• It doesn’t make sense

    Conrad M. Cariño

    Conrad M. Cariño

    After the boring megabout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao ended with the American winning and the Filipino complaining, the name of Amir Khan (31-3 with 19 knockouts) immediately surfaced as a possible opponent for either.

    Meanwhile, Chris Algieri (20-2 with 8 KOs), who was not a full-fledged welterweight when he lost to Pacquiao on November 23, 2014, was supposed to be “gift” or tune-up opponent for Khan over the weekend, to at least make the British boxer look good in the eyes of boxing fans that he deserves to get into the ring with either Mayweather or Pacquiao.

    But after a scoring a wide but unimpressive unanimous decision over Algieri, it looks like Khan doesn’t deserve to get into the ring with either Mayweather (48-0 with 26 KOs) or Pacquiao (57-6-2 with 38 KOs), especially Mayweather.

    Algieri, to his credit, survived his fight against Khan without hitting the deck. In the Pacquiao fight, Algieri hit the deck at least five times and he was down two times in the first round prior to scoring a split decision win over Ruslan Provodnikov (24-4 with 17 KOs) on June 14, 2014.

    Perhaps the promoters of the Khan-Algieri fight thought the British boxer could also knock down the lanky American several time. Well, that was what I was also expecting on fight night.

    Getting into the ring with Pacquiao won’t do Khan any good because the Filipino still has the speed to land his vaunted lefts on the British boxer. I’m not saying Pacquiao will annihilate Khan; rather Khan will find it hard to register even a close win over the Filipino.

    On the flipside, Pacquiao won’t look he deserves a rematch with Mayweather if Khan turns out to be an easy opponent very much like Algieri. Anyway, of the last three opponents Pacquiao faced prior to fighting Mayweather, it was obvious none was a top tier welterweight with power in both hands.

    And forget about talks Khan could be the fighter who could deal Mayweather his first defeat. That simply won’t happen, and anybody who cared to watch his fight with Algieri will agree wholeheartedly.

    Khan will simply be beffudled by the accurate counters of Mayweather who in turn won’t be bothered by the supposed punching power of the British boxer. Although Khan is more than an inch taller than Mayweather, he doesn’t have a reach advantage over the American (72 inches for Mayweather and 71 inches for Khan).

    Khan’s chin has also been suspect after his first-round knockout loss to Breidis Prescott on September 6, 2008. Then there’s his fourth-round stoppage loss to Danny Garcia (30-0 with 17 KOs) on July 14, 2012.

    So forget about Khan getting into the ring with either Mayweather or Pacquiao. That would be a waste of time and money for boxing fans.

    With Khan not impressive in his last outing against Algieri, the best opponent for Mayweather out there are knockout artist Keith Thurman (25-1 with 21 KOs) or the aggressive Garcia.

    Argentinian knockout artist Lucas Matthysse (37-3 with 34 KOs), a compatriot of Marcos Maidana (35-5 with 31 KOs) who was twice beaten by Mayweather, could also be a possible opponent for the still undefeated American.

    As for Pacquiao, it is best he first take care of his shoulder injury. But I won’t suggest Pacquiao get into the ring with either Thurman or Garcia in the future. That’s suicidal.


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    1. PACMAN fever is already a thing of the past. Juan DC has taken too much panadol and eradicated the malady. We are now a nation again pinulot sa kangkungan..hoping for another sporting star to shine and conquer the world pur RP again in the pedestal. Sayang lang si CONGPAC nagpadala sa mga taong ganid..pwede namang iurong yong laban bakit hindi. Now has been na sya..member na sya ng “the who”. Dreams only will bring fans to watch PACCONG next fight. Though if MOMI D will do the opening act with matching sing and dance act..I will buy the ticket as early as today.

    2. Barry Gil Pilar on

      ..Good Article, though I bluntly disagree on some points particularly on the assessment concerning Thurman/Pacman or Garcia/Pacman as a suicidAl fight for Manny. Boxing is a hurt business and Pacman remains an explosive fighter. Thurman picks his punches to land a knockout but he’s not speedy. He’s style wont work agaisnt Pacman because the latter is a volume puncher with a considerable powerand a lot of speed. Garcia on the other hand isnt performing well on his last outings. A pure boxer gives him so much troubles (Herrera/Peterson) and Pacman is a fighter who is known for great adjustments in the ring. If Danny decides to slug it out agaisnt Manny then expect the fight to end early.

    3. Nice one conrad, i agree both manny & floyd will beat amir & probably inside the distance. He might hold manny off for a few rounds but sooner rather than later manny would land a big punch on amir & its all over. If amir thinks different to that hes kidding himself.
      Now floyd, i hope he doesnt fight thurman, im not a big thurman fan & i think once floyd hits him with a couple of straight rights thurman gets on his running machine. Now for any of you who thinks floyd is a runner you need to watch closely what thurman does. I cant think of a fighter today who runs like he does. Plus who has he beaten to justify a shot at floyd. Manny v thurman would be a more exciting fight as manny would look to throw a lot of punches at thurman, floyd would be doing what floyd does & with thurman running around the outside it would be a horrible fight.
      I would rather see thurman fight a maidana or porter or brook. Im also wondering how long thurman will stay at welterweight as i know he easily fights at light middle so he might be struggleing to make 147. Thurman talks a good fight but thats it, mostly his opposition have beeen woefully lacking. I want to see him fight a legit welterweight. A top 10 welterweight.