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    PLUS: Julie Ann San Jose thrives; and a young actress breaks up a real-life love team
    Lovi Poe has no idea how her mother will react when the former actress Rowena Moran gets to see her hot and intimate scenes with Derek Ramsay and Christopher De Leon in the upcoming sexy drama The Escort.

    “I’m gonna cringe in my seat at the premiere night knowing that my mom’s watching me,” she laughingly told Showbuzz. “I just can’t imagine my mom thinking that her baby’s not a baby anymore!”

    Lovi insists, however, that she has nothing to be ashamed of with her scenes in the movie. Even the most intimate ones, she explained, are not vulgar and she credits their director Enzo Williams [Bonifacio Ang Unang Pangulo] for it.

    “Direk Enzo was very careful during our shoot, and he made sure the [bed]scenes were artistically done. We gave him our full trust because we know he’s that good, and we’re very proud of the finished product,” she added.

    Lovi said the story of The Escort justified the need to show skin, and she understood it was required of her from the beginning.

    Lovi Poe

    Lovi Poe

    Lovi has two men falling for her in the Regal Entertainment offering­­—Christopher, a rich and powerful man who hires her as an escort, and Derek, a former escort himself and owner of the agency who thought he could never love again.

    In real life, however, Lovi who earlier broke up from a two-year relationship with Rocco Nacino, is far from torn between two loves. It is clear she has moved on especially with a Filipino-French suitor named Chris Johnson in the midst.

    The actress doesn’t deny that she has grown fond of Chris who visited her for a few days just the other week.

    “I really appreciate that he exerts effort to please me. Imagine how he has to fly from the other side of the world just to see me. Sino ba naman ang hindi kikiligin?”

    Talking more about the visit, she added, “We really had fun. I really like how he’s truthful with whatever he feels. I also like the kind of attention he showered me with. I wish he could’ve stayed longer because he’s such a fun person to be with, but he had to go back to Europe to work. Ako din naman, I have to work,” Lovi enthused.

    The daughter of the late King of Philippine Movies is indeed busy with a bustling career, as well as inspired for sure. Besides promoting The Escort, which opens on November 2, she also continues to tape for her top-rated prime time series on GMA Network, Someone to Watch Over Me.

    “We’re so overwhelmed with the show’s success not only in the ratings but from the good feedback as well,” Lovi enthused. “A lot of people have been congratulating not just me but my co-stars Tom Rodriguez, Edu Manzano, and Max Collins because of the way the information about Alzheimer’s disease is being weaved into the very exciting story.”

    * * *

    For top-rating Encantandia’s Glaiza De Castro, the gold record award she just received for her album was a happy confirmation that she has also carved her place in the music industry.

    “I’ve been praying about it for a long time. There have been negotiations for me to record an album but it wouldn’t materialize for some reason before. In my prayers, I would ask the Lord, ‘Do you also want me to sing?’ It was my producer Jay-R [yes, the King of R and B is now a record producer for other artists] who believed that I have what it takes to be a recording artist. He also believed in the songs that I wrote. Thus my album Synthesis was born,” Glaiza related to Showbuzz.

    When the album was released, Glaiza told herself she would be happy if she sells a thousand copies of the album. But the Heavens simply showered her with blessings, with sales reaching the gold record mark as early as May. Jay-R, however, waited for the perfect time to give the award to Glaiza.

    “I’m more inspired now to write songs, and I’ve already finished a few which will be included in my second album,” she enthused.

    * * *

    Julie Ann San Jose

    Julie Ann San Jose

    No day-off. That’s how Julie Ann San Jose describes her work schedule these days, and she chooses it to be so.

    She tapes for her new soap Pinulot Ka Lang Sa Lupa with rumored boyfriend Benjamin Alves Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; and rehearses for her upcoming concert with Christian Bautista, Julie Ann Meets Christian Tuesdays and Thursdays. Saturdays are set aside to practice her numbers for Sunday Pinasaya, which goes live the next day.

    “I’ve been used to this kind of schedule,” a thriving Julie Ann told Showbuzz over lunch in a Quezon City resto. “And it isn’t always like this all the time. There also days when I just stay at home and rest. It just so happens that I’ve got a concert and a series happening at the same time. And I’m not complaining because I love it when I’m busy, the workaholic that I am.”

    What particularly excites Julie Ann is her concert with Christian on November 11 at the Kia Theater. “I am really preparing for this. Of course, it’s the Christian Bautista I’m sharing the stage with so I have to do good. I tell you, people who will see the concert will go home satisfied because the prod numbers are really big. Kakaiba siya,” she assured.

    As for her soap, people are teasing Julie Ann that she is inspired whenever she comes to the set because of Benjamin. But Julie Ann just smiles at the topic of the actor.

    She admits they are very close and she considers him special.

    So are they together? “What you see is what you get!” she beamed.

    * * *

    SHORTS… Is it true that someone from a rival network reached out to Derrick Monasterio, and asked him if he’d consider starring across a new talent they are launching? The “inquiry” was made at the backstage of Sunday’s Star Awards for Music and TV. And apparently, a follow up came a couple of days later pressing Derrick if his manager can convince GMA of the proposal because they are really interested in the young actor…

    …The creative people of GMA are leaving no stone unturned as they plan for the much awaited primetime series of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. There’s no definite cast yet but some of the biggest names in the industry are being mentioned in the series of meetings. Showbuzz already has the shortlist but is not at liberty to disclose who they are just yet. What’s sure is that it’s going to be very exciting…

    Is it true that Barbie Forteza will have a new leading man in her next series? What happened to her favorite leading man Andre Paras?…

    * * *

    GUESS WHO? So who is the real cause of a young love team’s split-up? Why did they break up even before they could admit that they were together? Is it really because another young actress snatched away the young actor’s attention from his erstwhile girlfriend?


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    1. Dear Lovi Poe,


      My mommy regularly watches your TV Show with TJ at GMA :) She had an amnesia last year but quickly recovered. Now she is on maintenance so that she won’ t lose memory again. She is said to avoid stress and problems. She like your show because I and my brother Kagawad TJ (his name is also TJ coming from full name Terrence Joseph)| really are fans of yours :D

      Thank you again for the signature given when I saw you at Robinson’ s Magnolia| you are really nice.

      I just don’ t watch many TV because I am busy with many things + I only have time to read News Articles on the Internet. But if when you have a wholesome Movie at the Robinson’ s Magnolia| I promise to watch. I only watch at their Cinema for premium seats :) My Church (CEF) doesn’ t allow me to watch adult flicks :P I am 41 years old and most of the time I watch Cartoon Network if I find Minutes on the Television, hehe!!

      God bless and Jesus Cares!! Take care ms Lovi Poe.