• Is Prez Cory that easy to forget?

    Rene Saguisag

    Rene Saguisag

    Those close to Veep Jojobama of course might help impeach PNoy to take power themselves. I did not see any Binay last Friday, January 25, at Manila Memorial, for the 81st birth anniversary Mass for Prez Cory Aquino. But, the Binays said it with flowers, with their huge wreaths. Else, is Prez Cory that easy to forget? Nothing in the print media I saw. (A Doy Laurel memorial I noted—he passed away on Jan. 27, 2004, reminding me of the inspired Cory-Doy team that gloriously ousted Macoy in 1986. We owe them.)

    Among those who attended were some 39’ers, Adolf Azcuna, Gem Carague, Butz Aquino (through a proxy) and I, all born in 1939.

    Prez Cory lives in PNoy— charged with meddling in Rene Corona’s conviction—and in our hearts.

    But, the Senate is not an impeachment jury. Impeachment deals with offenses so serious and enormous as to strike at the very life or the orderly workings of the government, which means everyone is welcome to meddle or makialam. Save the No. 1 political animal? Weird. That politicians like PNoy and Bong would discuss the national interest?

    Even then, I questioned wealthy Rene’s remarkable acceptance of pro bono help from arguably brown-nosing lawyers with cases in the Supreme Court, as in stark violation of Rule 5.04 of the Code of Judicial Conduct, which says: “A judge or any immediate member of the family shall not accept a gift, bequest, factor or loan from any one except as may be allowed by law.” What law allows?

    Had Rene not decided to shoot himself in the foot by testifying, validating that a lawyer who defends himself has a fool for a client, he might have survived; one would then dread fighting a Corona lawyer in the Supreme Court headed by Rene, who would know how to be grateful. But, unlike when I was a young attorney, how many of us lawyers today can tell ethics from a hole in the ground?

    The late Dean Compañero/Caballero Tony Coronel could. He I am reminded of cuz his daughter, Sheila, formerly of this paper, is now Columbia Dean of Journalism. Two months ago, she and my daughter, Lara, met in New York. Sheila visited here months ago and we met. Lara was just here for a three-week holiday visit but has returned to New York to resume teaching in Staten Island’s City University of New York, tenure-track. She has a doctorate from Rutgers in Children’s Studies, popular in UK and Scandinavia, but she is one of the first three Doctors of Philosophy in the US in that discipline.

    She roots for the Yankees. I became a fan in Makati Elem in the late 40’s. Her Mom, Dulce, was naturalized as a member of the Red Sox Nation, whose Fenway Park is the only one existing today where Babe Ruth once played, in addition to our own Rizal Memorial Baseball Stadium.

    Up to the 50’s we were at par in besoboru with Japan, which just sold Masahiro Tanaka to the Yankees. It cost them $175M. But we remain fanatical for basketball, where we have yet to produce NBA material (we have had outstanding Fil-Ams in besoboru, Benny Agbayani, Mets, and Tim Lincecom, Giants, and a Fil-Aussie, Jason Day, golf, who grieved over Yolanda’s devastation of where his Visayan roots are; Benny and Tim, unlike Erik Spochtia, may have no use for their roots?).

    Disciplined, law-abiding Japan stands out in my mind as a country with no reported drugs problem. Elsewhere, drugs remain a huge royal pain. Addicts and users to my mind are not criminals. They are victims and should be treated as patients, not criminals. Hence, the somewhat novel approach of Sec. George Schultz, erudite Jesuit-trained (Catholic, not cafeteria) columnist William Buckley who prayed the Rosary daily, and Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman: legalize all drugs, and use the billions wasted on anti-drug campaigns for treatment.

    Take Mary Jane or marijuana. One is destroying himself with it. So the state comes in and say, “we’ll do it for you by convicting you and sending you to prison.” There human beings enter, and come out as brutes. But, weakness is a shortcoming, not wrongdoing.

    Rep. Albano III, go, go, go for it! (Legalize Mary Jane)

    What’s behind trafficking is profit. Remove that motive and the drug dealers wares will remain unsold. Why traffick when the state itself will provide it for free or not for profit—at cost?

    Sec. George was a Cory fan who carried a Cory doll. Once at breakfast in Manila Hotel, he explained why the French kiss a woman’s hand. “Mon ami, you have to start somewhere.” The drug policy world-wide has not worked. So we may have to start elsewhere.

    Bill Clinton, Dubya Bush, and Barack Obama, all experimented with Mary Jane in their youth, as if such misadventure were a qualification to be Prez. What if they had been prosecuted and convicted? OK, then we might not have had Monica Lewinsky, Iraq, and Obamacare.

    Mary Jane may really impair one’s judgment? But, “a recent Gallup poll found that 58% of Americans favor legalization of recreational maijuana.” Time, Jan. 20, 2014, p. 21, col. 3. And smoking is worse than we imagined. New York Times Int’l Weekly, Jan. 15, 2014. p. 3, col. 1. Yet, no one talks of criminalizing smoking. Else, the spectre of cigarette-trafficking. Relaxing? Like drinking? Have we learned nothing from Prohibition, which spawned Al Capone and bootlegging? Or criminalize overeating, winking at someone’s girl etc.,? Or singing My Way in a beerhouse?

    Womanizing? Which brings me back to Jojobama and saying it with flowers. He may have reformed, like Manny Pacquiao, who sadly continues to pretend he is a congressman. The House can wish him luck in his next outing in the Manly Art of Modified Murder and then expel him as a Non-Performing Liability competing for Top Absentee.


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    1. I hate yout tita Cory, the galunggong president at P80 per kilo..

      Her son is the present P150/kilo galunggong president…

      Buking na, na propaganda lang ang mga legacy kuno ni Cory…

    2. rizalina rizal on

      I remember Cory endorsing Ramon Mitra for President but she strongly and secretly campaigned for Fidel Ramos- like her son P-Noy who endorsed Mar Roxas for Vice-President but he strongly campaigned for kurakot, self-serving, psychopathic, very shrewd Jejomar Binay. (Hindi dumating si Jejomar Binay para hindi mag-iisip ng masama si Mar Roxas. Believe me, siguradong tinawagan ni Jejomar Binay si P-Noy….)

    3. How can you forget Cory? She allowed the military to open fire. That killed Hacienda Luisita farmers that later won to be true owner of that land? Haiii! is that easy to forget?

    4. Of course we will never forget Cory for conceiving this retarded president. We will never forget her death anniversary as well…the reason why we got this vindictive/noynoying President.

    5. of course, prez cory is not easy to forget… she brought back darkness, enriched the kamaganaks, had 19 peasant-activists killed at mendiola, and made her own hacienda luisita exempted from land reform. maybe sen. joker arroyo has more to say.

    6. Of course she will be remembered. As a president who brought the Philippines down to its knees and produced a son who is intellectually challenged and is bringing the Philippines to the path of war.

      Of course she will be remembered. As a president who battled numerous coups, which to this day, I hope should have succeeded but did not and delivered the Philippines subserviently to the arms of the United States.

      Of course she will be remembered. As a president we should have never had.

    7. atty saguisag sir, bakit po ninyo hinayaang si president tita cory
      na pabalikin pa si Misuari nuon gayong natutulog na siya sa
      ibang bansa at wala ng gulo, ganun din po si Joma, nakakulong
      na pinawalan pa at hinayaang maka punta at mag asaylum sa
      Netherland. Ginising po ni president tita at pinawalan ang
      dalawang rebeldeng nanahimik para mag rebelde ulit.
      Napaka laking legacy po ni president tita yan na hangga ngayon
      nagpapasakit sa ulo ng Pilipinas, maraming sundalo ang nangamatay
      dahil sa kanila pati na civilian, ganun din ang bilyong gastos
      para sa mga pinag gagagaw na Paksyon ng dalawa.

    8. Voice from the Wilderness on

      Perhaps Vice Pres Binay now realizes that to reach his ambition of becoming president of this country, he must slowly dissociate himself from the influence and shadow of the cursed aquino clan and become his own man. He now realizes that he will achieve nothing by becoming vindictive and divisive and always blame past administrations if cited by the general public and media for gross incompetence. If he plays his cards right, he can become the next president of this country.

    9. Why lump Obama’s Obamacare together with Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky and Dubya’s Iraq War?

    10. Dear Senator Saguisag, who could forget Cory? I once loved her after Mac but gave Meralco back to the Lopezes. How could I forget her? See what she has done?

    11. Mr. Saguisag, No Binay attended bec. Cory is already dead. VP Jojo doesn’t care about BSA nor any other Akino. You should know that.