Issue on and lessons for PNoy on super typhoon


(By Rick B. Ramos, Opinion, November 30, 2013)
I would say mahilig si pnoy sa turo turo. I haven’t heard him at all take responsibility for anything, if at all, he would compare the old administration to his, to elevate his status, thinking that by pointing out the errors of the past, that would make him look better. tsk tsk tsk, we have a president who has never learned to grow up. I could imagine him as a boy saying “no, didn’t’ and the other sibling would say, “yes you did” and pinoy again, “no I didn’t’. If you are the president of a country, finger pointing is so despicable. let the bucket stop at you, don’t pass it on to others. Take responsibility, admit shortcomngs, and find solutions. That is what would command self respect and respect from others. Hindi ka na bata pinoy, you are an adult, and you are a president. Act like one please!



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  1. The ugly side of a corrupt system. It has been reported (GMA) that MRE ( Meals-Ready-To-Eat) U.S. Military issue are being sold in stores in MM. I hope our president is proud of this nonsense.

  2. If Pres Obama admitted that he fumbled in Obamacare, why can’t our bachelor president do the same? Instead He blames media for being negative on his laid-back actions & inaccurate logic. It’s broken, so why not fix it? Time for him to act & admit that you made a boo-boo.

  3. Kayo ang Boss Ko! on

    Asa pa ba kayo, ang administrasyon na ito walang sinabi at walang nagawa kundi puro kalokohan at sisihan, wala na! Ano pa? Wala na! Puro gimmickry, kapalpakan! Kagunggongan! Katangahan! Kagarapalan! Kakapalan ng mukha!

  4. Rick, I agree with you 100%. This administration is an embarrassment. Playing the blame game, not taking responsibility, lying to the people (food supplies all ready to go before the typhoon), a V-P who is alleged to have been using this disaster with an eye towards his Pres. run (holding up delivery of supplies so his name and photo can be placed on them, even tho’ these supplies did not come from him).
    The whole world sees this fiasco/incompetence by the gov’t. of the Philippines.