• Is it moral to oust Aquino?


    The urgent call from the NTC [National Transformation Council] for the stepping down of the President and his cohorts resonates the general feeling of the people. His misrule clearly indicates his illegitimate claim to the position. His continuing stay endangers the lives of our people and adversely affects the moral landscape of the nation.
    — National Transformation Council, February 13, 2015

    While resolute action is necessary on the part of all, precipitous action and resort to extra-constitutional measures will only visit more harm and misery on our people. The CBCP cannot lend its support to any movement that may bring greater suffering to our people.        — Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, Feb 16, 2015

    THE problem with applying morals to politics is that politics is messy and unpredictable.
    Take the above Catholic Bishops ‘ Conference of the Philippines statement. The CBCP won’t back “any movement that may bring greater suffering to our people.” It seems to make sense until two truths rear their heads.

    First, a movement that “may” enlarge people’s woes might instead shrink them. And second, one can’t be sure which effect it would actually have.

    Back in 1986, if then Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin had to be sure that urging Filipinos to surround rebel soldiers in Camps Aquinaldo and Crame, would not “bring greater suffering to our people,” he would never have broadcast the message which could have triggered a bloodbath on EDSA, but by God’s grace spawned People Power.

    For its part, the National Transformation Council, which groups religious and civil society leaders, top professionals, and current and former government officials, proclaims that NTC’s “step down” demand “resonates the general feeling of the people” and Aquino’s continued rule “endangers the lives of our people and adversely affects the moral landscape of the nation.” The administration and its supporters would beg to differ, so people will need to choose which side to believe and support.

    Church doctrine on resisting the State

    What guidance does the Church offer on political action? At a recent Ateneo talk on the Theology of the People of God, which substantially influenced Pope Francis, a prominent lay leader asked if there were any circumstances when the Church may call for the resignation of a leader or the overthrow of a government.

    Let’s look at the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church, found at: http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/pontifical_councils/justpeace/documents/rc_pc_justpeace_doc_20060526_compendio-dott-soc_en.html. Paragraph 401 states:
    “The Church’s social doctrine indicates the criteria for exercising the right to resistance: ‘Armed resistance to oppression by political authority is not legitimate, unless all the following conditions are met: 1) there is certain, grave and prolonged violation of fundamental rights, 2) all other means of redress have been exhausted, 3) such resistance will not provoke worse disorders, 4) there is well-founded hope of success; and 5) it is impossible reasonably to foresee any better solution’.

    “Recourse to arms is seen as an extreme remedy for putting an end to a ‘manifest, long-standing tyranny which would do great damage to fundamental personal rights and dangerous harm to the common good of the country’. The gravity of the danger that recourse to violence entails today makes it preferable in any case that passive resistance be practised, which is ‘a way more conformable to moral principles and having no less prospects for success’.”

    NTC stalwarts like former defense and national security head Norberto Gonzales support People Power, but not military takeover. For now, mass protests seem unlikely, given the robust economy and the citizenry’s willingness to wait for elections. But public sentiments may change if another Mamasapano-scale debacle happens.

    Some reformist elements support a coup if Aquino won’t quit. They fear his continued misrule means further crises and misgovernance, threatening more people and national interests. They also believe the administration will again use the Precinct Count Optical Scan election system for computerized fraud in 2016.

    PCOS would not just undermine the basic right to suffrage; it would also block peaceful change through elections. For putschists, that’s reason enough for extra-constitutional measures, especially if they are well-situated not only to succeed, but also to avoid harming innocents.

    Moral discernment for concerned citizens

    So what’s a patriotic, God-fearing Filipino to do? That’s a separate article, but here are some initial pointers:

    First, BE INVOLVED. Many Filipinos are not, assuming that individuals and small groups don’t matter in national events, and the issues are too complex and murky to deal with. So they just leave contentious matters to those keen to wrestle with them, who are often driven by vested, self-serving agenda.

    For the nation to move forward, upright citizens must join the fray. Otherwise, as the adage goes, all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

    Second, BE INFORMED. That means taking in various reports and perspectives on major concerns, not just those that dominate the most widely followed media.

    Indeed, the administration’s failings — from crisis mismanagement and record pork barrel and smuggling, to Kaklase-Kakampi-Kabarilan cronyism and multiple transport and prison anomalies — would not have reached appalling levels if pro-Aquino media had not downplayed them for years.

    Third, BE ACTIVE. After careful, informed and prayerful discernment, take a stand. This decision won’t be totally clear, certain and committed, and may entail uncomfortable compromises. But if one’s intent is truth, justice and the common good, one can be forgiven if the action proves mistaken. It would certainly be better than doing nothing for fear of making a mistake, or just not caring at all.

    Be involved, informed and active. So help us God.


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    1. Lord, protect the Filipino people’s emotion from being manipulated by people whose interests and intentions are designed to gain personal advantage at the expense of the country. Open their eyes to see the hidden agenda beneath the seemingly patriotic language. Let the government of this country rely more in you than in itself. The Filipino people has no where to go for help but you. Do not abandon them to the attack of the enemy. Remember Lord the sufferings of your Son, in whom they put their trust even in their unsophisticated form of homage specially the many poor people who are at the mercy of the goodness of others, they have nowhere to go but you.

    2. It is immoral to allow the country to slide even lower than where it is now. That is a bad option. This man took the reins of government via hocus-pcos. Why do we allow him to trample upon us and the country with impunity. When one has an untreatable gangrene in a finger, isn’t it excised to save the rest of hand?
      This man does not deserve one day more in office.

    3. Why is there no moral, legal, religiously doctrinal conundrum when those at the receiving end are the likes of Marcos, Erap, Enrile, Ping Lacson and even the late FPJ? These yellows just easily RATIONALIZED AWAY the injustice of what they did to their enemies but their apparent anguish today can only be due to the fact that this BS of a president is the begotten of the family that the yellows have deified as their political and moral Holy Trinity, and to have the son of that trinity as the unintended catalyst that is now exposing the falsity ergo hypocrisy of their political and moral narrative must be really painful indeed. Where was the anguish when the Holy Son put Enrile in jail but not the others in the yellow camp when without Enrile they would still be banging pots and pans in the streets for their noise barrage,but thanks to him now they are banging the people. Their meanness towards Enrile reflects their unspoken guilty conscience for refusing to acknowledge the debt they owe him for gaining power, and this is not to glorify Enrile since I believe that as things turned out EDSA was a crime against the nation that for him is beyond atonement already when he helped put these crypto-Luciferian yellows up there but instead to point out the HYPOCRISY of all this exercise of pretending to find a legal and moral basis for the begotten son’s much deserved “crucifixion” when they themselves are willing anytime to crucify their perceived enemies without compunction. They know that the people are now seeing through the cracks in their FAKE ARMOR OF MORAL PURITY and that is what’s really giving them sleepless nights. God is Great Indeed!

    4. Marami ang gustong maalis na sa puesto si Aquino,isa na ako dito,ngunit kapag-ang mga taong papalit dito ay alam mong, halos kasing katulad o malala pa, mag-dadalawang isip ka!
      Sa akin matitis ko pa ang isang taong dusa,kung ang katapusan naman nito ay mayroong malinis at demokratikong gobyerno ang mahahalan sa payapang paraan!
      Kaysa naman sa mga taong,kilala muna, na walang nagawa noong una pa,ng sila ay nasa posisyon pa!!

    5. whichever or whoever can bring about parliamentary form of government should be supported. I am tired of presidential form which failed to improve the lot of our people. Presidential is for the rich and famous. Unless we change our form of government we will continue to elect politicians loyal to vested interest who funded their campaign.

    6. The Filipino people cannot stand any more of PNoy’s mistakes because of his incompetence. We have suffered enough after only 4 or so years. Do we have to suffer more because a few will still give PNoy another chance? What will happen if PNoy will make more mistakes in the next 1 year or so, left from his term, shall the poor people continue to swallow his mistakes. The entire country is screwed by government workers. Just looking at the sacrifices of the MRT/LRT riders with higher rates and exposure to dangers is already too much with the government continue to make excuses. Media men being murdered without any solution. Prices of commodities continuing to increase. Law and order inside the gutter. Anemic legislators and so on. Shall we let all these continue without any hope of resolution?

    7. It is not a question of moral judgment, but a call of constitutional rights to impeach a president on the grounds of being an “obnoxious” chief executive, which covers the following offenses – Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

    8. the suggestion to oust b Aquino is the most stupid thing you will do. to me he had done a lot for the Philippines .we are now respected by other countries thru the economic improvement . tried his best to reduced corruption jailing ENRILE REVILLA ESTRADA. Who among the past presidents who can touch ENRILE.U R DEAD MEAT IF U GO AGAINST HIM.The SAF that were killed why do u blame him. He is not a military man . blame the generals. Any way they choose this profession that is to become a policeman. What do they do when they got no mission? They are in the barracks .TO ME AQUINO IS THE BEST FOR OUR COUNTRY. ONLY THE CORRUPT DOENST LIKE HIM.

    9. For those who want people power again, which is another word for ” mob rule”, well, go ahead and gather your numbers. Except that there is no established precedence in what cobstitute a majority in an illegal mass movement.

    10. The country should make it easier for its citizens to change its leaders who do not and cannot perform. Otherwise, many lives will be at risk. In other nations, for instance, an event similar to what happened with the SAF44 would have already had the head of state replaced, if not the head of state himself/herself voluntarily resigning. CEO’s of giant companies, would have already resigned due to failure in performing their duties. I thought the daang matuwid was about doing the right thing even if it entails going through the difficult path. I guess these people do not do what they preach. How can they sleep at night (unless they are not normal people)?

    11. So many argumentary reasons have been expressed for and against PNOY, which makes me weary to add another long dialogue in favor of PNOY’s legitimacy as an elected president. But I feel I have to continue reminding those concerned that PNOY won BY A CONVINCING MAJORITY OF VOTES THAT SOLIDIFIES A MANDATE. AND HE CAN ONLY BE REMOVED FROM HIS POSITION AS THE DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES BY IMPEACHMENT, ACCORDING TO THE RULE OF LAW SPECIFICALLY BY THE CONSTITUTION. If law abiding citizens does not abide and follow established rules and regulations, there will be chaos and disorder. And PNOY will have a chance to prove his worth as a leader by arresting the leaders and organizers of rallies without necessary permits.
      The so called clamor by some sectors who does not represent the majority, is that PNOY should vacate his position voluntarily for acts which are not impeachable. The church and the leftists are the very visible sectors advocating this proposal, that in its intensity seem to appear to me in my perception like a new specie of coercion rather than a persuasion. If they, the leftist and the church, can prove and show that they are efficiently and effectively perfect in the in the administration of their own domain, then I will shut up and agree with them.
      Lastly, let me conclude. For want of a very appropriate term to describe those who want AQUINO to step down before his term expires, I choose to call them “eager beavers”. The dictionary defines “eager beaver”as ” one (especially a child) who is very excited or enthusiastic to begin a task”.
      As to who are the masterminds and financiers behind all these uncalled for mass actions and protests are, your guess is as good as mine. I guess perhaps and maybe some of them are not even free.

    12. It is about time that Pnoy should step down, he have committed several mistakes in ruling our country but the Mamasapano incident is unforgivable. He did not even made a move when the SAF commandos were being massacred because his dream to get a Nobel Peace prize.

    13. So are you against the statements made by Cardinal Vidal, Bishop Arguelles and others or not? I notice the usual jesuitical mind that allows everything in this column of yours, Mr. Saludo.

    14. A quote from the movie A few good men seems to closely apply to the current situation our President Aquino and his current government is facing these days..The public demands answers, We are demanding the truth but the President will respond.. “You can’t handle the truth! Is it moral to oust Aquino? I think it is and that is my opinion as a civilian. The truth unraveled in our faces.One crisis after another we have seen how weak, how slow, how unsure and tentative he acts in critical events that has happened in our country.The truth I am trying to point out is…our President does not have what it takes to be the President and leader of our country.This is the truth and by this times it has blown to our faces.We never really know what a person will do and how he will perform his job until he is tested and in position.The position of a President is vital to the future of our country and one mistake after another will bury our country in debt and in misery for generations.On a scale of 1 to 10 his success rate in handling critical event will be very low.I will give him a score of 1 0f 10..Yolanda and Mamansapano events carry a significant importance to my heart.Can we fire a President?? Is it legal to oust him or is he immune to this possibilities.If he is this weak who knows what he will do in the next 16 months.To me 16 months is an eternity if our country is in the hands of a wrong leader.Should we forgive him, should we forget all about the mistakes we have seen him do? Another truth in my mind is we can’t go that route and it does not work that way.I wish he’d step down but that is not happening.As much as i dislike it,maybe VP Binay will infuse energy and fresh start at least for the next year and a half or so in a government/regime that has seen its end prematurely..my verdict to Pres. Aquino and his regime is that it has reached a “PREMATURE END”.Binay will be at his best in my assumption because he will run in the 2016 election.Yes I am silly to say BINAY but the current state of Aquinos regime give it justice to give the VP a chance to prove himself even for the next 16 months only.I just can’t stand the yellow party anymore that is why I’m hat’n..This is a civilian observers point of view and I am not affiliated with any political party hehehe.

      • Filipinos are like little children that should be guided by a strong leader like Pnoy. They are so easily manipulated. So many “vested interest” interest is put on hold because of Pnoy. He is the only man who can incarcerate ex president and senators without any notion for the old bad Filipino traits of “compadre: or nepotism. All the “vested interest” group from church group to vice-president, ex-president and controlled media is taking advantage of the “SAF 44” to make sure that “the happy and corrupt days continue.”

    15. is it moral to call for the resignation of BS Aquino? Yes it is, for the following reasons: 1) Despite the fiasco in the deaths of Chinese tourists in Luneta involving the police, Aquino refused to even apologize, a trait of insensitivity and arrogance on his part. 2) He bribed members of Congress with billions of pesos of taxpayers. money just so he could oust SC Chief Justice Corona 3) He refused to stop doling our clone pork barrel allocations to members of Congress even after the expose of the P10 billion pork barrel scam broke out. 4) Even after rampant corruption in the different departments of his government had been exposed, he refused to fire the cabinet members in charge of those departments 5) More Filipinos became poor under his watch.

      And now the proverbial “last straw” that broke the camel’s back: He approved the SAF mission, yet when the SAF commandos were trapped, he refused to send reinforcements despite repeated calls for help from the SAF radioman. How incompetent this BS Aquino could be.

      Aquino should step down, before he does more “kapalpakan”, for the good of the country. SC Chief Justice Sereno should head the transition government until we can elect a new President.