• Isabela’s ‘leguvoron’ pushed


    ROXAS, Isabela: Isabela State University (ISU) -based research scientist here has proposed for the fortification of polvoron with legumes to help address hunger and nutrient deficiency in the countryside and help farmers earn more from cultivating the crop. Dr. Gloria Tariga said that by mixing the traditional polvoron ingredients with soybean, a healthy version called leguvoron can be created. Tariga said legumes have very high nutritional content and is a good source of protein and micronutrients like folate, thiamine, manganese, magnesium and iron. She said that if full support is extended to the project, the leguvoron industry in Region 2 will be viable. Study showed that soybean leguvoron with ratio of 20 grams flour per 30 grams legume flour, lima beans with the ratios 20 grams flour and 10 grams flour per 40 grams legume flour were evaluated as the most acceptable in terms of appearance.


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