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Is Rufa Mae Quinto pregnant?



Plus: Ate Vi in Congress; Derrick’s biggest break; and Dingdong’s simple birthday celebration

Is it true that Rufa Mae Quinto is pregnant with fiancé Trev Magallanes’ baby? The comedienne is said to be holding off an announcement at the moment since she would like to be sure that she is indeed with child. She is said to be only in her fourth week of pregnancy, and has thought it best to stay mum for now as she rests at home until she feels comfortable to confirm the baby buzz.



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“I have so much more to learn,” was the humble statement of Congresswoman Vilma Santos-Recto, elected as the first female representative of Batangas, when I visited her at Batasang Pambansa.

“It is my first term in the legislative branch and it isn’t easy,” she admitted. “I’ve been studying hard on how to craft bills to file, and I’m thankful I have competent people guiding me, and of course, my teacher—my husband [senator]Ralph [Recto] who explains to me everything that I need to know.”

Despite claiming she has a lot to learn, Ate Vi—as we lovingly call the Star for All Seasons in showbiz—has already filed 31 bills, most of them aimed at bringing social services directly and with urgency to Filipinos.

“My 18 years in the local government unit as chief executive is helping me a lot in identifying what Filipinos need because I have always been in touch with the grassroots. I personally know their needs, and I also know what the local government units need in order for them to provide health, education, livelihood and other services to make life better for everyone.

Congresswoman Vilma ‘Ate Vi,’ Santos-Recto

Congresswoman Vilma ‘Ate Vi,’ Santos-Recto

Again, she reminded me that her once-a-year movie project will have to be put on hold as well as any other showbiz commitments because she wants to give her new role as legislator her full attention.

“I have very good movie offers—very tempting ones—but what can I do? I have to focus on my responsibilities as the representative of my district first. I don’t want my constituents to feel that they have been shortchanged.I wouldn’t want them saying they voted for me but I prioritized shooting for movies.”

One such offer Ate Vi finds hard to resist is a movie by director Mike de Leon. She has been in contact all this time with Direk Mike for the project, but she doesn’t see herself with any spare time to shoot.

“I really want to do the movie and I’m dying to work again with Mike but again my responsibilities as congresswoman are my priority. I have not said no to the offer but I still can’t accept it,” she insisted. “The problem is that they are in a hurry to start filming because it’s not an ‘easy-to-make’ movie. It’s a period film so there are so many requirements. I don’t know if they can wait for me but I believe in what people say that if it’s meant for you, it will be yours.”

Always a positive thinker, one of show business’ few prides in government said, “And, if in the end, the role goes to someone else, it’s still an honor for me that it was offered to me to begin with. I was so flattered when Mike told me that he had me in mind when he conceptualized the film. That alone is enough to make me feel good.”

In my lengthy conversation with Ate Vi, we also talked about the current TV adaptation of her 1992 blockbuster movie, Sinu­ngaling Mong Puso. She considers the film as one of her memorable projects under Regal Films, recalling, “It earned big time at the box-office. It was a certified blockbuster, and I even got a big bonus from Mother Lily because it was a hit.

“I am proud of that movie because it didn’t only earn a lot, but because it has a very good story. I had fun doing the film with Gabby [Concepcion] and Aga [Muhlach] because we knew we had very good material,” Ate Vi narrated.

With this, she encourages viewers to watch the soap, confident the story will have them hooked. She is also happy with the choice of Rhian Ramos for her original role as Clara.

“It suits Rhian—I’ve seen her in the show and she’s really good. I know she can give justice to the role, and I look forward to seeing her especially in the powerful ending of the story. I don’t want to give spoilers, but it really is a must-watch.”

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Derrick Monasterio

Derrick Monasterio

Promising actor Derrick Monasterio received the best birthday gift when he signed a two-year movie contract with Regal Films the day after he turned 21. Right after signing the dotted line, the movie outfit’s Mother Lily Monteverde excitedly announced she is giving the young actor his launching movie.

Apparently, the producer is so taken by Derrick’s leading man looks that she t she could feel he will be the next big male star.

“He is very handsome, truly fit for showbusiness. We will give him the best roles,” she promised her latest “conquest.”

For her part, Regal COO Roselle Monteverde admitted she had been eyeing Derrick even while he was just starting a career in showbiz. In fact, she had initial talks with Derrick’s discoverer and manager Manny Vallester as early as 2010. That was the year Derrick hit teen star status via GMA Network’s former Sunday hit show Tween Hearts.

“Last year, I had a meeting with GMA Artist Center regarding Derrick, and now here we are finally signing him up. We already have projects lined-up for him even before this contract signing. We have so many roles in mind for him,” Roselle added.

“It’s a dream come true for me,” Derrick happily said in response. “When I was a kid, I would always hear about Regal Films and Regal babies from my mom [former actress Tina Monasterio]. She said the Regal babies were the most popular stars during her time, and now I’m here, a Regal baby, and I’m so proud to be able to say that.

Mother Lily with Monasterio

Mother Lily with Monasterio

“I am just so thankful for this big blessing,” Derrick continued. “I can’t wait to start my first movie project, and Miss Roselle told me that I’ll start shooting one before the end of the year. They’re just finalizing who my leading lady will be.”

While waiting for his first movie with Regal, as well as an upcoming soap on GMA, Derrick has his hands full with other projects. He is deep into rehearsals for Oh Boy, a concert where he will share the spotlight with fellow Kapuso heartthrobs Aljur Abrenica, Rocco Nacino and Jake Vargas.

Derrick is also preparing to host the upcoming 2016 Miss Global International at the PICC where 60 candidates from different countries are competing.

“I am so thrilled to be hosting this event. I also hosted the local search for our representative in the pageant. I really have to focus on preparing for it being the first international competition that I am hosting. I’m thankful to GMA Artist Center for helping me out in this venture as I’m now undergoing one-on-one training in hosting under director Freddie Santos.”

The day after hosting Miss Global International, Derrick will fly to Korea to begin a series of shows, which will also include the US and Canada come October.

“I’m so happy with how my career is going, I really can’t ask for more. What I can promise is to do my best because I wouldn’t want to disappoint my managers, and everyone else helping me to get all these good breaks,” he enthused.

With a laugh, Derrick added, “I’ll have to hold off a love life first! I need to focus on my career, as I believe in the saying strike while the iron is hot. Good things like this don’t come everyday so might as well take all of them as they come.”

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Dingdong Dantes

Dingdong Dantes

Dingdong Dantes had a very simple celebration for his birthday on Tuesday. There was no big party; he just spent the day with wife Marian Rivera, daughter baby Letizia, and the rest of his family.

Because it’s his birthday week, Dong was given free time by GMA Network, even if he was scheduled to start taping for his new prime time series. The production said they would let him rest and enjoy celebrating his first birthday as dad. His tapings have been scheduled for next week.

The Kapuso Prime Time King is very excited with his new show because it will require a whole load of action scenes.

“It’s definitely action-packed, which has long been my dream to do on TV. Add it this a very good story that we have, so the project really seems like a movie,” Dong beamed. 
He is also proud of to have two internationally noted co-stars in the movie, namely Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Jaclyn Jose and 2013 Miss World Megan Young. Also in the cast are Cherie Gil, Andrea Torres, Sid Lucero, Ryan Eigenmann and Paolo Contis.

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April Boy Regino

April Boy Regino

SHORTS: April Boy Regino is all praises for President Rodrigo Duterte. He swears he never went to the President to ask for help but when his illness caused him to be blind, Mr. Duterte apparently kept sending him financial assistance to help with his treatments. April used to campaign for the President when he was still running for mayor of Davao City, and clearly, the Chief Executive never forgets the help of friends.

“I’d just be surprised to find a good amount of money deposited in my account… and I wouldn’t know until much later it came from him,” said the singer.


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