It’s Abad stupid!

Ma. Lourdes N. Tiquia

Ma. Lourdes N. Tiquia

WAshington D.C.: By the time this gets printed, the Federal government will probably be shutdown since the US budget didn’t pass. The first after 17 years. A continuing resolution was issued by the House but the Senate will be back only Monday afternoon. The interesting quid pro quo happened, budget or Obamacare was the proposition considered. Obamacare is already a law but Republicans would want to defer, if not totally scrap it. The next best wedge is the federal budget and last minute backroom negotiations may not result in a bipartisan consensus. Shutdown begins Monday (September 30) midnight.

From afar, I reread the speech of Mr. Jinggoy Estrada, the changing responses of Mr. Frank Drilon, the unbelievable claims of Mr. Butch Abad and the biting response of Sen. Joker Arroyo. These days I would rather use the generic Mr. than Senator or Honorable for in my book trust is at its lowest now. It’s in a political free fall. Sen. Joker though is deserving for deciding to engage than walk away even while he has retired. Then there is the implications to be read from the CCTV footage that Napoles lawyer Lorna Kapunan released before media. We want the truth, right? But can we handle the truth?

Why would a group of amateurs think that Filipinos are stupid? Immediately after the 3rd SONA the country has gone spinning all directions and yet three percolating issues were not even discussed in the SONA. Saan nanggagaling ang kakapalan ng mukha ninyo para lokohin ang taong bayan? Inekon, PDAF and smuggling in Customs. Inekon now is the ambassador’s word and Vitangcol’s threat; PDAF is a continuing striptease pinning key opposition leaders, hitting two of the Three Kings and smuggling has been swept under the rug with the the so called reassignments.

COA has released partially the audit for 2007-2009, the P10B of Napoles but the GOCCs remain pending and so as with 2011-2012. COA is also set to release the 23B Malampaya fund and we await, again in suspended animation, the audit of the 1.10B Corona-impeachment related discretionary releases. And we are not even touching Godofredo Roque’s tentacles and still unnamed syndicates prowling the House of Representatives.

Whoever thought and designed the pork offensive surely got rid of so many obstacles along the way to 2016. But since the design was too centric to some characters, the operators are not left with enough elbow room and predetermined exit strategies to reap benefits from it; just like the results of 2013.There, the total number of votes is a runaway total that cannot be supported by historical precedence in terms of turn out and simple addition of results.

The alphabet soup of discretionary funds increases day-to-day. Now there is DAP or Disbursement Acceleration Program. In explaining this fund, Abad said he is releasing the information for transparency purposes. Why 20 Senators were given additional funds and how they used it were left to the readers’ imagination. DAP was said to be formulated in 2011 to “ramp up spending and help accelerate economic expansion.” Now the executive branch is saying spending from legislature speeds up economic expansion? Which is which? With PDAF, they question the identification of projects as already implementation? With DAP, what do you call their reasoning? The timing is also questionable. Timing of releases were made last quarter of 2012 but two got theirs earlier in August 2012. So please pray tell me, how can senators “accelerate economic expansion” when re-electionists filed their Certificate of Candidacies in October 2012. How can they accelerate when there is a public works ban because of the campaigns that started February 2013. Abad is in quicksand here.

Then Abad said the releases came from Personnel Services and Unprogramed funds.
PS is achieved from Accretion Law and rationalization of positions In the bureaucracy. Imagine PS to be used for discretionary? Shouldn’t those be savings and be realigned before usage? Unprogramed funds are realized depending on collections. I smell presidential pork there.

Then Abad said DAP “will boost government spending” so I ask how? DAP will “expand the economy” so again I ask how? And hold on to your sits . . . ”it led to growth from 3.6% to 6-7%.” Madre mia, so the Legislative Branch is now the engine of economic growth? Handling it a lot better than the Executive Branch or contributing more than the combined strength of the OFW remittance? A bad explanation!
Abad further explains with the matching “tigas ng mukha” that DAP is “valuable fiscal tool for accelerating government spending and the delivery of goods and services to the people, not as an instrument of political coercion.” So, please release more Information on how DAP was used and let the taxpayers decide if indeed there was delivery of needed goods and needed services. Accelerating government spending is a given in discretionary spending, you know that Mr. Abad!

If indeed Abad was concerned about transparency, then he should have done so before the privilege speech of Mr. Estrada. If indeed the senators wanted a clean bill of health, they should have disclosed the information even before the Estrada speech.

They should have revealed receiving additional pork before the Blue Ribbon seriously tacked pork. Now that the Pandora box is open, explaining is an afterthought; writing a script smacks of doublespeak and we are all stupid.

As Madonna starts a revolution, a 17 minute movie on FOI, Abad prevaricates. The ideologue and brain thrust of this administration has resulted in total betrayal of public trust. I used to have a high regard of Abad. Today, he is a bad dream that we need to shake off for all the obvious reasons.Sad.


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  1. I am so ashamed to be a Filipino these days. I want to puke. I want to run away and hide my face from view by non- Filipinos. I cannot be proud of who we are because we as a people, are dyed deep yellow with cowardice; we are also morally bankrupt. Our very own leaders are so thick-faced and are boldly and arrogantly showing it to us and to the world that a scandal of such magnitude as we see today, where they are caught red-handed with their dirty hands full of money while they run laughing their merry way to the bank, are not touched with shame, not even an iota of shame. While we, the cowards, the victims of their thievery, rant and talk and talk, hold little rallies, but do nothing more. Can the reason behind this indifference be that we share something in common with our big-time thieves, for which reason we somehow see their stealing as a justifiable act? Or are we so afraid of them? If not, why do we merely rant and talk and talk?

  2. “Acting” &/or “Looking Stupid”…, can, sometimes be, an advantage…,
    specially when answering questions that “one does not want to be asked”.

  3. It is not prudent to try to make sense of what the politicos (including those in the administration) are offering as excuses or explanations. It would only dignify such lame excuses that clearly indicate the politicos’ underlying belief that the Filipinos are gullible … idiots!

    It is better to marshall the resources of the traditional and social media to just banner the names and the shenanigans of those who betrayed the trust given to the by the people! Let things speak for themselves. And make sure that the names of those involved will never again be elected to government positions.

    Probably, the greatest benefit the people can get out of this political tragedy is the realization that through responsible media and the power of the internet, the people can now more proactively make their elected leaders accountable to them.

  4. Mia Faustmann on

    I never knew the raison d’etre of the Liberal Party was to be LIBERAL with our tax money straight into their pockets!!!!!! Also heard through the grapevine that the Liberal Party wants to remain in power for the next 18 years at least…….. imagine the estimated PHP3.7 billion used to bribe the Liberal party and their allies to impeach Corona aside from the out of pocket expenses for robes, merienda, etc……..Zamboanga will get PHP 3.8 billion for rehab….

  5. Arctic-thunder-storm on

    They are DEFENSIVE because they are GUILTY..Filipinos must open their eyes to see who are these corrupt tongressmen and senatong so that they must not be elected again…they are CANCER to the SOCIETY! Vote wisely and intelligently this coming election. We need changes for improvement and development of our country.Let us be united as one and make this country a better and a great country again

  6. You are absolutely right. Filipinos are not that stupid but unfortunately most of our people in government are. By the way, corruption is universal and it also happening in the US. Like in the US Congress both Democrat and Republican are mudslinging and so are we. People who have political leaning tends to be attracted and inclined to throw mud. Definitely most Filipinos understand what is happening on his sorroundings and knows who is telling the truth.
    Unfortunately, a number of Filipinos with low level of education which are often caused by poverty are seen as a factor which encourages corrupt government practices. With lack of understanding people are not informed as to how the government works or what rights they have under the government. It is easier for corrupt officials to hide corrupt activities from a poorly educated public. Uneducated people are less likely to be aware of corruption in local governments or how to stop it, and therefore, corruption is able to remain and spread. Without some kind of political awareness, people will not know which candidates to elect that are honest or dishonest or other ways to prevent corruption from taking place in their town, cities and provinces. This often leads their localities to be continually governed by one or more corrupt local officials who use patronage or nepotistic practices to stay in office or keep influence in the government for long periods of time. The other problem is that our political leaders are also less educated, lacks moral values and corrupt, they will be less likely to find legitimate ways to make the country well-structured, productive, and successful.

  7. Dapat mag resign si Abad o di kaya mag Hyatt 10 again ang kapal talaga ng mukha niyo . Dapat lahat ng involve na senators/congressmen pag nagsimba at nag communion sana ang Pari hindi sila bigyan ng communion.

  8. Pinoy Makabayan on

    Salamat at namumulat na ang mga mata niyo. Ang iba sa amin, noon pa naaamoy ang baho ng baboy coral na mga yan! Sana ma consciencia ang mga congressman at senador. Bilang pakita ng pagsisisi. Huwag na sa aming taong bayan, sa harap ng Diyos na lang, kung may takot pa kayo sa Diyos. Come out clean na. Confess and God will forgive you…but you must have an honest to goodness repentance and turn around. Ibalik niyo ang mga ninakaw niyo, sampu ng interes dito, at ISUPLONG! ITURO niyo ang tunay na MASTERMIND DITO! Impeach, dahil yan ang makatarungan! Hindi niyo man matakasan ang paghuhukom ng tao, sigurado namang makakaligtas kayo sa Paghuhukom mg Diyos na siyang makakapagpadala sa inyo sa “tuwid na daan” patungong impierno. Choose and choose wisely!

  9. I have a question, why did senators even want any of the pdaf fund. Now it might sound a stupid question but if its true as they said they just passed it onto other agencies to implement it then why do they want access to the funds. They say they dont know where the funds were going to. Surely if you want to use this fund you would know exactly what you want to use it for so if you dont then again i ask why do you want it in the first place. Just let other agencies apply to government for monies & then they have to be accountable for it. Now i will give my answer as to why i think they want the fund, its purely & simply to get their fair share ( as they see it ) of it in their own bank accounts, that is the only reason. & you are right & i said this only recently myself, why are these people called honourable, they are all dishonourable. Yes they are educated & probably very clever but they poison & corrupt above & beyond what we think of as corrupt. They say they believe in god, well i dont but im more honest & Christian like in my actions & deeds than they will ever be. If there is a hell ( & i dont believe there is ) but if there is surely guys like these will be heading straight there.

  10. The only way to save this country is, another “People Power Revolution” and change
    the form of government to “Parliamentary System of Government”. The Makati rally on October should be supported by all Filipinos. Imagine spending billions of the the peoples money to oust “Chief Justice Corona”. What kind of “tuwid na daan is this?
    What kind of “walang corrupt walang mahirap”.

  11. very well thought out and well presented. but…what is next????myself….the biggest problem is the fourth state…….the media. the country’s media is swamped with idiots and fools. instead of investigative journalism to tell the truth to the people we have an envelopmental journalism. this doesn’t even qualify as cancer in society, the country
    as a whole is in the final second of it’s life. it is near death situation. and if we don’t infuse fresh blood to the country’s leadership and governance this corruption in every level of the government knows no boundaries.


    we need to have a revolution in whatever form to stop this politicians from holding office.

  12. main architects of the pork barrel scam including the corona bribe are ROxAS and ABAD, in preparation for 2016 presidential elections