• Is life unfair?


    Monday was the lowest point in my life after a news article came out linking me to the P10-billion Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam.

    The newspaper article claims I received a “payoff in the guise of advertisement payment” from the National Business Corp. (Nabcor) worth P245,000.

    The reporter did not check her facts because if she did, she would have found out that the Department of Agriculture (DA), where Nabcor is attached, had a paid ad back then with Radio Mindanao Network’s DZXL-AM station where I was one of their anchors.

    To cut the story short, I was fuming mad due to the irresponsible and malicious report that morning but composed myself a few hours later. This is after I remembered a phrase that says, “a storm in everyone’s life”. Well, this is the Yolanda of my life.

    But life can really be unfair just as what this middle-aged female journalist has gone through after she was rumored to be a mistress of a police general when she was covering the Camp Crame beat.

    A few months later, she was once again the object of gossip in their newspaper office for leaving her husband to live with her boss, an editor.

    Rumor has it that her co-workers are angry at her because she now enjoys the break compliments of her common-law husband who is her boss.

    This poor lady reporter is said to be formerly related to a showbiz columnist.

    Defintely life is unfair.

    May God reward all of you
    As I was sitting in my office Monday morning after my radio show pondering what had happened and why I was implicated in this PDAF controversy, my mobile phone was filled with messages and calls from friends and families extending their support.

    My radio co-host, Martin Andanar was the very first person who texted, “ Pare hope you’re ok. Rest assured you have my support.”

    My sister, Wanda Teo, and brothers Ben and Raffy, called up to check if I was doing okay after that devastating and very malicious report.

    Miss Luchi Cruz-Valdez, my boss at TV5 news and other managers such as Patrick Paez, DJ Sta. Ana, Gladys Lucas and Roby Alampay had to come to work very early to tell me that the entire TV 5 family is behind me.

    When I got home, my wife Karen was a welcone sight with the words, “ I am just here no matter what happens” and “I prayed for you today.”

    National Press Club (NPC) President Benny Antiporda said over the phone that he supports and believes in me including their thousand or so members.

    My spiritual sister who is a Carmelite nun from Zamboanga, Sister Gemma de Jesus, sent a message via text with a very inspirational message, “praying for u that u can bear these trials.”

    Even TV5 President Noel Lorenzana sent a comforting message and his support.

    My hats off also to DZRH commentator Neil Ocampo, DZBB anchor Joel Reyes Zobel, and DZXL’s Jake Maderazo for using their program to explain what a “premium” ad is.

    Jericho Javier, Lady Anne Obligacion, Edison Reyes, and to my inaanak Garett and Claire Cailes, all of TV 5, showed their support by sending their messages and offering their time to help.

    NFA spokesman Rex Eztoprez and my longtime friend Wally Sombrero said they believe in me.

    To all of you and those I forgot to mention, I will never be able to repay your kindness but I am sure God will, for I will include you in my prayers tonight.

    Once again, thank you.



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    1. Leopoldo B. Gonzalez on

      Our newspaper are a lot better in the Phil. I am sure that they are fair-minded and unbiase
      in their criticism of politician for any anomaly that they have done or for the good deeds of such politician. I wish they will look at the judges’ behavior in handling family assets and estate. It can take you several years ( 8 to 9 years ) and nothing will happen. They will not give any suggestion to resolve the conflict. The sad thing is they keep on changing judges ever 2 or 3 years and you have to restart again. They do not expedite the cases even in case of property transfer in a fraudulent manner. These are the main complain of friends and relatives of mine who has properties in the Phil. Thanks and sorry for the comments if I offended somebody.