Italian pharma giant, local urologists join hands for PE


A. Menarini Philippines (AMP), the local affiliate of the world’s largest Italian pharmaceutical company, recently joined hands with the Philippine Urological Association (PUA) to increase awareness about premature ejaculation (PE) – a common problem that affects one in three men.

“This is the most common male sexual disorder, even more prevalent than erectile dysfunction. Yet because of the social stigma attached to PE, very few couples and even fewer men dare speak about it,” said PUA President Dr. Ulysses Quanico.

“The PUA is pleased to partner with AMP in bringing out into the open a condition long considered a taboo subject. By increasing awareness on PE, we aim to encourage Filipino couples struggling with the problem to seek medical help so that they can regain control of their relationship,” said PUA Vice President Dr. Jaime Songco.

Men typically experience orgasm and expel semen within 4 to 8 minutes after the start of sexual intercourse. PE occurs when a man is unable to control or delay ejaculation on or shortly after vaginal penetration, resulting in short latency time and decreased sexual satisfaction, as well as personal distress and interpersonal difficulty. PE can put a heavy emotional burden on a man, producing strong feelings of shame, inferiority, low self-esteem and inadequacy, particularly for failing to satisfy his partner.

“While it directly affects men, PE is a couple’s problem. PE negatively impacts a woman’s sexual satisfaction leading to a breakdown in the couple’s relationship,” Songco noted.

PE negatively affects intimacy and leaves couples feeling there is “something missing” in their relationship. Men with PE are often reluctant to discuss their condition or are in denial. Fearing they would hurt the man’s feelings, women avoid raising the topic. This communication gap hinders PE diagnosis and treatment. Left untreated, PE can cause relationship stress.

Quanico pointed out that PE is different from ED. “In ED, the man cannot achieve or maintain an erection. In PE, the man may have normal erection but lacks control in ejaculation. ED is most common among older men, while PE cuts across a wide range of age group affecting men 18 to 65 years old.”

“Dapoxetine, an innovative drug specifically developed to treat PE, will soon be available in the Philippines. Combined with psychological and relationship counseling, Dapoxetine can help men and their partners regain control of their intimacy and relationship,” said Dr. Maria Carolina De Quiroz, AMP medical affairs director. For more information about PE, visit or e-mail


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