It’s final: Duterte not running


DAVAO City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte finally put all speculations to rest on Wednesday when he declared that he has no ambition to be president.


“Kung manilawa kayo okay, kapag hindi okay lang din. Wala talaga akong ambisyon maging president (If you believe me, okay. If you don’t its still okay. The truth is I have no ambition to be president),” Duterte said on interview during the 23rd Defense and Sporting Arms Show organized by the Association of Firearms and Ammunition Dealers of the Philippines (AFAD) in Mandaluyong City.

“If there is really a drive for me to run I would have filed [my candidacy]last October 16. I mean the rating is there, it doesn’t look bad but it’s not also altogether good,” the mayor added.

He added that three factors also prevent him from running – his family, his health and the lack of funds.

“I’ve dedicated many years of my life to government and if you add another six years I’ll die,” Duterte told reporters.

The Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) has said it will name Duterte as the party’s substitute presidential candidate. But the mayor said no one from the party talked to him about the supposed nomination.

“An alternative is an excuse, why make me an excuse?” he said.


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  1. di pa rin ako naniniwala na di siya tatakbo kasi nagpaparamdam pa rin siya, baka style lang yan para lalo siyang sumikat at para kaunti lang ang gagastahin sa kompaniya, sige lang pabebe lang ng pabebe, sana siya ang pres natin para yong mga kalabaw,baka, kambing ay pede naman pakawan sa pastulan malayang kumakain ng damo ng walang nananakaw tulad ng panahon ng martial law na napaka payapa ang mga tao lalo na sa mga taga bukid

  2. on

    Pag hindi tagtakbo si Duterte pagka Presidente, wala ng pag asa maka haon ang PH sa ka hirapan, kriminalidad, druga at iba pang salot sa lipunan. The Muslims in Mindanao will demand secession from the imperial Manila. If this happen, the gov’t starts counting body bags all over the place. If this happen, we’ll be reminded of the French revolution which after that upheaval, the French have ripened to political maturity. This situation also happened during the civil war in the US where Abraham Lincoln was the President.The Confederate army and the Union army have gone to the battle field to settle their political ambition. There were thousands and thousands of soldiers, not to count civilians, died on that carnage. This is where Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous Gettysberg Address to honor the dead. Hope this will nlot happen to the PH.

  3. Noon martial law may kasabihan Para umunlad ang Pilipinas, disiplina ang kailangan. This saying is very true before up to today. There is anarchy in the streets, in the government , peace and order, garbage, riding in tandem, very very slow in implementing various government projects, very high taxes very low salary. These problems were not solve or given remedies by the Aquino government .

  4. Duterte has no fund for presidential campaign. Who will contribute campaign fund to a man who will not be a puppet? This is the sorry state of PH presidential election. When 2 party system was desecrated by Cory constitution. PH election had gone to the dogs in crocodile head. BS Aquino is one but with tail of mongoloid monkey.

    • I’m sorry but i believe you are misinformed. Multi party system was already in practice even before cory became president. Though the standouts that were LP and NP(in which Marcos was supposed to be a member), parties such as PDP and LaBan were already existing including the KBL party used by marcos and tolentino during the 1986 snap election.

  5. Nakakapagod na maghintay, sugod atras. Ikaw lang sana ang pag-asa Duterte na sana maging maayos ang ating bansa. Na ma-ipagmayabang ko rin ang bansa natin na umasenso, yumaman, may disiplina na. Sa mga pamamalakad ngayon sa ating gobeyrno wala parang mahina ang ating Presidente medyo mahina at sa maging kakandidato ngayon walang klarong puro lang pulitika. Sana gamitin mo ang yong abilidad at panahon na bigay ng Diyos na subukang baguhin ang Pilipinas… God Bless!

  6. Panotsky El Diablo on

    LAGOT KAYO…..CAWATANO and this PIMENTEL…..parehong mga mandurugas at swapang.Why dont u team up and run and lets see saan kayo pupulutin…mga buwang.