Isuzu promotes the D-Max 4x4’s capabilities in specially prepared off-road tracks. The one in Davao was the toughest.

    Isuzu promotes the D-Max 4×4’s capabilities in specially prepared off-road tracks. The one in Davao was the toughest.

    THE 2014 Isuzu D-Max 4×4 Drive Series, which started in April in Pampanga before moving on to Bacolod, Cebu and Cagayan de Oro, recently wrapped up its final stage in Lanang, Davao City.

    In the last event, the pickup traversed terrain that was similar in conditions to that found in off-road driving challenges held in rainforests. Participants in the Davao leg navigated their way through heavy, jungle-like foliage, following the venue’s natural landscape. Making the experience more demanding were the occasional rains, which made the track slippery and treacherous.

    Isuzu Phils. Corp. (IPC) said this was the D-Max 4×4’s “biggest challenge” in the driving series that was designed to showcase the truck’s performance, as well as to stress the advantages offered by four-wheel-drive vehicles.

    The previous four legs were held on tracks laid out across vacant spaces. But in all legs the obstacles, meant to test the D-Max 4×4’s capabilities, were similar.

    IPC said guests who trooped to the venue and who were able to experience the off-road capabilities of the D-Max 4×4 claimed that the pickup truly addresses their requirement for a durable, reliable and fuel-efficient workhorse.

    “It is notable that Davao has always been included in our D-Max 4×4 Drive Series since it began in 2008,” IPC Executive Vice President Takashi Tomita said at the opening of the event. “This means that Dabawenos are one of the strongest supporters of Isuzu products in the country.”

    IPC said the D-Max has one of the highest ground clearances among pickups sold locally. The truck has a 4WD Terrain Command Select Dial that allows it to switch from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive high mode even while it’s traveling at 100kph. Boosting its off-road capabilities are a 30-degree approach angle, 22.7-degree departure angle, and the ability to be tilted sideways on a 49-degree slope. The D-Max 4×4 is also fitted with a limited-slip differential.


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