Isip-garapatas at utak-pulburas, Libingan ng Mandarambong at Berdugo (LMB)

Rene Saguisag


I HAVE just gotten up from the floor on which I fell with The Donald’s stunning win.

Anyway, we have enough stunners at home. I had been taught that at the closed door of a home, the wind and storm may enter, but kings and bloodhounds may not, and must wait, until the law, with authoritative process, bids it open. Via a search warrant. But, a warrant served at 4 a.m., in a jail, which is not a home, puzzles.

Authority could order any cell to be vacated. Legally. Search can follow, even sans a warrant.

No need to kill Espinosa and Yap. They could just have been maimed to incapacitate them. Tear gas could have been used. But, apparently, the Isip-Garapatas and Utak-Pulburas know that Dead Men Tell No Tales. Wa-is talaga.

The PNP chief was in Vegas to watch Manny Pacquiao (I again avoided watching someone relentlessly disgracing and trivializing Congress, where I once toiled). BobiTiglao has rightly asked: could one on a cop’s pay afford to travel? A gift? It is a crime for a government employee to accept same under PD 46. But, PNP Director General Bato de la Rosa has no visible regard for the law anyway: he challenges to duels, and tells his men, burn, baby, burn. And travels, for boxing, via an arguable illegal and unethical gift.

Digong says he will pardon drug killers anyway, if convicted, spurring impunity. Scofflaws. Our Decay, which Macoy inaugurated, his fan, Digong, seems to want to accelerate. He arguably occasioned the rubout to be done when fair-haired boy (teka,kalbo yata as a billiard ball), Bato, was thousands of miles away. Bato should resign before he gets sued for crimes against humanity.

It is a sense of humanity that spurs Mario Vargas Llosa, the visiting Nobel Prize winner, to look at drug use as a health, not a criminal, issue. He is now inseparable from our Isabel Preysler, a Pearl of the Orient Sea, and beyond.

Pearl. In 1998, I was able to attend the pearl anniversary reunion of my Harvard Law class, as Loida Nicolas-Lewis kindly paid for everything, travel, hotel, etc., as a gift (Sir Bato, I am in private life, not covered by PD 46.)

Her husband, Reggie Lewis, and I were in that batch but we did not get to know each other then in a class of 600.

When he passed away in 1993, the couple, by dint of hard work, was worth $400 million. Loida, of Santa Teresa, the late Raul Roco and I knew in the early 1960s in the Student Catholic Action (SCA) and the National Union of Students (NUS). She bar-reviewed at San Beda in 1967, along with UP Law co-alums, Jun Factoran and Jojo Binay (and Violy Calvo, also from St. Theresa’s, the late first wife of Sen. Frank Drilon).

I know that if Loida wants something done, or somebody changed, she will do it by the force of reason and never never never by reason of force. She’ll do it morally and legally. Our right in a democracy. No mean bone in a kind and gentle soul.

In the latest irresponsible declaration of Rant!Rant!Rant! Prez Duterte, he alluded to her as having been reported to him as co-plotting to oust him. She has denied it; I believe her.

But, of the millions of followers of the widely popular and presumably well-meaning Prez, a few weirdos may be unhinged, with heads not properly and tightly screwed on. So, Loida needs to be more careful here, where she spends a lot of time, doing good, or elsewhere. Ditto. A woman for others, truly.

I wonder how the lawyers at that Integrated Bar of the Philippines assembly responded when the Prez, willy-nilly, casually, put lawyer Loida’s safety in jeopardy, by convicting her by publicity. We have to have a higher regard for human life and dignity. Any time the Prez denounces anyone, even by allusion, there could be knights responding to King Henry II’s “who’ll rid me of this troublesome priest?” Four nobles considered themselves told, rode to Canterbury, and did in Becket on December 29, 1170.

From the very poor who cannot even afford to claim corpses in funerarias for lack of means, things are moving up. Now, two mayors, denounced as narco-politicos, Dimaukom and Espinosa, whose families can afford. It took a decade before upper-crust Ninoy was salvaged and then the nation realized no one was safe and, like a carabao, said to be slow to anger, outraged, protested massively with energy, dedication and commitment.

Recall Prez Duterte’s vow to pardon cops who may be convicted in anti-drug busts, encouraging impunity. Could be a crime against humanity by a Rant! Rant! Rant Prez, aided by a PNP Chief leading Pulis-Patolas in a police state, conducting Operation Tokhang, which violates the human and constitutional rights to privacy and to remain silent, or the right not to speak, and the right not even to be “invited,” under Republic Act 7436.

Our Decay, following Savagery and Civilization, begun by Macoy, may accelerate, unless there is a course correction. There is still time, Mr. Prez, and I root for you to succeed, as your success is everyone’s. The right thing must be done in the right way. I tell my classes. Echoed by Obama.

My having classes in Mendiola and Alabang prevented me from seeing the second 2016 La Salle-Ateneo game last Saturday. The first I did, courtesy of my son, UAAP Commissioner Rebo, Jr. The one last Saturday, I could not, but after the latter class (human rights), I went to an Alabangasalto for Panyero Deng Bautista, of which shindig I was notified by Rebo, who was a no-show. Deng’s client in the Vizconde tragedy, TonyBoyLejano, was there, another innocent party who had to waste more than 15 years in jail for a case where I said, early on, Hubert Webb was thousands of miles away from the locus delicti when it happened. It is good that TonyBoy shows no sign of bitterness, as does Hubert. Why the long undeserved detention?

A Benedictine nun, ex-Hollywood actress, Dolores Hart, the first woman kissed by Elvis Presley onscreen, said: “Do I understand God? No, I don’t” but she accepts that the finite cannot ever really understand the infinite. Last Tuesday I began my tenth year as an Unmerry Widower. Am also accepting that the Lord took back my Perfect Wife. Last Sunday, we visited Manila Memorial after avoiding the rush and gridlock ofUndas, a term I heard in my youth for the good-natured prank of stealing chickens on November 1. I have yet to find an explanation as to why its meaning has expanded.

Among those who just left us is Boy Codiñera, a baseball icon. I am glad iconic Pacquiao and Vargas, in another “sport,” had no serious injury last Sunday. Otherwise, I hope Manny will resign as senator and focus on boxing, for more datong, to which he seems addicted and for which activity he is gifted. Or he should be expelled from government.

He is a continuing anomaly in Congress, in the House where he was Top Absentee, and in the Senate, which he treats as a sideline or hobby. Disrespectful. A top House absentee landing as No. 7 in the Senate race? And Serge Osmeña and TG Guingona losing? Again, manifestations of Decay?

Boxing is hard work. Lawmaking more so. We have to arrest our decay, in our values, institutions and processes. If Manny fantasizes and yearns to be Prez in 2022, he should quit boxing now and prepare, instead oftraining for a Mayweather rematch. Again, as I remind my classes, Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance and Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail. I ask them to familiarize themselves with the story of Nobel Laureate for Literature Vargas Llosa, and Mary Jane. I find remarkable his stance on drugs. Decriminalize all drugs, he has been saying all these years. In 1983, I wrote “Who’s Afraid of Mary Jane?”

Users are not criminals. They are sick, they need help. Legalization should kill the profit motive, not the user, and government then provides them with what they need in rehab facilities. Kill! Kill!Kill! as a policy has not succeeded anywhere in the world. Repeating the same mistake again and again indicates that one is unhinged.

Yup, Isip-Garapatas-Utak-Pulburas in our police state should have a higher regard for the intelligence of the public. Again, the raiders could just have used tear gas or shots in the air or just maim and disable the two victims, ideas needing no training in the San Francisco Police Department to learn.

Way to go. Not the way is allowing kleptocrat-gross-human rights-violator Macoy to be buried in the Libingan ng MgaBayani. What we will bury is our values and ideals. The battle may just have begun.

When we marched last August 14 at the Luneta, some young hotheads were saying that they would desecrate, and vandalize Macoy’s resting place in the LMB. I didn’t take it seriously. Pure threat and braggadocio, but in chess, the threat is worse than the execution.

I fear the taxpayer probably would pay for the move from the Ilocos to the Libingan ng Mandarambong at Berdugo (LMB), and also for the round-the-clock guarding of the place, in the wind and rain, which will cost us. No one would like poo-poo in the place. Budget Sec Ben Diokno, cuanto?

That is why the prudent choice is to bury the remains in the Ilocos where Macoy is cherished and where no one would put up a sign, HERE A LAWYER LIES STILL. And cost us nothing.


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  1. I wonder, how much money Mr. Saguisag gets from the Losers Party or the LP? Maybe this guy would also worship Cory as a Saint? Rene “TAE” Saguisag is definitely a remnant of a TRAPO!

  2. Karmas a bitch right Rene? Berdugo? dba kawatan nyo nag ratrat sa mendiola ? Mandatrambong? pleaseeee! ano ba nagawa nyo ni Cory?

  3. Kamusta na BFF mong si kawatan Binay? Or si Edcel Lagman who is a plunderer? Wow mr Saguisag your friends are all worthy of emulation. What a joke you are bitter old man!

  4. Mr. Rene S. Again I say I love and admire underdogs. Like Trump, you are in the same boat, only he won and you are still kicking around. The great Yogi Berra says, “It’s not over until it’s over”…

  5. Reading the commènts, I will surmise that the decay of the Pilipino people has reached an epidemic stage. The comments are so irritating and shoed that people lost the sense of reasoning. ISip pulgas talaga.

  6. It’s still fresh in my mind your pronouncement during the first/early years of Cory Aquino “KBLs or those who support Marcos are not, and should not be considered as people”. Pity you for it seems that until now, the spirit of forgiveness is non-existent with you and your cohorts, the yellowtards! Go to hell!

  7. I knw it is unchristian to wish bad to someone pero sa ito c Saguisag hindi na nagising pero may kasabihan am masamang damo pinahahaba pa ang buhay para maka pagbago

  8. Marcos in the Resting Place for Heroes means that you guys are losing control of the political narrative. Thats what it really boils down to. If Marcos is a hero, that can only mean that the heroes of the yellow tribe are the opposite, right? Masakit ba? Karma lang yan, pare, karma. By the way, do you already know who really bombed Plaza Miranda ?

  9. “Isip-garapatas at utak-pulburas, Libingan ng Mandarambong”

    your describing yourself matandang bobo at tatanga-tanga..nagiging bobo at tanga ka because of your self interest hayup ka isama mo na rin ang mga yellowish cohorts mo na walang ginawa sa ating bansa kundi ibaon sa pagdurusa!!!

  10. Jaime Dela Cruz on

    I wonder, is gift giving from a public servant to another public servant prohibited by law. I get it that a public servant cannot accept gifts from a private citizen or corporation because of possible “corruption” but the two are friends who happened to be in public service. How does that work? I’d like to know.

  11. “I find remarkable his stance on drugs. Decriminalize all drugs, he has been saying all these years. In 1983, I wrote “Who’s Afraid of Mary Jane?””

    Decriminalize. I agree. Prohibition is fighting against the Law of Supply and Demand. Noble intent but with real bad, unintended consequences. The Prohibition in the US in the 1920s should be lesson enough, but alcohol is much less toxic it is argued. Even so, the Law of Supply and Demand remains like the Law of Gravity.

    Problem is the war against drugs seems to have the support of more people. And those supporting decriminalization, like you, have no balls to come out of the closet except by subtle pronouncements. True, EJK will not solve the drug problem but neither does Due Process. At least the first shows results even if tempoarary; the latter hides the true beneficiaries.

  12. This Yellow Abnoy and factotum……..Kayong mga Yellowtards, kayo ang mga magnanakaw sa bayan for all of 30 yrs.Marcos is a HERO while Ninoy is a fake hero and traitor.

    • Marcos is a HERO.
      Ninoy is a fake hero.

      “No law, executive order or proclamation has been enacted or issued officially proclaiming any Filipino historical figure as a national hero.”

      “Jose Rizal has never been proclaimed a national hero.”

      “This is what the “Selection and Proclamation of National Heroes and Laws Honoring Filipino Historical Figures” has stated in the 2002 executive summary report done by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP). ”

      Are you running a Certification company? Baka si ERAP, pwede mong i-declare na HERO.

  13. Never mind Bato in Las Vegas. At least there was no killing of drug suspects during that Pacquiao fight, EXCEPT the biggest kill of all. Still, kung may good sense pa si Bato, he should face the implication/s of he’s having gotten there gratis et amore c/o Pacman. Did this not smck of the sense of impunity which Macoy left behind as his legacy?

  14. A simple solution is to have a “Libingan ng Mga Presidente” where all dead presidents will be buried plain and simple. No need for any debate of any kind. Presto solve lahat ng problema.

  15. Mr. Rene Saguisag, you make too much sense. The Marcoses however, by the virtue of the dictator Macoy buried at the LMNB, are hoping that the Filipino people will forget their thievery. And everyone knows how short of a memory the Filipino has. The Marcoses continue to fool the Filipino.Hopeless cases.

    • Rene tanda ka na at ikaw ang mukhang garapata at may utak pulbura basta dilaw ganyan, buti pa si joker nagbago bago namatay, pero ikaw talagang may hepa V ka kasi naninilaw ka bwisit mag pahinga ka na animal !!!!

    • Lomeo N. Kulet on

      Hahaha! Itong si Romeo walang pinagkatandaan – para kang pulgas. Nagbago si Joker? Bakit? Dahil sumama siya kay PGMA?
      Ganuon ba ang gusto mong pagbabago?
      Ikaw talaga! Esep esep ka muna.

      Ingat ka Romeo. Binabaril na ngayon ng mga utak-pulbura ang mga addict at pusher.

  16. because loida is big supporter of the liberal party, it is to be expected that she will portrayed as gentle and very kind person by none other than another liberal party supporter