• Isuzu PH showcases new truck line-up in Truck Fest 2017


    Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) showcased its new truck line-up along with several other body-builders in its Truck Fest 2017, with sales in medium- and heavy-duty trucks increasing by 13 percent in 2016.

    “The past few years have shown us a tremendous growth in the sales of trucks and buses, with an average growth rate of 13 percent. In 2016 alone, truck sales grew at the rate of 36 percent with a total sales of 6,079 units of new trucks and buses. From this, Isuzu achieved the No. 1 position in total sales in all truck segment for 17 consecutive years,” IPC President Hajime Koso said in a statement.

    Some of IPC’s major body-builders, such as Centro Manufacturing Corporation and Koei Kogyo Manufacturing Corporation, released their new bodies such as Nippon Fruehauf’s Wing Van for the Isuzu FVM heavy-duty truck and the 10 x 10 flexi truck for the Isuzu NHR, respectively. Also shown in the event is the jeepney alternative project in collaboration by Centro Manufacturing, as there are also plans for the government to phase out aging jeepneys roaming in Metro Manila.

    Other Isuzu-accredited body-builders, such as Almazora and KPC, had their own stalls in the event so customers can purchase their desired bodies for their trucks to suit their business requirements.

    “The key to our success is not on the sale of our trucks, it’s on the full service that comes with every purchase. With every truck purchase, we provide product orientations, driver’s training and even a professional analysis on fuel consumption and actual vehicle operation. A truck is probably one of the most valued investments for a company, which is why aside from providing quality products, Isuzu guarantees availability of parts and reliable service,” Koso added.

    Newer replacements for 15-year old business-use trucks
    IPC Marketing head Joseph Bautista told Fast Times the company is ready to supply the market should the government order 15-year old trucks for business use be phased out.

    “There are directions from the government that they will phase out those old vehicles. The basis will be the registration – the PIN number. The eighth digit of the PIN will tell you the year. Around 100,000 of these trucks will soon be phased out,” he said.

    Bautista added the newer trucks are exempted by the proposed excise tax on vehicles.

    IPC has been holding its Truck Fest since 2013, showcasing the company’s full truck line-up and new parts, and bodies from its partner body-builders.


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