Is it the end of Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares?


I was on the second day of a week-long  activity  in a mountain retreat in Batangas on Tuesday when I first got the news.  At first, I thought it was all a joke. You see, on Nov. 25, when I  last appeared  before the First Division of the Commission on Elections to argue my case against the candidacy of Grace Poe Llamanzares, I was given until Dec. 3 to submit my final brief. So were the two other petitioners, Prof. Antonio Contreras and Dean Amado Valdez.

One petition done, three more to go

My lawyer Manuelito Luna, who argued my case, thought we should comply on Dec. 2, meaning Wednesday, so on Tuesday afternoon, the Comelec had not yet received our final document. How then could they have ruled? A text message from CNN Philippines and a telephone update from Atty. Luna finally informed me that it was the Comelec’s Second Division that had ruled on the petition filed by lawyer Estrella Elamparo, former legal counsel of the GSIS, seeking the cancellation of Mrs. Llamanzares’s Certificate of Candidacy (CoC) for making material misrepresentations about her citizenship and residency.

Under Article VII, Sec. 2 of the 1987 Constitution, which has been quoted ad infinitum, “no person may be elected President unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, a registered voter, able to read and write, at least forty years of age on the day of the election, and a resident of the Philippines for at least ten years immediately preceding such election.”

A natural-born citizen is a Filipino citizen from birth without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect his or her citizenship. The petitioners contend that Mrs. Llamanzares is neither a natural-born Filipino citizen nor a resident of the Philippines for the ten year-period immediately preceding the May 2016 elections.

Conflicting decisions

So there are now two conflicting decisions on Mrs. Llamanzares, one in favor and one against. The first one, from the Senate Electoral Tribunal, sustains her “right” to sit in the Senate, while the second, from the Comelec, directs the cancellation of her CoC for president. The first one is the subject of a Motion for Reconsideration (MR) from petitioner Rizalito David, who questions the five senators’ failure to adhere strictly to the constitutional issue involved. The second will be appealed to the Comelec en banc, according to Mrs. Llamanzares.

If the First Division rules in the same way as the Second on the three other petitions, the ruling will presumably be appealed to the Comelec en banc also, and ultimately to the Supreme Court. The final SET ruling and the final Comelec ruling will most likely be heard together by the Court.

In the SET case, Senior Associate Justice and SET Chairman Antonio Carpio, Justice Teresita Leonardo-de Castro and Justice Arturo Brion–the three Supreme Court justices on the nine-man Tribunal–had voted to disqualify the respondent for not being a natural-born Filipino. The residency issue was not touched at all. Five of the six senator-members had voted to support Mrs. Llamanzares, without anchoring their vote on the Constitution.

They may have to either refute or concur with the Justices when they rule on the MR, and at the same time take cognizance of the Second Division’s ruling disqualifying Mrs. Llamanzares. At the Comelec en banc, Mrs. Llamanzares will have to work for a reversal of the decision of the two divisions, if they happen to run alike.

Given the various forces at play, this is not at all going to be an easy task.

Missed opportunity

In a previous column, I expressed the hope that Mrs. Llamanzares would preempt the Comelec and the Court by withdrawing from the presidential race before they rule on her case, so as to render it moot and academic. She could then reconstitute her political life, without the odium of having been formally declared constitutionally unfit for high office. It is now too late for that. The Second Division has already ruled, the First Division would soon follow, and she has vowed “to fight for the rights of foundlings and the fundamental right of the people to choose their leaders.”

This quote appeals to partisan emotion, but it is not likely to alter the law on or the facts of the case. In declaring Mrs. Llamanzares ineligible to run for president, no right of foundlings or of the people to choose their own leaders is sacrificed. Through their Constitution, the people have decided that foundlings whose parents are not known are not, and cannot be, natural-born citizens, and therefore not eligible under the Constitution to run for senator, congressman, vice president or president.

Foundlings not discriminated against

They are not denied the right and the opportunity to be naturalized and run for other positions that do not require a natural-born status. But not everyone who wants to become senator or president may run for senator or president. The critical question is this: if it is legitimate for the Constitution to exclude those who are not registered voters, those who are unable to read and write, those who are not yet forty years of age, and those who have not lived in the Philippines for at least ten years immediately preceding the election, can the same Constitution not exclude those whose parents and their nationality are not known, and those who are not Filipinos from birth?

If we believe it is unfair or wrong for the Constitution to do this, then our remedy is to change the Constitution, and not simply to violate its provision as though it did not exist. While the provision exists, it is patent demagoguery to rail against it, and utterly disgraceful and depraved for one who knows she does not meet the constitutional requirement of citizenship and residency to claim she is being discriminated against.

The right to a nationality

Under international law, as the three Justices have so eloquently pointed out in the SET case, a foundling is guaranteed the “right to a nationality,” but that citizenship must be acquired through a legal process and is not automatically conferred. Under Philippine law, the foundling must first be formally registered, before it can be naturalized. Justice de Castro labored to point this out in the SET case. But it now turns out that Mrs. Llamanzares was never formally registered as a foundling, and never applied to be naturalized as a citizen before she started exercising certain rights and privileges proper only to citizens, such as the right to vote and to own a Philippine passport.

How then could she claim that she is a Filipino citizen, much less a natural-born citizen? Despite Justice Carpio’s statement that she is without dispute a Filipino citizen, although not a natural-born Filipino, I submit that her claim to actual citizenship remains in doubt. This is precisely because as a foundling with no known parents, she has failed to take the necessary legal steps to acquire or perfect her citizenship.

Failure to get naturalized

This was evident when she first became a Filipino voter and Philippine passport holder without having gone through a naturalization process; it became even more evident when she “reacquired” a citizenship she never had, through a misapplication of the so-called “dual citizenship law,” simply by declaring herself a “former natural-born” Filipino, born (biologically) to the Filipino spouses Ronald Allan Poe (aka Fernando Poe Jr.) and Jesusa Sonora Poe (aka Susan Roces), her adoptive parents, who were married after she was born, adopted her when she was already five years old, and never had a child of their own. The authorities in charge never bothered to check the truth or falsity of her declaration.

Nonsense on stilts

Mrs. Llamanzares wants us to believe that the cancellation of her CoC would deny her certain human or political rights as a foundling, and deny the people their “fundamental right” to choose their own leader. This is absolute nonsense. In a democratic and republican state, the people elect their leaders from among those who are constitutionally qualified for the office.

For all the reasons already stated, Mrs. Llamanzares is not so qualified, and knows she is not. Her exclusion from the race therefore inflicts no injustice on anybody, but on the contrary reaffirms the primacy of the Constitution and confers dignity on the electoral process. It is a breath of fresh air coming from and into the Comelec. The poll body could make it the beginning of a serious effort to regain the public confidence it has lost since it started rigging the automated voting process.

The end of Mrs. Llamanzares?

Is this then the end, or the beginning of the end, of Grace Poe Llamanzares? This is principally for her private funders to answer. Obviously, they have already spent tens, if not hundreds of millions of pesos on TV ads and crooked surveys, to create the impression that so many people would like her to become president, regardless of whether or not she is constitutionally eligible for the office. They will now have to decide whether to continue throwing good money after bad, in order to keep artificially alive a clinically dead political patient.

My own feeling is that unless the rich and powerful funders are assured they could buy the entire Comelec or the entire Supreme Court, without risking a public revolt, they will now have to abandon ship. From this political perspective, it could, indeed, mean the end of Mrs. Llamanzares.

A more hopeful perspective

But I dare to look at it from a different, and more hopeful perspective. Mrs. Llamanzares’s removal from the presidential race offers her a chance to make amends for all the lying she has been forced to do in the pursuit of her worldly ambition, and to be reborn into the fullness of freedom and truth. For we have it from the highest authority, that the truth alone shall make us free, and that it profits not a man who gains the whole world but loses his soul.

In being thrown out of the presidential race for not being a natural-born Filipino and a resident of the country for the required period, and in submitting to the Constitution with all docility, Mrs. Llamanzares gains something much more valuable than anything she could ever lose—-the opportunity to stand for and faithfully serve the Constitution, the common good, and the truth. This is the essence of public service which allows one to rise above himself.


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  1. Mariano R. Santiago on

    I would be in a great dilemma, if I were in the shoes of Ms. Grace Poe. I will have to overcome not only the citizenship issue but also my residency as a citizen. I would be torn between searching for my true parents if I do not know, or exposing them to ridicule if the rumors about my parenthood are confirmed. Susan Roces might know but is mum about it. But if indeed Ms. Grace Poe wants the truth about the identity of her parents, she could start by the process of elimination. Accept the offer of Sen. Bongbong Marcos to undergo a DNA test. If it turns positive, then she becomes a natural-born Filipino and her residency will cure itself in the next elections after 2016. If negative, then all the rumors about her being the daughter of former president Marcos will be dispelled. I hope she would overcome her troubles. she is young and I am sure she has great potentials. I want to see her qualified to run for president next time around in 2022!

  2. Foundlings, of whatever race or color, found in the Philippines have the right to be presumed natural-born Filipino citizens. More so if one is adopted by Filipino parents because in such a case (based on jurisprudence) the foundling inherits the citizenship of the parents without the foundling having to perform any act to perfect its citizenship. The only exemptions to this case is when the foundling is proven to have or have acquired foreign citizenship. There is no existing law in regard to the citizenship of foundlings. It is therefore incumbent upon any court to apply the spirit of the law in the case of foundlings,namely; that justice, common sense and the right of the child should be the governing factor. This should apply to all foundlings!

  3. Llamanzares is a knuckle head, a clueless dreamer. Everyday that goes by to continue her delusion is a testament of her short-mindedness. She is making a fool of herself without realizing it. It’s the end of the road for her but she is still in denial. I do not wish her any ill but I hate to see her in a mental institution when all the trauma of disqualification start to take a toll on her. I don’t think she will ever recover. Pity the fool!

  4. Open Letter to Grace Llamanzares….

    1. Give it up. You have no chance of winning the presidency anyway.

    2. You have no political party backing you up. The NPC is not going all out to endorse you. Especially now that you have been DQed.

    3. You have no funds sufficient to finance your campaign. In fact, on this note, you should have been put on the borderline of a NUISANCE CANDIDATE. Grace, your adoptive father was not cheated out of a winning bid for the presidency when he ran in 2004. He lost because he ran out of funds critically needed during the homestretch of the elections campaign. The big funds were witheld by the big boys precisely because, at the homestretch, his temporary lead over GMA (a survey manipulated by SWS, thru the efforts of his first cousin, and your uncle, Mahar Mangahas …who is the first cousin of your adoptive father Ronnie Alan Kelley Poe…a.k.a. Da Poe king (ina ay banyaga naman talaga)…the last minute survey disclosed that GMA outstripped Da Poe King’s temporary lead. The “hello Garci” incident is a miscall by GMA. she was ahead in the latest and last polls anyway…And your adoptive father was not cheated out of victory…he lost. Get hold of a video where he was interviewed by the late Max Soliven and watch how miserably he performed during that TV interview…just a few weeks before election…and that was in spite of all the media support and help he was generously given…Natalo ang amain mo Grace. And even had he won, his victory would have been challenged and the case would have ended up in the Supreme Court, for a similar reason you are now facing…What goes around, comes around, Grace. Give it up…Don’t worry you have another wannabee president who will , also, be joining you…the same character who claims he decided to run because he could not accept as president, an American (that’s you). Duck Duterte’s disqualifications is now undergoing deliberations by the COMELEC…Neither he or you have a chance of winning the presidency, anyway.

  5. She can start her personal reformation by doing time in Engineer’s Island where the Bureau of Immigration detains stateless illegal aliens, right? Why doesn’t anyone petition the BI to invalidate her re-acquired citizenship since it was based on a false declaration, that she is the real daughter of Susan Roces and FPJ, a misrepresentation that can qualify as the Lie of the Decade. What’s more, her certificate was not signed by the commissioner but by somebody who is unidentified up to now. This would be a slam dunk of a case, in my humble layman’s opinion.

  6. Madam Llamanzares rumored half-brother BBM was right when he said,” If you do the right thing, you will be succeed in the end.” But in the other side of the coin,” If you do the bad thing , you will be jailed in the end.”

    The good thing to do of Madam Llamanzares is to accept her mistakes, ask forgiveness, and promised not to make mistake again. I believe, People of the Philippines will forgive her.

    But if she harden her heart and continue the mistakes(sins) she committed, then she will go to jail (not America)in the end.

  7. Bakit ba ginawang komplikado kase ni Llamanzares etong proseso eh ilalabas lang nya sa publiko kung sino g tunay na magulang nya. Mukhang alam naman takaga nya eh kung noon pa.imposibleng mismong sila Susan Roces hindi alam, ayaw lang talaga nilang ilantad.

    • yolanda v. encarnacion on

      Senator Kit Tatad said it all and well about Senator Grace predicament at the moment. At this point that the SET or the COMELEC has different opinion on the case at hand, as an electorate I would say the issue on citizenship and residency won’t matter to me now. What is important is for voters to ask themselves if Senator Grace is the person to entrust the future of this country and to properly and correctly assess her capacity to lead that she won’t be pressured by people who invested in her campaign which I believe is quite impossible in the kind of politics we have. Let us continue to discern and ask for the Lord’s guidance for anybody winning the presidency is God’s will and a blessing to our country.

  8. ramon tolentino on

    Grace Poe could have gained the respect of the Filipinos if she voluntarily withdrew her candidacy as president. In fact she shouldn’t have accepted her position as senator knowing that she lied about her citizenship in the first place. She blew her chance and that was a wrong move.

  9. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Disgraced GRACE has a good course of action in case she insists that she is running for president no matter what. Since the SET has ruled out her ineligibility to seat as senator as filed by Atty. David and therefore she could finish her term as senator then let it be and therein try to redeem herself for a future in politics. But, she has to withdraw as candidate for president for not satisfying the requirement of the Philippines Constitution on citizenship and residency. She is a teacher and she knows and should know the simple definition of both as prescribed in the Constitution. The Philippines works under the rule of law and no one no matter how popular he/she is should disrespect it. The Filipino people are hoping that disgraced GRACE would wake up from her slumber for her to redeem herself from losing her still remaining self respect. God bless the Philippines.

  10. Cont…
    3) Good Faith is anathema to material misrepresentation. It is a question of fact and the fact does not support it. If ever, they are merely harmless or innocuous-innocent misrepresentations only. Grace Poe’s usage of her U.S. passport from 2006 to 2009 were not illegal because at that time she was still a dual citizen because she renounced her U.S. citizenship only on Oct. 10, 2010. As dual citizen, you can use either passport whichever is convenient. U.S. passport holders can exit the airport immediately without being ‘processed’ when they arrive in the U.S. so its convenient.

    4) Now… legalese vs. legalese: Sec. 2, Art. VII regarding residency of candidate for president is clear: It speaks only of being “a resident of the Philippines for at least ten years”. There is no requirement that the person is ‘domiciled’ nor such residency be “continuous”. Thus, it could be argued that even if I am a U.S. resident (greencard holder only) I can still qualify for the presidency by establishing residence in Pinas every other year and as soon as I completed the ten years, I can run for president even while I am also a U.S. resident and there’s no violation of the Constitution. This is because unlike domicile, a person can have more than one residence and a permanent resident (green card holder) in U.S. is allowed to live outside the U.S. even more than one year as long as you apply/obtain an Advance Parole. Therefore, you can obtain residency back in the Philippines while also a permanent resident in the U.S. (many lawyers may not aware of this fact). Btw, the Resolution did not delve on whether GP is a natural-born or not- so do I.

    These are only observations from a cursory look at the Resolution and there could be more and I’m limited by space constraints . But I think, the Comelec en banc or the Supreme Court will no doubt reverse this ruling.

    As to conflict? The constitution tasked the SET with this kind of controversy. SET’s authority/jurisdiction is original and exclusive, not discretionary and not subject to review by the Supreme Court and that’s why 3 justices are included in the membership. Tribunals/bodies that includes judiciary as members are unconstitutional bec. it violates the rule on separation of powers but SET, PET and impeachment are exemptions. Therefore, SET decision trumps the 2nd Div. Comelec’s decision.

    • No amount of your legalese can dispute the fact that she was never a Filipino citizen in the first place. She claims to be a foundling but she was never registered as a foundling. Since she was never a registered foundling, how can she even acquire Philippine citizenship in the first place? The basis of her citizenship are two conflicting birth certificates? If she has to perform certain acts to acquire Philippine citizenship, it negates her claim to be a “natural born” citizen. Since she was never a Filipino right from the start, how can she even apply for US citizenship when she does not have a citizenship to begin with?

    • Precisely my thoughts though I’m not a lawyer.

      So many Filipinos never got registered at birth that late registrations are so prevalent. Doubly hard for a foundling. If Grace parents are never known, my instinct says she got to be a natural born Filipino.

      Only those that prefer to thwart the will of the electorate are adamant to disqualify her due to their vested interests.

  11. It’s not the end for Grace Poe because the Resolution will be overturned by either Comelec en banc or the Supreme Court.
    The Resolution of the Comelec, 2nd Division decision which found GP lacking residency and committed misrepresentation is riddled with holes and will not hold water and the Supreme Court should look into the competence of these Commissioners and the Petitioner they, being attorneys and officers of the Court. I think the Decision smacks of incompetence/gross ignorance of basic laws and proponents deserve disciplinary sanction because they are not just ordinary lawyers. Consider these:
    1) When Respondent (GP) filed her CoC for senator in May 2013, she ‘wrongly’ put that she is a Pinas resident for “6 years and 6 months” when in truth and in fact it should have been at least 7-8 years because GP effectively established her residency when she returned to Pinas for good in 2005 when FPJ died and to manage the family business. Petitioner, a former GSIS General Counsel contends that Respondent GP is now estopped from varying/changing that wrong entry because it is an “admission against interest and conclusive upon her.” This hollow argument was sustained and accorded great weight by the three equally incompetent Commissioners. Why incompetent?
    ‘Admission Against Interest’ is an exception to Hearsay Rules in Evidence usually used in criminal or civil cases. It is premised on the theory that if you ‘admitted/declared’ anything that is against your penal, pecuniary or proprietary interest that is related to the case, it is admissible because no reasonable person would make such a statement unless she believed it to be true. But while this is an ‘exception to the hearsay rule’ there is a prerequisite requirement before you can invoke this hearsay exception sometimes known as exception-to-the exception. The requirement is that the “DECLARANT IS UNAVAILABLE” like death, incapacity, etc.
    Here, GP is alive and kicking and available. Due process requires that instead of admitting that CoC as evidence against Respondent GP, the ‘court’ (here Comelec) should have given her a chance to explain the inconsistency. By sustaining Petitioner’s that GP’s 2013 Senatorial CoC as ‘declaration/admission against interest’ is gross incompetence/ignorance of basic law and these attorneys do not deserve to be called “Commissioners”.
    2) The Decision also cited GP in estoppel which is wrong. If there is anybody in estoppel, it is the Comelec itself because it has the PRIMARY duty to ascertain that candidates are qualified. They should not depend on somebody or citizens because the power given to citizens like petitioner is SECONDARY only. What if no one or citizen files a DQ case? A foreigner can be president!?? By not scrutinizing GP’s CoC in 2013, the Comelec is now in estoppel because her election by more than 20 million Pinoys cannot be undone anymore. The only remedy now is to let the People decide by letting her run. (cont. next)

    • Is she a foundling? Or not? Resolve the question first. Did she register as a foundling? No. Therefore, she will undergo processes to acquire citizenship for naturalization. A natural-born does not require the process. If she was not a foundling, what is her status when she was adopted? The docs she presented was birth certificate saying that she was born under the couple of Mr/mrsPoe.

      Residency? She pledged allegiance to USA and turned down her being a Filipino. Then, swear again to Phil. Flag to become naturalized citizen of the Philippines. What is her status now, a natural-born? What now? To be candidate requires natural-born not naturalized. Is this clear enough? Very very clear.

  12. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    03 Dec. 2015

    From where I sit, it is already clear that Grace Poe Llamanzares’ “goose is already cooked!” to use a mundane expression.

    The dissenting Opinion of the three Supreme Court justices members of the SET should have been the Majority ruling. But it seems clear that the politician-members chose to ignore the Constitution and allowed themselves instead to make “Pakikisama” with a fellow Senator.

    Okay, Grace Poe Llamanzares petitions the COMELEC en banc to reconsider the ruling of its second division disqualifying her from being a candidate for President. That is her right, of course. From where I sit, the COMELEC en banc will very likely confirm the ruling of its second division.

    Grace Poe Lamanzares doesn’t throw in the towel. She goes to the Supreme Court and petitions it to vacate the ruling of the COMELEC en banc and instead rule her as qualified to be a candidate for President because she is in fact a “natural-born” Filipino, and satisfies the 10-year residency requirement.

    There, more likely than not, Senior Associate Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio–who happens to be the Chairman of the Senate Electoral Tribunal–will be assigned the task of writing the Majority ruling of the Supreme Court. That Majority ruling of the Supreme Court will be the final nail on the coffin of Grace Poe Llamanzares’ ambition to be a candidate for President of the Philippines.


    • The SET is both a quasi political and quasi judicial body and that’s why 3 Justices of the SC are included in the panel. It’s power to adjudicate cases is original, exclusive and mandatory (not discretionary) and not subject to review by the Supreme Court because it’s tantamount to violation of separation of powers. Letting the decision of SET appealed to the SC violates due process because you (the 3 Justices) should not ‘review’ on appeal your/their own decision below.
      Ordinarily, any tribunal or body where the judiciary is included in the membership is outright unconstitutional but SET, PET and impeachment are exemptions because they are creation by the Constitution itself
      But granting the SC entertains the ‘appeal’ of SET’s decision, the 3 justices MUST inhibit themselves because they are already biased and it violates the due process rights of GP.

  13. if Grace Poe is not a natural born Pilipino citizen, then who among us a natural born born Pilipino citizens. ..none!

    and it’s the end of a dynasty, not Grace Poe.

  14. Grace P L. posses hollow heart devoid of decency. Personified by her documented multi faked Birth Certificates and Affidavit that she was Biological child of Susan and FPJ. She is shameless deceit and believes in her own lies of claim that Filipinos wants her to be president. The reality on the streets are people cursing her for being too ambitious with nothing to offer but letters P-O-E. A blatant insult to Filipino mind.

    • Rodan Guerrero on

      So what name should she carry? She did not even give a damn to the man who married her, the person who sacrificed to give legal surname for Grace? She must be called GRACE PWE instead, that fits her very well being an arrogant BASTARDA…ang committing PERJURY and FALCIFICATION of PUBLIC DOCUMENTS. Sinungaling at napakaEPAL…..ganitoba ang dapat nating ihalal na pangulo natin?

  15. “no person may be elected President unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, ……………, and a resident of the Philippines for at least ten years immediately preceding such election.”

    When Cory Aquino ran in the 1986 presidential election, she was just residing in the Philippines for several years only, preceding that election. But nobody questioned her qualification when she filed her candidacy. She just came from the US.

    • Cory Aquino never relinquished her her Philippine residency. They were given political asylum by the U.S. because they were in exile care of Mr. Marcos. Moreover, she never relinquished her Filipino citizenship and acquired American citizenship like Grace Poe.

    • A different Constitution was used when she run for president. The Constitution was amended during her term of office.

    • But she was installed, not elected. Why not raise that question then? She was not qualified but no one bothered to ask.

  16. Secretary Tatad, Any new administration would do well to hire you for public service again. For your brilliance and intellect, the country needs you, sir.

  17. As what was posted last week, Ms Grace P. Llamanzares won the 1st round but she will be knocked down in the 2nd, 3rd and finally knocked out in the 4th round. Why she continue to believe her handlers in her corner is mind bugling.

  18. I congratulate you Mr. Tatad for divulging the whole truth about the ambitions of Llamanzares. The disqualification cases against Llamanzares are not against the “foundlings” but it is all about her qualifications to run as president of the Philippines. Please advise Llamanzares to stop complaining and blaming people if rulings are not in his favor. They should abide by the law. Llamanzares should and must stop saying ” if she would just back out from the race even before the campaign season starts but doing so would mean abandoning the aspirations of those who put her where she is now”. That’s not true because Llamanzares have based her decision to run for president based on the surveys and not based on her qualifications. Her family’s ambition to be somebody in the Philippines (like her son’s ambition to have an actress girlfriend thru her being the president) will surely fail because the Supreme Court will find that she is not qualified. Llamanzares should go back to the U.S. and get back her pre-school nanny job.

    • Tatad is a sore-loser-sour-graper and a perennial EPALer (not petitioner) on almost every issue that attracts public attention.

  19. Llamanzares just needs to re-group, retrieve, focus more on “other” future aspirations, withdraw, prove more to the people her worth, and perhaps she can regain her stance. Enough with the mockery of the Philippines Constitution. I don’t understand the need to push more.