• IT experts should join audit – Marcos


    All Information Technology (IT) experts as well as representatives of winning candidates are welcome to participate in the system audit of the transparency and central servers of the Commission on Elections (Comelec), the camp of Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said on Saturday.

    “We would like to urge all IT experts to go there [Comelec], to have themselves accredited and take a look and see for themselves what happened,” Marcos’ campaign adviser Abakada Rep. Jonathan de la Cruz announced.

    Earlier, Marcos formally asked the Comelec to allow his own IT experts to conduct a system audit to find out what transpired after Smartmatic personnel changed the script of the transparency server on the night of May 9.

    The senator said his IT experts will work under the supervision of the poll body.

    In addition to the audit, Marcos’ camp also asked Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista to provide additional information concerning other components of the Automated Election System like the transmission logs, the white list (vote counting machines, USB devices, BGAN or Broadband Global Area Network); digitally-signed election returns (ERs), and the public and decryption keys to open the transmitted files.

    Marcos also wants to know the number of CCS (Consolidation and Canvassing System) laptops/servers that were reported to contain rogue votes coming from the pre-election logical accuracy test and mock elections on election day; the municipalities, cities and provinces affected and the measures the poll body took to rectify the supposed error.

    De la Cruz pointed out that the system audit that Marcos sought is not directed at a particular candidate. He said their camp only wants to determine the integrity of the elections.

    “We have to have a system audit. We have to see the transmission logs because that is the only way we can see what really happened,” De la Cruz said.

    He added that the people should not accept Smartmatic’s excuse that the change was innocuous because in computer technology, everything can change with just one push of a button or a single letter or icon.

    De la Cruz said that they also found out that all vote counting machines (VCMs) did not transmit a single election result at around 10 p.m. on May 9.

    “Lahat ng VCM sa buong bansa walang nagtransmit (All VCMs did not transmit) for a period of one hour. After which nagkaroon ng kababalaghan (a mystery happened). Kaya dapat magkaroon ng system audit para malaman kung anong katotohanan” [A system audit will reveal the truth], he said.

    De la Cruz earlier filed criminal complaints against Smartmatic executives Marlon Garcia and Elie Moreno for introducing a new script in the transparency server of the Comelec without proper authorization. Also included in the complaint were Neil Banigued, a member of the Smartmatic Technical Support Team and Rouie Peñalba, IT officer of the Comelec who were involved in the script change.

    They were charged with violation of the Automated Elections Law which prohibits interfering with “the generation, transmission of election results, data or information.”

    De la Cruz said the law also prohibits “gaining or causing access to, using, altering and destroying computer data, program and system software, network, or any computer-related devices, facilities, hardware or equipment, whether classified or declassified.”
    The Comelec en banc is set to discuss Marcos’ petition on Tuesday.

    Bautista had said that he is inclined to allow a poll audit but it will have to be conducted by a group of independent international experts.


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    1. Juan T. Delacruz on

      Conduct an audit to the transparency server? If Smartmatic Corporation will NOT allow you and your IT expert to get near to their machines, they can do that and they have all the rights to turn down your wishes, because all the AES system are proprietary hardware and software, belonged to Smartmatic Corporation. The Smartmatic Corp. is operating under statutory and regulatory guidelines, and they have all the rights to turn down requests from dickhead loser like yourself, Senator Marcos.

      Up to this point, Senator Marcos does not have any evidence, nor has proven that votes were manipulated by somebody or by the machine used during the election. The AES system was configured in a very simple configuration such as, votes from voting machine is transmitted to the transparency server, stored and to be counted.

      These morons think that the Philippine election voting system is configured to the “world wide web” (www) that anybody can access the website, post, change, manipulate, or anything that anybody can think of. Transmission problems were beyond the control of Smartmatic and it should be addressed to PLDT, as well.

    2. Pusong-Pinoy on

      boingbong marcos campaigned for ‘unity’.

      What is he doing now? He is sowing DISUNITY, DIVISINESS, AND CHAOS!

      Filipinos, wake up, boingboing marcos is a FRAUDSTER!

    3. Dapat lang iaudit yan system at tama lang na kasuhan yan COMELEC SMARMATIC AT PPRCV may milagro ginawa sila. Dati nagdenay na walang inayos noong ipakita cctv doon umamin dahil sila. Kaya dapat iaudit hindi yon mga IT BBM but iyon Independent na It ang mag check.

    4. Crisostomo Ibarra on

      They should just perform a manual recount on the VP votes. This would ascertain/validate if the numbers are on target.

    5. Manuel cabido on

      A system audit is an essential component to establish the quality of the system. The counting, transmission, consolidation and reporting components must have to pass certain quality standards and their output can be verified and check based on designed test models to insure that a given input must produce an expected output. The transmitted data should be inventoried to verify if these data are authentic data coming from the authentic node before these are transmitted and received by the servers. The transmission logs if there are any will show these actvities. An accredited IT experts may conduct this audit.

    6. If a systems audit is to be conducted, it should be by an independent, non-partisan third party team whose members are all IT experts with the right qualifications. Imagine, Senator BBM wants his own, hired IT team to perform the audit. Does he think the Commissioners of Comelec are that stupid? Talk about rigging the system!

      The audit would just be a waste of time, money and resources. From the COCs total count as of today, it is clear that Leni Robredo has won the VP contest. Time for you to accept your defeat, Senator.

      • BBM can’t still accept his defeat at the hands of the voters and want’ to rigg the election results by having his personal group of IT to doctor the Smartmatic program to bring the election in his favor. Can’t BBM understand that their Marcos powers were destroyed by the Divine Intervention power from above to stop them using the country’s treasury as their pocketbooks. If he continue into that thinking and notion his brain is heavily damage and corrupted. It’s time to go back to Hawaii or Ilocos Norte for good. No chance of re-playing Martial Law and dictitorship. It’s HISTORY!

      • Oh come on erlee… he said that under the supervision of the poll body… if there is no fraud why not opening it??? Y would they have to be that Defensive…just saying…

    7. Let this exercise be just like the others before this one when the results are not informed to the people. Once and for all, the right legal cases must be filed against the perpetuator and they must be sent to jail, whoever they maybe.

    8. BBM is certainly desperate of rigging the election results to his advantage, It will be most difficult for Marcos Junior to get and achieved what he want’s unlike when the elder Marcos was still alive they can mandate whatever they want, because they are unchallenged, those days are gone. BBM to make assumptions that today is just like what it was before the days of the elder MARCOS Hay Days he better wake up in his day dreaming. BBM and family hates the communist, and Duterte is a leftest, even if BBM succeeded in rigging the VP from ROBREDO, He had to go through and kill Digong to get hes plans done of taking over the Presidency and continue the unfinished work of his father and bring back Imelda’s plundreing the country’s treasures. Thus BBM has the capability and power todo that? that remains a big ???? BBM & Familys along with the ultrarich people in the country, their time is numbered as soon as Duterte takes power with communist in his cabinet, things and life in the Phliippines will be a new history!

      • Chico Ibarra on

        Regardless, the nation knows that a Leni win is marred with suspicion of fraud.

    9. and the international experts are all CIA operatives? hehehehe

      Indeed, this andy is a character. He does not trust his kababayan and would rather put the future of our country in the hands of foreigners? Does he not know that anyone who can plant an ILOVEYOU virus which wrecked havoc on computer systems deemed “unbreakable” by US government agencies must be better than all the so-called “international experts”? Well, it is already a Harvard case study that the Filipino mind is better than all the minds of other race because of its capability for lateral thinking. The Filipino mind is capable of thinking always out of the box compared to so many other race which will always think like that of a horse whose blinders prevent them from having a 180 degree peripheral vision. The practice of “palusot” is reflective of the mind which is always thinking a way out of a roadblock. Ask any aremikan or british executive in workplaces in the middle east and they would say that the Filipino engineer can always think of a solution to any engineering “problem” which other race can not think of. Pag ang utak ng Pinoy ang nagsuspetsa, tandaan na laging tama ang suspetsa ng Pinoy. Di nga ba pag nagsuspetsa si mister na may kalaguyo si misis o meron ibang papa si gf ay lagi itong tama? Tama ang suspetsa ng pinoy na dinaya ang bilang ni bonget.

    10. independent outsIde the country preferably from USA, non Filipinos. BBM would like to use his IT people so they could manipulate and doctor the program to his advantage, BBM is so clever and just like his deceased father the greatest manipulator and and cheater of all time. Nobody can trust the Marcos FAMILY, They never even trust themselves.

      • Jesus i.yago on

        They are asking all IT experts to take part under the supervision of the poll body..so whats the problem there.