

    The question has to be presented in these existential terms (in much the same way that the French existentialist philosopher Jean Paul Sartre asked his fellow existentialist Albert Camus, “Who are you, Camus?”) because the question of the senator’s identity has really become that serious? And the fate of our nation and the sanity of next year’s presidential election could hang in the balance.

    We could be facing here not a sappy Cinderella tale, but a blood-and-guts Manchurian Candidate conspiracy.

    I resolved to ask Ms Poe the foundling question after perusing photocopies of the two birth certificates that she and her lawyers presented to the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET).

    Poe’s documents belie foundling story
    All this time, like many people I had been inclined to accept her sentimental propaganda line that she is a foundling, worthy of the solicitude and sympathy of our people. I read one maudlin article on her in the Inquirer wherein Ms. Poe boasted that her life story is of the stuff of movies.

    But to my shock, I found that her birth certificates belie her foundling credentials. These documents were gathered and readied for submission by the law firm of Sen. Francis Escudero, Ms. Poe’s Rasputin and running mate. They did a sloppy job.

    The first certificate of live birth, dated Nov. 27, 1968, purports to show that Ms. Poe was born a foundling, and found in the parish church of Jaro, Iloilo on Sept. 3, 1968 at 9:30 am by Edgardo Militar who later put her in the custody of Emiliano Militar of Sta Isabel Street in Jaro.

    The typewritten document identifies the child as Mary Grace Natividad Contreras Militar. It also contains a handwritten note of seven short lines that says the child was “adopted by the spouses Ronald Allan Poe and Jesusa Sonora Poe as per Court Order, Municipal Court, San Juan, Rizal, by Judge Alfredo Gorgonio dated May 13, 1974.”

    The second certificate of live birth emphatically refutes Ms Poe’s claim that she is a foundling or was adopted. Dated May 4, 2006, or 38 years after Grace Poe was born, this birth certificate was executed by Mrs. Jesusa Sonora Poe (Susan Roces), her adoptive mother, who identifies the child no longer as Mary Grace Natividad Militar but rather as Mary Grace Sonora Poe, allegedly born to herself (Jesusa) and to her husband Ronald Allan Poe in Jaro, Iloilo City on Sept. 3, 1968, several months before they were married on Dec. 25, 1968 in Valenzuela, Bulacan.

    The big problem with this claim of Susan Roces is that there is no medical or legal evidence that shows she ever conceived and delivered a child during her marriage to the actor Fernando Poe, Jr. who died on Dec. 13, 2004.

    The popular and invincible belief is that Susan Roces is barren and was incapable of conceiving, before she reached menopause. Fernando Poe Jr. on the other hand was not sterile; he fathered several children.

    This maternity point can be quickly resolved if Susan Roces and Grace Poe will jointly submit to DNA testing. But this is something which mother and daughter will never consent to do, because the foundling yarn will be unraveled as a hoax, and Ms Roces will be exposed as a liar, which is the sibling of a thief as she famously said.

    Milking a false story for political gain
    On the way to formally declaring her candidacy for the presidency, Ms. Grace Poe squarely anchored her public persona and political career on the assertion that she is a foundling and an adopted child.

    She portrayed herself as a modern-day Cinderella, a figure sprung from fairy tales and the movies. Her publicists made people shed tears by playing up her purported abandoned status. She never missed an opportunity to play a waif. She even filed a strange bill in the Senate to protect the rights of foundlings.

    When critics and political rivals laughed at this sentimental spiel, her political strategist and mentor Escudero concocted the gimmick of getting various municipalities to adopt her by resolution of their municipal councils. A number of towns were gullible enough to pass resolutions to this effect.

    Some lawyers supporting Ms. Poe have put forward the argument that Ms. Poe’s being a foundling emjoys the presumption that she is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, purportedly because of customary international law and a UN convention. But this is nonsense. The Philippines has not signed that UN convention. And customary international law cannot take precedence over national law.

    Our C onstitution is emphatic and clear in its provisions on citizenship: “Natural-born citizens are those who are citizens of the Philippines from birth without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect their Philippine citizenship.”

    Grace abandons foundling yarn
    Significantly, when Ms. Poe announced her candidacy for president at UP Diliman last week, she omitted mention about being a foundling altogether.

    She declared in her speech:
    “I, Grace Poe, a Filipino, a daughter and a wife, and with the help of God, am offering myself for higher service as your president.”

    Nothing about being a foundling, not even a hint.

    Should we take this to mean that her claim to being a foundling can now be consigned to the dustbin of history?

    Methinks the foundling claim has been discarded for the sake of maintaining the illusion of credibility for Susan Roces, and because the argument that a foundling enjoys the presumption of citizenship is baseless.

    The holes in the foundling story and the contradictions that it entails have forced Ms Poe and her strategists and media consultants to turn completely to the Fernando Poe Jr connection for entertainment and sentimental value. Her public appearances now feature regular screenings of FPJ movies, and a heavy stress on her supposed legacy from her father.

    But now she must face the existential challenge of proving she is the biological daughter of Fernando Poe Jr. DNA testing of her with FPJ’s real and living children like Ms. Lovi Poe will prove or disprove the claim that Grace Poe is FPJ’s daughter.

    Senator Poe will not take this route.

    From Cinderella to the Manchurian Candidate
    Yesterday , the Senate electoral Tribunal (SET) opened the period of oral arguments on the disqualification case against Ms. Poe.

    I wanted to attend the hearing to hear for myself the quality of the arguments for or against Ms. Poe. I wanted to see whether her lawyers would fare better than the student debaters who were featured in an ANC program called “Square Off,” which I watched last Saturday night. and which showed a live students’ debate on the right of foundlings’ to natural-born citizenship.

    The mock debate featured a debating team from Colegio de San Jose- Recoletos, and a team from the University of Santo Tomas. The proposition was that a foundling should be presumed to be a natural born citizen in the country where it is found.

    The CSJR students who took the affirmative side were totally helpless. They sounded and looked like soldiers going to war against the US army in Operation Desert Storm or against the Nazi war machine in World War II.

    It was a rout from start to finish for UST.

    From the information I got from persons involved in the case before the SET, Ms. Poe’s lawyers were not much better equipped than the CSJR debaters.

    By October, our people and all corners of the archipelago will know that Ms. Grace Poe is not a foundling at all. And that Grace Poe is not a natural-born Filipino.

    This case before the SET will end with the fake foundling losing her seat in the Senate.

    And we will move into a new controversy – the existence of a conspiracy to manipulate the 2016 presidential election and install an ineligible candidate in the presidency of the Philippines.

    What began as a Cinderella tale is evolving into a plot channeling the gripping political thriller, “the Manchurian candidate.”

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    2. Her husband and children are all american citizens. And she wants to be the president of our country? Nanloloko lang?

    3. Surveys being conducted by SWS and Pulse Asia are all fake why? because they are not really conducting surveys what they are doing is paid “TRENDING” panawagan sa Media and voters ignore surveys vote your conscience, the INC vote whoever you want to be your president don’t follow your stupid leaders and the Catholics support the best president.

    4. Anyway whatever grace poe will be doing to convince the court, she will never win in a male presidential derby. talo si grace talo din si chiz, bakit? di sila puedeng maging presidente at vice president ng 104 million flipinos. kaya ba nilang magdeklara ng giyera sa china na ninakaw na ang ating mga isla? baka matulad sila kay pnoy puro adviser namamahala kaya puro kapalpakan nangyayari sa bayan, KARMA! kayo buti nga!.

      • • Roxas – resigned as DILG Secretary
        • Binay – resigned as Cabinet Member and still VP
        • Poe – still a senator and no plans to resign
        • Chiz – still a senator and no plans to resign
        • Robredo – undecided
        • Duterte – undecided

    5. Now people from LP are tackling the grave difference on the definition of natural. HAHAHA WHATS NEW? Wala ng mas trapo pa sa LP :)

    6. There are Filipinos with a distorted point-of-view, when it comes to knowing the meaning of a word, take these words of ‘naturalized’ against ‘natural’, often lead some Filipinos either with blurred vision or poor comprehension of the english language, to think both are the same.

      As clear as Justice Carpio had stated Llamanzares by virtue of having been born within the Philippines is considered a naturalized citizen, but since her parents are unknown or that of their real citizenship, Llamanzares cannot claim to be a natural born Filipino citizen.

      A DNA match, unless it comes from both parents, and not just partly from some living ‘siblings’, can still raise doubts of the real citizenship or either parent. Some Filipinos are try to muddle the issue, by claiming that her father was a Filipino and an American citizen when he visited Iloilo and left her behind under the care of a kin, which just entirely blew the case wide open, that by virtue of her father’s citizenship, Llamanzares is in fact not a Filipino citizen.

      The constitution is very clear about being a natural born Filipino, and there is no other substitute that need to be offered, case-in-point was a mayor who was a natural born Filipino citizen, who renounced his Filipino citizenship to become a naturalized American citizen and then reacquired his Filipino citizenship, he won and became a mayor but was ultimately been disqualified, this case will be used as a precedence on Llamanzares case – the constitution is clear on that.

    7. Let’s make clear muna what a Manchurian Candidate is. The term is derived from a book authored by Richard Condon (not Gordon, mind you) which was later made into a movie. Here is a brief description of the character and you decide if it fits the Candidate who is the subject of this article:

      A Manchurian Candidate is one running for office who publicly supports one group to win election, but uses his executive or legislative powers later when elected to assist an opposing group.

      The opposing group comprises all organizations promoting the “New World Order”. This NWO calls for an end to U.S. indepen-dence, an end to personal freedoms and individual civil rights. Their “New World Order” is nothing more than everyone becoming slaves to the “privileged few”, who own and control everything. Many comments these days point to Obama as the Manchurian Candidate when he ran for President. Today there is even talk of the Obamification of Pope Francis who is now visiting the U.S..

      Gusto ba rin natin itong mangyari dito sa ating bansa ? Slaves tayo ng Oligarchs na minsan sinipa na ng isang Philippine President pero pinabalik sila nung nanay ng kasulukuyan nating presidente .Go figure !

    8. What is required of for a moral action? Dito mo malalaman kung tama at malinis ang mga ginawa ni Poe sa kanyang natural-born citizen claim. Kahit magkapitpitan man yun pa rin ang tama. The catechism of the Catholic church teaches that all three elements of moral action must be true, namely: the object chosen, the end in view or the intention, and, lastly, the circumstances of the action. Further, refer to CCC # 1749-1761. Hindi papasa si Poe dito kaya burden niya as evil works ang mga pinag gagagawa niya. The only solution now is the act of true humility in order to find real peace in conscience, the true peace of her life.

    9. Don’t bother too much on the birth certificates. As i have said, my wife and i adopted a child. My child has 2 birth certificates – first, the original showing the real parents and the second, as per court order when the adoption was finalized, showing my wife and i as the parents.

      Question is more on Sen. Poe’s citizenship and residency issues…

    10. According to Article VII, Section 2 of the Philippine Constitution, one must be a natural-born citizen of the Philippines – that is, one who has not had to take legal steps to establish citizenship, such as through naturalization – and a resident of the Philippines for 10 years to be eligible to hold the Office of President.
      By her own admission, Senator Poe-Llamanzares relinquished and later reacquired her Philippine citizenship – which by definition makes her a naturalized citizen.
      Under the 1987 Constitution, one of the requirements to be qualified as candidate for Senator in the country is being a natural-born Filipino citizen whoever is Filipino between the parents of the same.
      The SET Chairman Justice Carpio statement that Senator Grace Poe is a naturalized citizen then is she qualified to be a candidate? In this case are there any legal reasons why Grace Poe should be voted for in 2016 elections?

      • Johnny Agustin, please don’t twist what Justice Carpio said. This is what justice Carpio said: Senator Grace Poe can be considered a Filipino under international customary law but only as a naturalized citizen and not as natural-born …meaning under the 1987 constitution only a natural born filipino can become president of the Philippine. Not a naturalized citizen and must be residing in the Philippine for at least 10 years.

    11. By October, our people and all corners of the archipelago will know that Ms. Grace Poe is a foundling and a citizen of the Philippines . And that Grace Poe is a natural-born Filipino.
      GO GRACE POE FOR PRESIDENT 2016 election ! we will support all the way to Malacanang!


        Lamon nang Lamon nandito ka pa rin para ipaglaban si Grace Poe. You know it is a losing struggle. I hope you are not discouraged with the negative views of people about your favorite candidate. I just wish you good luck.

    12. It is really surprising that many still insist on the qualification and, presumably. the ability of Ms. Poe to be the head of the country. This shows that many politicians do not have their own ability to distinguish themselves in what they do and have done that they rely on someone else’s, like Mrs.Llamanzares’ derivative popularity, at the expense of the government and the citizenry. This is the reason why in the last twenty years, the political system of the country has been ‘bastardized’ with elected officials because of popularity, for whatever reason, not by notable deeds.

      One doesn’t have to have the intelligence of a rocket sicientist to succeed as a poliitician or government official. It only takes passion to serve sincerely the people, not to ‘lord’ the people.

      It would seem that everyone would like to ‘ride’ on the popularity of someone, not withstanding the fact that one is not qualified and do not have the needed qualifications to head the country. Bottomline, many would like to assume the power, but not the sincerity to serve well the people as a public ‘servant’.

      With all the corruption cases filed against many government officials and other individuals, I hope that those who are thinking primarily power, not service, would think twice, as the people are getting fed up with all the ‘craps’ in the government.

      While Mrs. Llamanzares may be a foundling, the Philippines was not a signatory to the international agreement granting the status of a foundling. What more, her birth certificates presented in the SET were a “mess”. So, what’s the fuss about whether Ms. Poe is qualifieid or not; a waste of resources and energy, and the people’s money!

      • So what the fuss, oh men!!! The truth is, all of us who are voicing our concern with Sen. Grace Poe, whether they were negative or positive, is not what is written explicitly or implicitly in your writings, but the higher purpose is its ultimate concern as Grace, whether you would like it or not is our sister in faith or in Christ which we are the true keepers of her not to fall gravely on the current trend of history that a president of the Philippines after her term of office is destined to jail. Sen. Grace Poe, unless sincerely she will able to win the battle of good conscience, and cut clean, and cut cleanly. she is now destined, nowhere. than in jail. Just think of that, we care for you so much Senator Grace Poe, one who will perish to hell fire is just one too many. I urged you to please delineate and meditate seriously in your being and good conscience the will of God as supreme message to you that must be obeyed in the name of Christ and for the welfare and well being of the 100 million population of the beloved Philippines and the future of our youth and our generations to come, if you really, really love them. May God bless you and your whole family.

      • The likes of Pacquiao (Could you imagine having the two major political parties allocating a slot for him for their senatorial line-up) and other show biz and movie personalities who wind up as mere bench warmers at our expense as taxpayers.The culture of personalities among majority of our electorate. When will we ever wisen-up for the good of our country?

    13. Leodegardo Pruna on

      It is just too good for the country that the TRUTH will come out. The TRUTH has been blatantly tarnished by a disgraced GRACE and a partner a cheesy CHIZ whose ambitions both are beyond their reach unless people go blind. The people of the Philippines deserve better treatment and if they have allowed themselves to be fooled once, but not twice or over and over again. God bless the Philippines.

    14. Isang bagay lang, maaring anak FPJ sa ibang babae si Grace,
      At ito ay ayaw aminin ng pamilya ni Poe! katulad ni enrile!

      e di ipakita ang ebidensya. at ipaalam sa publiko kung sino ang ina at saaan sila nagtalik at saan siya ipinanganak.
      PERO ganoon pa man, di sinungaling at inebntador ng mga palisipikadong papales pala si Grace POe at si Susan Roces!!!! Ktrimen and gumawa ng mga palsipikadomng birth certificates. Kaya si POe a isa pa ring kriminal na gagawin mong presidente?
      Kung sa bagay kriminal rin namin si ABNOY!

      • paano yung 4 na ttunay na anak ni FPJ? si Grace ampon yung 4 totoong anak ni FPJ nasan ang mana nila pag namatay na si susan roces?

    15. Which may ultimately prevail, the law or popularity? The force of the law can not depend on the number of noses. Therefore, Poe’s popularity will soon cool down, so Poe will never succeed, ultimately.

    16. Jose A. Oliveros on

      Provisions UN Conventions or a treaty – whether bilateral or multi-lateral – become part of the law of the land – that is the Philippines – because that is that is what is provided for in the Constitution. But in case of conflict between a UN Convention or treaty and the Philippine Constitution, the latter prevails because obviously the spring cannot rise higher than the source. Art. IV of the 1935 Constitution enumerates who are citizens of the Philippines. Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares’s lawyers cannot point out the specific category where their client falls so as to be considered a Filipino citizen. Instead, they rely heavily on intent and presumptions which, as every lawyer knows, is a sign of weakness of one’s legal position.

    17. Very well said, Mr. Makabenta! I don’t usually read your columns for being too academic but this time you hit it right on the head!