Israel arrests 3 Palestinians for setting IS-affiliated cell


JERUSALEM: Israeli security agency said on Sunday that it arrested three members of an Islamic State (IS)-affiliated cell in the Palestinian West Bank.

According to a statement by the agency, three residents of Hebron, Ahmad Shehada, 22, Muhamad Zaro, 21, and Qassai Masawada, 23, were arrested in November during a joint operation with the Israeli army.

The trio allegedly “plotted terrorist attacks” and some members of the cell had perpetrated a bomb attack against Israeli soldiers which failed to cause any injury, the agency said.

Some of the suspects confessed during their interrogation that they had planned to create an IS cell.

Masawada confessed he had planned to kill an Israeli soldier and use his weapon and uniform to perpetrate an attack against Israelis. Zaro was recently indicted in the Judea military court for his membership in an illegal organization and other charges.

“The suspect worked in cahoots with another person to create a military cell of the IS organization, with the intention of acquiring weapons to carry out attacks against Israel and the Palestinian Authority,” Israel’s Military Prosecution wrote in an announcement to the court.

Other members of the cell are soon to face charges as well, the agency said. PNA


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