Is Harry Potter from the US?


HARRY Potter is a book from the United States.

The epic Gilgamesh comes from Egypt.

These are some of the glaring mistakes found by netizens in a textbook for public schools for school year 2015-2016 issued by the Department of Education (DepEd).

Facebook user Joseph Salazar cited a mistake in a DepEd-issued textbook that says Gilgamesh was an epic from Egypt, when in fact it was from ancient Mesopotamia.

Mesopotamia is now modern-day Iraq, Kuwait, northeastern section of Syria, southeastern Turkey and southwestern Iran.

Salazar posted the names of people who were supposed to check the veracity of contents of the textbook.

Another Facebook user named Alvin Yapan shared an image showing the page of what appeared to be the same DepEd textbook.

This time, the textbook claims that Harry Potter books were works from the United States.

The popular seven-book series was authored by J.K Rowling from the United Kingdom and was published by Bloombury, also from the United Kingdom.

The Education department said it will look into textbook as they asked for more information from the netizens to help the department correct the mistakes.


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  1. After all the millions spent for the book production, these idiots could not even verify the veracity of the information they’re publishing in the Government-provided books?