• Is President Aquino a geopolitical liability?


    China has built solid structures in the disputed spratlys island, defended its fishermen fishing in Philippine waters, and most recently started building structures in Philippine waters in Zambales. The last thing I’d be concerned about if I were Pinoy is diplomacy and their procedures for a state visit. I would rather spit in their flag and burn it in front of their embassy. If I were Pnoy I’d order the navy to immediately tear down the structures in the zambales sea. It is our territory, we have every right to protect it from China’s intrusion. A bully will not stop bullying unless we fight back. What do we have the VFA with the USA for?

    Orlando, o_c_solano@yahoo.com


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    1. He is mentally retarded and his DND chief Ulyanin! The truth here is that Scarborough Shoal is no longer a Philippine Republic Property because it was already bought by China from former Pres Gloria Arroyo and the money from her can’t be accounted any more. That’s why those Chinese are determine to stay and put up vertical structures thereat. It is only Senator Enrile can tell the people about this and he has the knowledge about what our traitor Navy Mess Officer Sen Trillanes did during his back channel job. Sa madaling salita na benta na yan at dapat sabihin na ni Enrile yung nalalaman Nya at di Nya nasabi during the last senator election against Trillanes para Malaman ng buong pinoy na na benta na yan ni Goria. Kaya mga kabayan mag ingat tayo sa mga nakaupo at marami dyan mga Traidor .