Israeli-American charged for threats to US Jewish centers


WASHINGTON: An 18-year-old Israeli-American man, in custody in Israel after being arrested there last month, was hit with US charges on Friday for making hoax telephone threats against Jewish centers. FBI Director James Comey said in a Justice Department statement that the behavior allegedly perpetrated by the suspect, Michael Ron David Kadar, “is not a prank… it’s a federal crime.” Kadar was arrested in southern Israel on March 23 after a joint probe by Israeli police and the FBI. While the US and Israel have an extradition treaty, the Justice Department statement made no mention of any effort to extradite Kadar to face the charges in a US court. Kadar is suspected of being behind a wave of threats to Jewish institutions in the US, Australia and New Zealand between January and early March.The threats- telephoned in using software to disguise the voice and number of the caller—ypically said an assailant had planted a bomb or was armed with guns and intended to kill dozens of people, often children. When police scrambled to the premises, which were evacuated, they found the calls to be hoaxes.



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