It’s final: Cudia will not graduate from PMA


BAGUIO CITY: Cadet First Class Aldrin Jeff Cudia, the honor student who was dismissed for supposedly lying, is not graduating from the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) on Sunday.
In an official statement released on Saturday, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said Cudia “will not graduate tomorrow, without prejudice to whatever will be the result of their new appeal, which is now elevated to the CSAFP whom the President directed to investigate.”
Gazmin said President Benigno Aquino 3rd met with the family of Cudia on Saturday and “heard them out.”
“They had appeals, requests, and also raised some issues. We made sure that they were given the opportunity to air their side,” he said.
“We recommended that they formalize their appeal, requests, and other concerns in writing,” he added.
Cudia, who would have graduated salutatorian for PMA Class “Siklab Diwa of 2014”, was recommended for dismissal from the Cadet Corps for violating the honor code for lying about why he was late for a class.



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  1. it is better not to graduate than to be with all those who march after which will be BAD EGGS in the AFP. i will never forget those generals garcia, reyes et al who enriched themselve at the expense of the taxpaying filipinos 95% of all these graduates will be as more than CORRUPT than their predecessors then. so what is the meaning of HONOR CODE then?????

  2. Siony Camacho Bana on

    PMA cadet Cudia is entitled to Magna Carta students rights to due process . and they have to abide by the law.

  3. Maybe cudia should just be allowed to graduate from the pma. Anyway, after graduation pmayers are no different from any other man in uniform. The pmayers even lie with more telling consequence to the country. After graduation lying becomes a way of life for them. Look at the euro generals, Gen. Ligot, Purisima re: delfin lee. etc…