• Isabelle Daza shares regimen for a healthier lifestyle


    Workouts may be fun for a lot of people especially fitness buffs, but for those who find exercise an obligation rather than a hobby, they can easily get bored over a single routine. This is the reason why a new gym member may start off coming in regularly, only to disappear in a few weeks’ time and never to return at all.

    If only there were a “refresh” button for an exercise regimen.

    This in mind, actress, model and fitness enthusiast Isabelle Daza was inspired to bring into the Philippines alternative to gym routines via indoor spinning or cycling. With several partners, she runs—and even teaches class—at Ride Revolution indoor spinning studio.

    With indoor cycling, the actress-model says people can have fun while working out

    Welcoming The Manila Times along with a few other publications to her business endeavor, Daza said that the workout is specifically designed to strengthen the body’s core, tone muscles and burn maximum calories.

    “I put up Ride Revolution because I love to advocate wellness, health and fitness. I noticed in the last few years that more and more people are trying to get into this lifestyle but the challenge was how to keep them interested in exercise. I wanted to bring something different to Manila, something people will enjoy and appreciate. Ride Revolution is a great compliment to other workouts and it’s definitely far from boring,” Daza related as she hosted the G Active Studio hybrid workout demonstration in her Makati City location.

    She further shared how every class is set to a specific and personalized playlist created by the instructor. Upbeat music—plus the flattering lights —moves one along the 50-minute journey, helping to push the body and metabolism to its peak.

    “The aim is simple—to allow people to lose themselves, let go and have fun while working out,” Daza added.

    Since its opening, the teleserye actress’ new enclave has already garnered a following from celebrities like Solenn Heussaff, Anne Curtis, Denise Laurel, Iza Calzado, and Raymond Gutierrez.

    Gutierrez—who is also one of the endorsers of G Active—has been the talk of the town for his inspiring weight loss journey toward a healthier body.

    “There are a lot of different exercises that I tried but I think what’s most important is finding something enjoyable. My first ever work is indoor cycling,” he shared.

    Explaining why he enjoys it, the popular event host said, “I own night clubs and when you’re in Ride Revolution you feel you’re in a night club but you’re actually working out. It’s because of the music, the lights, the energy and doing it with friends that is fun for me.”

    Proud of her good friend, Daza used Gutierrez as the perfect example of someone who creatively chose his exercise activities in order to stay on the course. Her best advice in keeping fit, healthy—and yes, beautiful—is, “Keep routines simple and mix them up.”

    When it comes to inspiration, she reminded, “We only have one body and one life. So, if you don’t take care of yourself nobody else will.”


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