It isn’t Grace who’s running, but a ghost of FPJ as ‘Panday’


The backers of Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares – mainly former President Estrada, with his old shadowy Chinese-Filipino businessmen barkada, especially plastics king William Gatchalian – would of course, have rejoiced over her strong showing in the recent presidential voter-preference polls. I’d bet Estrada uncorked last night the vintage Petrus wines he hid somewhere and has a hell of a hangover now.

However, as a nation, we should be deeply concerned that out of the 29 percent who picked Llamanzares as their presidential bet, nearly half of them, or 45 percent, are deeply deluded that they are choosing not the mestiza balikbayan, but someone they believe is the daughter of that fictional movie hero “Panday” her father Fernando Poe, Jr. portrayed in his movies.

This is not my conjecture but a logical conclusion based on data.

The survey published in the Manila Standard yesterday, done by Mr. Pedro Laylo, Jr. , did the nation a service by releasing information on the reasons respondents gave for their choices of President for this country.

The top four reasons (translated from the survey’s Filipino into English) mentioned by the respondents for choosing Llamanzares, which make up 75 percent of the 11 reasons given are as follows (emphasis mine):

The percentages for each of the 11 reasons listed total 101, which indicates that the survey asked respondents to each give only one reason for choosing Llamanzares.

The first reason given (“I want to try her administration”) is a reasonable response, although it is an indication of Filipinos’ disgust with the present government; that they want to try someone new, even if that means somebody who hardly has the right qualifications for the job.


What is astonishing, and so detached from reality, however, are three reasons cited by those who chose Llamanzares, which account for 45 percent of the reasons given: “She might try to continue the good work of her father,” “She is a kind person like her father who was close to poor;” and “she might fulfill the promises of her late father.”


The “good work” of her father was in being a super action-star, and in the box-office success of the movies he starred in, which made him rich. “FPJ” was never known to be “close to the poor,” nor even interested in politics and civic duty. He was even an introvert, whose social life almost entirely was limited to beer-drinking sessions with close buddies in some Class-B Chinese restaurant he preferred. He was really somebody who just made lucrative action-movies, and minded his own business, unlike his bosom buddy Estrada, who went into politics as early as 1969.

It wasn’t FPJ who was “close to the poor,” but the movie persona of Panday, or that jeepney driver in his many movies who defied the rich, or some other similar hero roles. Civic duty, even for political purposes, just wasn’t FPJ’s cup of tea, and he didn’t even claim so.

It isn’t clear at all what promises FPJ made that Llamanzares is supposed to fulfill, as he hardly made speeches when he was a presidential candidate in 2004 and even avoided interviews with the press who wanted to find out what his platform was.

Let’s face it. It wasn’t really FPJ who got 37 percent of the votes in the 2004 elections, less than Gloria Arroyo’s 40 percent. They voted for Panday and the other hero-of-the-masses roles FPJ portrayed.

Grace is amazing with her front-runner ratings? Not really. The total 101 percent of all percentages for the reasons listed indicates a rounding-off of the numbers as the survey asked respondents to each give only one reason for their choice.

This means that out of the 29 percent of those who picked Llamanzares, 45 percent chose her for unreal reasons – that she is like her father, or she will fulfill her father’s promises. But the “father” here is not FPJ, but the character Panday, or those other hero-roles her father portrayed.

This means if those who comprise the 45 percent realize when they wake up from their deep delusion that they are confusing Llamanzares with the daughter of a fictional Panday, only 16 percent (55 percent of the 29 percent) will vote for her, i.e., for real reasons such as ‘they want a new face.’ That would rank her behind Binay and Roxas, who each had 22 percent.

I would think that toward elections, these deluded Filipinos would wake up from their never-never land. A single scandal that would reveal her real personality would tear asunder the illusion that she is Panday’s princess.

It isn’t really Grace Llamanzares, the mestiza balikbayan, who is topping the polls, but the ghost of FPJ as the hero Panday.

Do you think a person has integrity if she aims for the highest post of the land by exploiting the masses’ confusion of the real and the reel? At least her father was motivated by loyalty to a bosom friend, to free him from prison. What is it for Llamanzares, other than ego or money?

In 2004, it was “Panday for President”. This year, it’s “Panday’s foundling.”

Reasons for the other candidates
Following are the reasons given by those who chose Binay, Roxas, or Duterte, instead of Poe. Note the huge 42 percent of respondents who picked Roxas because he promised to carry on Aquino’s conditional-cash-transfer program, and the 52 percent who favored Duterte for his strong anti-crime stance.



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  1. It will ironic after 30 years the offspring of F.Marcos will rule the Philippines if Grace Poe and Bongbong Marcos will win in the coming election. The sibling will rule for 6 long years.

  2. This is the bottom line either you like it or not,,,,, if Grace Poe is disqualified, Jejomar Binay will be our next president. That is what will happen 100 percent. Scary .

  3. Grace Poe cannot claim to represent FPJ as the latter during his lifetime did not officially introduce Grace Poe to the public.

  4. Our SC Justices are confusing the mind of the people. They focus on the Fondling issue well in fact the real issue is the Citizenship of Dis Grace. As SC Justices they must uphold and protect the Constitution. As per our Constitution if you re-acquire a Citizenship you are no longer a Natural Born Citizen but you are a Naturalizes Citizen. This is clear stated on our Constitution even elementary can easily understand the meaning stated on our Constitution. I don’t know why our SC Justices tackle on the real issue and issue is the Citizenship, they just confusing the mind of our people.

  5. Anong pinagsasabi nitong si Grace Poe na ipagpapatuloy ang gawa ng kanayang kinagisnang ama…eh lasenggero yung gunggong na yun. Ayyyy naku mga manloloko talaga ang mga tao, para maiboto lang! Tsk tsk tsk!

  6. Kahit ano pa sabihin nyo…. BOBOTANTE RULES in Philippine politics.. Kaya puro low quality ang mga politicians natin dahil sa mag pesteng majority Filipino BOBOTANTE!!!

  7. People forgot the fact the Fernando Poe was just a high school dropout who could not even articulate his opinion on many issues!! Could you imagine what a President he could have been?

    I blame the people who were behind him pushing his candidacy: Estrada, the elder Angara and the others- they are deserving of our disdain!!!

    And now we have this foundling with no achievements or qualifications to be president!! God help us.

  8. @ RT

    BOY SISI’s LP splinter group (Ochoa, Belmonte,/PLAN B) are working under the radar for Grace Poe.

    They are moving heaven and earth to influence the Supreme Court to allow Grace Poe to run as candidate for president. They may just as well succeed in doing so – all the justices have to do (if they have the Magic 8 number) is continue with the tedious and repetitive oral arguments in order to delay the proceedings until election day. The justices do not need to vote on it. They will let the people, the electorate to cast their vote and decide the issue.

    Soon, ERAP will come out openly for Grace. This will divide the El Shaddai and the Iglesia votes.

    Grace Poe without a doubt possesses the gift of gab. Marcos genes? Perhaps.

    BOY SISI, the son of Ninoy Aquino conniving with GRACE POE – the illegitimate child of APO Ferdinand to succeed him as president? Ponder that!

    FEAR of incarceration. A desperate half-man holding on to desperate measures.

    • SC appointees (defenders of Grace Poe) of BOY SISI:

      1. CJ Sereno
      2. Leonen
      3. Jardeleza
      4. Caguioa

      Who else?

  9. Leodegardo Pruna on

    GRACE has disgraced herself too much and continues to disgrace herself by insisting and twisting the Philippine Constitution for her own good. The new member in the Supreme Court (Jardeleza) is siding with her by saying that the Comelec erred in its decision to disqualify Grace for not considering “facts” in the life of Grace. But is not the Philippine Constitution a fact which defines who are eligible to become president. Definitely, not a foundling who is a citizen but naturalized and not a natural-born citizen. Some members of the Supreme Court simply have a wrong notion of loyalty and debt. And, the country is slowly moving towards becoming a LAWLESS nation. God save the Philippines. God bless the Philippines.

  10. kapag nanalo si Grace Poe for sure ako hindi makakalabas ng kulungan si GMA yun amo ni Mr. Tiglao kaya panay makaBinay ang mga PRO GMA kinakabahan silang di namakakalabas ng kulungayn yun amo nila

  11. “I want to try his/her government” = UNDECIDED. None among Binay supporter say’s “I want to try ……”. The reason why Binay has consistent high rating, No matter what. Binay supporters had already decided.
    G. Poe supporter is 30% “I want to try ……” UNDECIDED.
    Duterte and Roxas supporters are 13% “I want to try…..” Undecided.
    Therefore name recall Poe is convenient excuse for those who have not truly chosen yet as shown by her 30% “I want to try …. ” UNDECIDED. G. Poe has no real voters with conviction or in truth G. Poe is near zero vote comes election day. And when the others wake up that she is not the “Panday”. Poe will be zero vote on time of casting true vote. Kawawa naman ang gumastos sa kanya. Asa na lang sa PCOS magic ng LP Oligarchy

  12. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    09 Feb. 2016

    It is of course quite premature to seriously consider GRACE POE LLAMANZARES as the next President of the Philippines, given the fact that it is quite possible that the Supreme Court MAY affirm the decision of the COMELEC to disqualify her from being a candidate for president on two constitutional grounds:1] that she is not a natural-born Filipino citizen, and 2] that she is not in compliance with the 10-year residency requirements.

    But this Supreme Court is not world-famous for ruling on the basis of the Constitution and the Laws, as shown clearly by its recent decision to allow JUAN PONCE ENRILE, who is charged with the NON-BAILABLE crime of Plunder, to post bail on–get this!–“humanitarian grounds!”

    “Humanitarian grounds” because JPE is 92 years old? And is assumed to be frail, sickly and no longer ambulatory? And is in urgent need of being rushed to the Emergency Room of the nearest hospital?

    First of all, “humanitarian grounds”cannot be the proper and legal basis for freeing on bail a person who is charged with a NON-BAILABLE crime. There is no such thing and so, it is obvious that this Court acted in grave abuse of its discretion, or with an act “ultra vires.”

    Secondly, as if to mock the Supreme Court, JPE was not rushed to the ER of the nearest hospital after he was freed on bail. He lost no time proclaiming that he would forthwith reassume his former position as Minority Leader of the Senate! Which is exactly what he has done.

    That precedent gives me reason to fear that this Supreme Court may altogether ignore the Comelec’s decision to disqualify her on those two constitutional grounds and choose instead to “legislate from the bench” and thus “act with grave abuse of discretion” yet again.


  13. FPJ was known by the poor as a very kind person who was giving and selfless.
    I believe the people are supporting Grace because they see those qualities in her too.
    They can see she has a genuine concern for the masses.

    It’s Grace Poe who’s running, not the ghost that you mentioned. The millenials like me hardly know about Panday, so we are not voting for his ghost, we are voting for the credibility of grace poe.

    • Parang pelicula nga! Ang bayan Pilipinas ginagawang showbiz. Kaya nagkakagulo lahat ng bagay, puro artista ang nilalagay sa puesto.

    • Remember the time when in a fit of intoxication, FPJ shot those lamp posts in Caloocan City and it became national news and it was only Jojo who came to his rescue? Anyone who has been long in the movie industry knows that in fits of inebriations during shootings, he would always beat any of the crew black and blue and leave him several wads of bills later in order for the victim of his tantrums to pay for hospital bills. That is the persona of the guy everyone calls FPJ. This is the persona this Grace may have inherited which she is keeping away from the public? Oh, sorry, Grace was never the biological daughter.

    • Roger, avid fan ka pala nung adoptive erpat ni Amerikanang Grace. Matanong ko lng: ano pruweba no na maka-poor si FPJ?Dahil ba sa mga ‘bida’ role nya sa pelikula? Nadala ka pala ng acting nya. At pano mo nalaman na na kay Grace ung mga sinasabi mong mga katangian ni FPJ na ‘a very kind person who was giving and selfless’, na hindi nga nya KADUGO kahit KATITING. NABIYAYAAN KA BA NIYA?

  14. In short those who wants Grace P. Llamanzares as President are those who likes a life of pure imagination and those who wants to live in a never-never world of the Wizard of OZ. Patay ang gobyerno natin dito.

  15. I dont think so, Bobby.Grace Poe is for real not reel. Unlike her father who have never seen a voucher she is a college graduate from US and her short stint in the senate although not sterling proves she is sincere in doing her job. Most important of all she carries no baggage of corruption, a fresh start to replace this stinking administration. Indeed,she is clever enough to use Panday FPJ as her vehicle in topping the senatorial elections. But is this not the kind of politics that characterize this forsaken land? nothing but pure entertainment that you do not know whether to laugh or cry. Sorting out the presidential candidates, a honest and thinking voter like you will come to a conclusion that she is the least evil among them. I pray that she will not be disqualified to change the balance of equation in the coming presidential election.

    • Then wny is she banking on her father’s popularity and this ‘sympathy for the dead’ phenomena in Philippine politics if she thinks she has the qualifications and can stand on her own?

  16. But that is essentially how elections are won in Philippine politics. Cory became president out of sympathy for the assassination of Ninoy Aquino. The son Abnoy capitalized on the death of Cory, his mother. Grace Poe could not run away from that phenomenon of sympathy votes. The same way that Leni Robredo was lured into accepting the VP slot to honor the late DILG chief. It is always a winning card! What else is new?