• Is it Mar-Grace for LP in 2016?


    There is no chance that President Benigno Aquino 3rd will sideline Interior Secretary Mar Roxas and choose Sen. Grace Poe as the ruling Liberal Party’s standard bearer in 2016, a party-leader said on Monday.

    Dasmariñas City Rep. Elpidio Barzaga, External Vice President of the National Union Party that is allied with the Aquino administration, said a Roxas-Poe tandem is more likely.

    “I expect the President to pick Secretary Roxas. As the party chairman, you would want your successor to belong with the party. Winnability is important, yes, but it’s still too early to know that [who is the winnable one],” Barzaga said in an interview.

    Roxas, who lost the vice presidential race to then Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay in 2010, is LP’s president-on-leave.

    “Secretary Mar is tested and qualified. The LP has a solid political machinery, and the President’s choice will be very crucial in forming a formidable lineup which includes bets for vice president and 12 senators,” Barzaga pointed out.

    “I see a Mar-Grace tandem, and that would make a credible fight,” he added.

    Poe, daughter of the late actor Fernando Poe Jr., topped the 2013 senatorial polls with 20 million votes. In recent surveys, she has been trailing Binay, who had consistently topped presidential polls.

    On Monday, Poe admitted having met with Aquino but stressed that she has yet to decide whether or not to seek a higher post next year.

    “I cannot say who I’m open to run with because at this point, I’m still considering whether I’m actually going to run,” she told reporters when asked if she is open to run with Roxas.

    Poe said Aquino did not ask her to be Roxas’ runningmate.

    “We talked about his desire to choose a candidate that can be trusted by the people and the one who can continue the anti-corruption reforms, and introduce programs for the poor,” she said.

    When asked if the President may have been referring to her, Poe said it is a possibility.

    She said she asked Aquino if she can expect support from LP if ever she is considered for any position.

    “The President told me that he has to consult his party for approval. But he would like to make a commitment,” Poe added.

    The senator also made it clear that Aquino is not looking for an alternative candidate for LP but an alternative to the candidate of the opposition.

    But an LP insider maintained that the president is courting Poe to be Roxas’ runningmate.

    The source said the party wants to get Poe in the hope that her popularity will boost Roxas’ chances in 2016.

    Malacañang on Monday said LP should not frown on the possibility that the party’s presidential bet may not be an insider.

    “What is important is that the reforms or the Daang Matuwid that the President has started will continue,” Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda said.

    During a recent talk with Filipino reporters in Canada, Aquino said it is “possible” that he would choose an independent candidate as the standard-bearer of LP in the 2016 elections.

    The administration party wants Roxas 2nd to be the administration’s bet for president but Aquino said the decision will be made not by LP alone but by a broad coalition that has been continuously meeting to arrive at a particular candidate.

    The President said he hopes that the preferred candidate would be named by the “end of the second quarter” or by June this year.


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    1. Sadly only a minority of the voting population can be considered as “thinking voters” while the majority are driven by the allure of famous names and unrealistic promises – and it will be kept that way for decades to come by the celebrities who win powerful seats in government and would want their kin to also be placed in power for generations to come.

      The Philippines is starting to look more like a monarchy system where only those fortunate enough to be born into famous families can ever hope to get elected.

      While we all want to have leaders who are competent and possess unquestionable integrity, it seems that the only thing we can do now is pray that a child born under a famous family will possess both traits.

    2. 4 DECADES OF DROWNING IN POVERTY BECAUSE OF FILIPINO IGNORANCE…….Philippines’ political landscape has been dominated by the ignorant and moron filipino voters for 4 decades. The level of ignorance of this group is monumental by voting without the use of their commom sense. They worshipped actors and celebreties like Poe, Binay, Erap, etc.etc., regardless if they are convicted felons. Their stup!dity were taken advantage by corrupt filipino politicians as instruments to steal our taxes once elected in to government. That’s the main reason why our country is deeply burried under extreme poverty due to endemic corruption of politicians chosen by moron voters. 60% of filipinos are not educated for voting. Their choices over right minded filipino voters always prevailed because they are the majority. They are easily cheated, fooled and bought in exchange of few kilos of rice and peices of sardines because of their extreme ignorance.

      The government must find a solution how to educated these group by banning and exposing ignorant and corrupt candidates, improve their level of thinking process through the use of common sense for wise choices of responsible leaders, pushing through K to 12 education system enhancing brain development to get rid and totally ban emulating actors and celebrities.

    3. Poe is not a wise choice. Aquino was forced to tap Poe because she is leading in the survey as preferred by ignorant and moron voters all over the country who worship actors and celebreties like Fernando Poe. Duterte or Roxas would be the wisest choice for the right minded filipinos.

      • Korek! And yet why intelligent voters should not vote for Poe just in case. She grew up and spent majority of her lifetime in the US. What does she actually know about the Philippines since then. She was elected as senator by the bobotantes cause of FPJ her foster father and with the help of the PCOS machines. Is she a 100% Filipino or she has dual-citizenship which is not allowed for citizens seeking the highest and second highest positions in the government. NO TO AMATEUR nor CELEBRITY RULING GOVERNMENT AGAIN!!!

    4. sonny dela cruz on

      The Filipino people should be looking for candidates with VISION and tested with accomplishment in PUBLIC SERVICE without a doubts and not on personality only. Right now, Sen. Grace Poe is doing a very good job as a senator, better than more than half of the members of the senate. Actually, only senators Cayetano & Poe are dependable legislator in the senate, the rest are all liabilities and no contribution to uplift the life of many of our poor Filipinos but Poe is a neophytes without experience to run for the highest position. The Philippines has a lot of problems right now. The present administration didn’t do anything for the country and the people, they only do a lot of politics and nothing more. What we need is like RICHARD J. GORDON, he has VISION and HARD WORKER. He is very dependable and not CORRUPT, no anomalies in his past as a mayor, senator and dept. head in the government. Maybe a GORDON/POE will be a very good team for 2016 and maybe after GORDON’S term is done, POE is ready to lead the country.

    5. ben_tumbling on

      As vice-pres,sure winner si Grace Poe! As for Mar,”daang matuwid” patungo sa pagkatalo bec of his association with Pnoy.