• Islamic teacher linked to terror groups arrested


    DAVAO CITY: POLICE and immigration agents on Sunday arrested in this city Canadian Muslim scholar and professor Dr. Abu Ameen Bilal Philips, whom authorities suspect has ties with some Muslim radical extremist groups.

    Philips, who has been banned from entering the United States and the United Kingdom, was conducting a lecture in a predominantly Muslim village when he was invited for questioning and subsequently held in custody by authorities.

    Chief Supt. Wendy Rosario, director of the Philippine National Police in Southern Mindanao, said the 68-year-old Philips is considered a threat to national security.

    Rosario said Philips is being questioned for his possible links with terror groups including the ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), noting that his records are enough to sound alarm bells as the scholar was also banned in Kenya, Germany and Australia.

    Authorities could not say when Philips arrived in the Philippines but they believe that he has been going in and out of the country since he is married to a Filipina.

    Philips came under scrutiny in Britain for apparently condoning suicide bombings when he declared that “when you look at the mind of the suicide bomber, it’s a different intention altogether, the enemy is either too heavily armed, or they don’t have the type of equipment that can deal with it.”

    “So the only other option they have is to try to get some people amongst them and then explode the charges to save the lives of their comrades. So this is not really considered to be suicide in the true sense. This is a military action and human lives are sacrificed in that military action. This is really the bottom line for it and that’s how we should look at it,” he was quoted as saying.

    Philips was banned in the US and Britain after several booklets and pamphlets that he authored were found in the room of some suicide bombers.

    On Monday, Immigration prosecutor Homer Arellano issued a deportation charge against Philips, who was born in Jamaica but spent several years in the Middle East as an Islamic teacher.

    The charge noted that the presence of Philips in the Philippines “poses risks to public safety.” The lawyers of Philips have filed an application for his voluntary exit.

    In an online article posted in March, Philips admitted to meeting Osama Bin Laden’s brother-in-law while he was conducting Da’wah or Islamic teaching in the Philippines.

    “I do not know him [Osama]; neither have I ever met him but when I was doing Da’wah in the Philippines his brother-in-law happened to have a Da’wah center which I used to go to and give Da’wah, I knew him,” he was also quoted as saying.

    He added that he was linked to Bin Laden because he knew his brother-in-law, but denied that he knew the former al-Qaeda head personally.


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    1. His pamphlets are also found in many muslim farmhouse here in our province..Mine is Titled “The true message of Jesus Christ”…Does this mean Bilal Philips is also a farmer and when one of the farmers commit a crime, he should also be held liable?..

    2. shuaib muhaymin on

      Salaams to every one. Peace to every one. I hope because I mentioned the Arabic word “Salaam” I hope I won’t be arrested as a terrorist for using Arabic, or because I know Dr. Bilal Philips personally and have read a number of his books. Why don’t we stop kidding our selves. If we’re going to condemn every one who reads and understands a different interpretation of the Holy scriptures and the Holy Hadiths of the Holy prophet and his holy family, then we’re all going to be condemn by people who disagree with us. If a person interprets a scripture from how he or she processes information, and you think it’s wrong, then help that person to process information the way you think it should be processed and then discuss the method of processing. If we did that we may find out our mistakes. Please stop locking up our few scholars. Dr. Bilal Philips is not a terrorist nor does he promote terror. Silence the bombs, not the scholors.

    3. waliyyullah qasim olawale on

      I don’t know why the western world hate islam and muslims,i was surprised hearing that dr. Bilal was been arrested,that is infact hatred on the personality of philips so far the man is an innocent because i was fortunate to witness his lecture in lagos when he visited nigeria and he(philips) preaches against boko haram sect,so how can such a person be allege or suspected with terrorism.THEY DESIRE TO PUT OUT THE LIGHT OF ALLAH WITH THEIR MOUTHS BUT ALLAH WILL PERFECT HIS LIGHT,THOUGH THE UNBELIEVERS MAY AVERSE

    4. In addition to my comments below, during our visit to the University in Perlis during the month of Ramadan, faculty members and students were seen taking pictures and eagerly shaking Dr Bilal’s hands. It was an honour for the students to have an academician in their midst, whom they have only seen on the internet and whose books they have read. It truly beats me how a gentle, educated, amicable man can be accused of having terrorist links.

    5. I am saddened and shocked by the news that Dr Bilal Philips has been arrested. He has been accused of having close links with terrorists by virtue of some of his pamphlets and booklets found in the possession of suspected terrorists and that he knows Osama bin Laden’s brother in law. This is the most ridiculous grounds for being arrested.
      Dr Bilal has written dozens of Islamic books and read by millions of Muslims and students of knowledge around the world.
      He was in Africa recently and visited many Islamic village madrasah in African countries promoting English as a medium of instruction in the Islamic schools because he wants them to be proficient in the language, as their chance of employment is better in the developed world rather than be found “floating in the Mediterranean Sea”, as what is happening now.
      I had the privilege to travel by road from Kuala Lumpur to Penang and Perlis (Malaysia) with Dr Bilal and family during the last month of Ramadan. We visited a university in the northern state of Peninsula Malaysia, Perlis, and met the top faculty members of the university. The university faculty members proudly showed Dr Bilal the library facilities and their IT library where Dr Bilal’s more than 50 books can be accessed from their IT library.
      Dr Bilal promoted his on-line university and had discussions with faculty members on inserting Quran and Hadith in all the Sciences. He has ready modules for most of the subjects, with relevant Quran and Hadiths verse incorporated in the subjects.
      Ironically, when Dr Bilal’s parents was a student, his parents were sent by the United Nations to Malaysia to participate in education of the country. Now Dr Bilal is back to promote Islamic education.
      To accuse Dr Bilal of promoting violence and terrorism is not only absurd but it is poppycock. We have people suffering Islamophobia and paranoia but please don’t prevent Muslim academicians from freedom to educate Muslims on their religion. I wonder who is behind…

    6. We condemn the arrest of Bilal Philips. His arrest is against the human rights and right to expression of the freedom of opinion. I think, He was not accused, rather he was blamed with some false allegation.

    7. Shafeen Mahmood on

      I just don’t get it. What does it have to do with Bilal Philips with suicide bombers reading his books? If a boy comes out from a reputed school and the murders another boy, would you blame the boy or the school? This is highly likely to be another stunt against Muslims. Allah knows best.

    8. Come on this whole political games by the US, the United Kingdom and the the westren allies is now getting out of hand. My humble request to the Evil leaders is to please stop blaming the Muslims. It is you who cause all this chaos arm the rebles all over the muslim world juat for your own Evil gains, shame on you.

    9. Truth should prevail at all times. If this human being has any links with any association whatsoever which disturbs human life in any part of the world he should be treated accordingly. If he is NOT and if its a media stunt from whichever corner of the globe, those perperators should also be penalised accordingly. This is the logical demand of justice.