It’s Binay D-Day: How to tell the people there won’t be elections?


WHEN Vice President Jejomar C. Binay takes the stage in his proclamation rally tonight, he shall have been a battle-scarred warrior, worn and weary, wounded and bleeding, but fighting on, urging to win.

Jojo will win, no doubt about it. All factors of victory are in his favor. Surveys come and go, now he’s up, now he drops, but whether down or up, his core numbers stay.

Sure, he pays attention to survey results, but he maintains the ultimate survey is the casting of votes on election day. And one little noted aspect about Jojo is that he has never lost in an election.

And if the current presidential contest were a one-on-one with Liberal Party bet Mar Roxas, then Jojo enjoys the great advantage of having already once beaten his foe.

In one article, I cited historical patterns to bolster my contention that Jojo is the guy history has destined to prevail among the contending presidential candidates. No vice president who ran for president has lost, namely Vice President Joseph Ejercito Estrada who won President in 1998 and Vice President Diosdado Macapagal who beat the incumbent President Carlos P. Garcia earlier in 1961. To somebody’s citation of Vice President Salvador P. Laurel ending up at the cellar of the presidential contest in 1992, won by then DND Secretary Fidel V. Ramos, I argued, which was not contested, that Laurel was a non-elected vice president, just as Cory was a non-elected vice-president, and so both of them did not fit into this reckoning, which is election.

We may then reiterate for emphasis, no vice president who ran for president ever lost.

Another pattern I cited is that of a mayor rising to President after first becoming vice president. This was true in the case of Erap. Jojo was mayor of Makati for three terms then became vice president afterward. That being the case, like Erap, where else will he go but upward to President?

All the above are bare facts, void of embellishments.

And all point to the fact that Vice President Jejomar C. Binay is the man who would be the next Philippine President.

But notice the verb, “would.” It is in the subjunctive mood, meaning conditional. It is a recognition of the fact that Jojo’s winning is conditioned on the coming presidential elections being fair, clean and honest. Otherwise, Jojo will lose.

Recognizing this eventuality early on, Vice President Binay had taken pains to gather numbers approximating his actual performance come election day. This will not guarantee that the numbers so gathered will reflect a hundred percent the actual votes he will generate during the election, but they will surely reflect cheating if there is one.

Jojo went on record declaring, “Kung dinaya tayo pero panalo pa rin tayo sa bilang, okay na. Pero pag dinaya tayo at tayo ay natalo, mamamatay na ako, lalabanan ko ang kanilang pandaraya.”

This to us should be most fearsome. Jojo’s winning is a big IF: if there is fair, clean and honest election. If there is none such, Jojo will strive just the same to counter the cheat and achievc a win. If I were the cheat, would I let Jojo reach that far where he will combat my cheating? I’d do him in first off.

This is the peril Jojo must overcome – the danger of being, in military parlance, “neutralized” early on.

Hasn’t this, in fact, what the enemy been doing to him the minute he made known his intention to seek the highest post of the land some two years back? Neutralize. That’s when Trillianes, in cahoots with Mercado et al, began the demolition job at the Senate with their accusations of graft and corruption against Jojo. After 25 hearings over a period of more than a year, Trillianes, Mercado and company have not proven anything about those accusations. What the hearings accomplished was the demonizing Jojo suffered in the eyes of the public as a result. The obvious intention was to discourage him from seeking the presidency.

But Jojo, steeped in the sterling tradition of courage and patriotism that were the hallmark of the First Quarter Storm, proved far greater than his physical size. For every blow he received, he delivered a more telling counterpunch. The Batangas property played up by Trillianes in the media as Binay’s asyenda, for instance, was revealed to be owned by somebody else; the condominium unit identified in the Senate hearing as belonging to Jojo was exposed to be actually possessed by a cousin of Mercado; and the much-publicized alleged overpricing of the Makati City Hall Building 2 was ruled by the Supreme Court as untrue.

Toward the period of filing of certificate of candidacy, Jojo was a much-battered man, but he showed up at the Palacio del Gobernador Heneral Comelec offices and filed his COC. To which his enemy immediately countered with the Ombudsman finding probable cause for graft charges filed there against him. The lawyer that he is, Jojo kept his cool. He knew they could not file charges against him. His enemy knew it, too. The Ombudsman ruling was one more publicity stunt meant to demean Jojo further and send him down to his knees. Jojo stayed standing.

And now the Binay D-Day. At the Welfareville in Mandaluyong City he will call it “All in!” What will he make of his proclamation rally? An occasion for reiterating his defenses against the Trillianes attacks? A good great bulk of the nation has already seen through the Trillianes façade, barking as a Malacañang attack dog. The discredited rebel soldier would be better left undignified with further reply.

What the Binay government will be is something not quite ventilated yet among the people. Their needs are basic: jobs for the jobless, cure for the sick, education for the youth, care for the elderlies, end to poverty, better life for all.

“Maginhawang Buhay Para Sa Lahat Ng Pilipino!”

The people have faith that Vice President Binay is sincere in these respects and they’d be glad to help him get all these through.

But Jojo must be candid enough to warn the people that certain forces are at work to frustrate all these simply by ensuring that he does not become president. These forces have an agenda of their own for the next president to follow. They must make sure that the next president is their amboy. Otherwise they’d rather not have elections at all.

No elections!
Now, that’s the ultimate cheat. How would it come about? And how would Jojo fight it to death?

That’s what Vice President Binay needs to tell the people tonight.

That is, if he lives through the night to tell it.


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  1. Despite of all the attacks against him and his family, Binay still remains to be the strongest contender for the presidency. A weaker one would have disintegregated under the weight of relentless attacks orchestrated by the demagouges of daang pilipit. Which proves only the hollowness of the malacanang attack dogs. Binay is my guy. Not unless cheated, Binay will win. But if cheated, may God have mercy on us.

  2. please note that the netizens is the silent majority… it has no payola and nobody controls the minds of these people…We are in democratic country right???

  3. i dont think binay will win this coming election.. have you check the survey of netizeens?? Binay is far from MDS who is leading at the netizens survey esp FB..
    please note that netizens is free . this is a volunteer for surveying..

  4. By the time the investigation for his corruption is complete he’ll be down 1% on Pulse Asia Survey.
    The best for him is to encourage his children not to enter politics.

  5. The same old story, here is another guy helping a corrupt guy attain power in the Philippines. There is charge after charge or allegation after allegation being made against this guy & you do not address it. Then when or if people vote for him you may ask why did they vote for him. Let me tell you the masses look for help in who to chose & why.
    My take as a foreigner is all of the Binays are corrupt, they also want a political dynasty as its so much easier then being corrupt. He has never answered once these allegations with any evidence just smoke & mirrors, you know a little like cj corona. He spoke for a couple of hours on how thrifty he has always been & how he invested in the dollar, huh what was that all about. Its evidence you need to show where that P180,000,000 came from & the same with the Binays. Answer the allegations, show evidence but do not try to baffle us with waffle as i for one wont listen to it nor be fooled by it.

    • You must have a good interest in philipines politics to know all of these stories,,Binay,Corona etc etc,then claiming that you are a foreigner,which foreign country from?,,theres probably no dirty politics from where you came from,and to talk like as if you have the proof all about it,,foreigner huh?

  6. really no doubt binay will win? how come? are you an idiot or asshole, even FPJ last time they said he will win for sure. I know you are an avid supporter of binay maybe included in payroll, but don’t mislead the electorate.

  7. asungot na pinoy on

    The history pattern of Philippine election that “No Vice-President that ran for President ever lost” might change soon. However, if his money frozen by the government, some 11P Billion, is released before election, Binay will surely win the presidential election, and that is plain and simple. At 500P per vote? the 11P Billion will guarantee his presidency and he should be able to recuperate that amount and more in the next 6 years. We may not like it, but Binay is a lawyer, businessman, and mathematician.

  8. Once in a while, It is heartwarming to read a good unadulterated view regarding VP Binay. Only Binay,the patriot, can genuinely proclaim he can understand how it feels to be really a common man. With that, Jojo certainly has the interest of the common people. They will support him come election day. Roxas,Abnoy,trilyanes,drilon,,all LP are pseudo nationalist who are only concerned about their social status rather than the country. Thank you Mr. Samonte.

  9. For VP Binay, it is important that he clear up his name on his corruption charges first before aspiring to be the President of this nation. If he decides to be quiet and not answer these charges, it will be impossible for Filipinos to trust and vote for him. As we can see , he is in his low 20 percentage points. Gerry Limlinngan and Baloloy is nowhere to be found. The AMLAC disclosure of billion of pesos were transferred from Binay bank account to other foreign country is another charge that needs an answer. I do not personally know VP Binay but the various charges show that he is corrupt. Show us that you are not corrupt by answering these charges and showing up in the senate hearings .

  10. Mr.Samonbte, I agree with you that no Vice President has lost in their Presidential bid but unlike VP Binay they were not facing corruption charges left and right, front and rear before being elected to the Presidency.

  11. Magnasee B Inay on

    How much “payola” or money did Binay pay you to write a column, positive about Binay everyday? Or what job did Binay promised you if he wins the presidential elections? Your forecast of Binay winning the presidential elections will NOT happen for millions of Filipino voters are praying to save the Philippines from the corrupt family of Binay. Why don’t you just ask your boss Binay to explain his unexplained wealth by the billions of dollars in court NOW so that he will defend himself. If found NOT guilty then I will vote for him?

    If these remarks will be deleted by the columnist or MT, then it is true that you are under the payroll of Binay.

    • If there are accusations that he has stolen billions, the burden of proof lies with the accuser. Unfortunately, the troika of the three stooges has not come out with a bank statement showing unequivocably those billions and its provenance – from whom it was stolen, from what transaction it came from nor the paper trail before landing in the accounts. C’mon hilo, konting isip lang and just don’t mouth what Cuckold Aki, Chismiz Queen Alan or Anton Yu continuously rant in their zarzuela.