It’s final: Leni is Mar’s VP


SHE has said yes.

Camarines Sur. Rep. Leni Robredo has formally agreed to run as the Liberal Party’s (LP) vice presidential bet in next year’s elections and the group will officially announce its full slate in Club Filipino today.

According to Cabiao, Nueva Ecija Mayor Gloria Congco, one of the convenors of the Leni Robredo for Vice President Movement and a close friend of the lawmaker, the widow of former Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo made her decision last week.

“It’s RRR. Roxas-Robredo Run. Rep. Robredo has finally decided to run with [Roxas]. It will be announced Monday in Club Filipino [in San Juan City in Metro Manila]at 8 a.m.,” Congco told The Manila Times on Sunday.

The local executive, however, could not say who will fill up the party’s senatorial slate.

“What I can confirm is that Rep. Robredo is running as Mar’s VP. It’s 101 percent,” she added.

Last week, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad said the party will make its vice presidential and other bets known on October 5, a week before the filing of certificates of candidacy by those seeking elective posts in the 2016 polls.

Earlier, Congco claimed that Robredo was “near to making a decision which is almost there.”

“We met last Saturday and as of that day she hadn’t decided yet. However, I can say that she is close to that and she may eventually agree to [run with Roxas],” she said.

Senate President Franklin Drilon last week said the ruling party has reached a consensus to nominate Robredo as Roxas’ running mate but, at the time, there has been no official acceptance of the offer to Robredo.

Drilon added that the nomination of the Camarines lawmaker will be made formal and official during a meeting of the party this week.


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  1. Robledo will NEVER win. She is ONLY being used by LP just to get vote from Bicol Region. I pity her.

  2. Dead man’s widow Leni, neophyte lawmaker with nothing to show but widow’s name is not enough to justify Roxas PCOS magic victory. But Leni is proof that none among competent men and women of integrity wants to run with “Daang Tuwad” Roxas. In fair and honest election result devoid of PCOS magic = Roxas is now certified loser, stamp and sealed by widow Leni.
    Cory conquered Malacanang by dead husband magic. BS Aquino conquered Malacanang by dead mother magic. Will the Filipinos be once again swindled by death magic? 2 is enough 3 is a crowd. It should not work anymore. Talo na si Roxas …….. yeheyyyyyy…..

  3. A little bit of wooing in my life
    A little bit of courting by my side
    A little bit of juicy offer is all I need
    A little bit of entreaty is what I see
    A little bit of juicy payment here I am
    A little bit of you make me your man – CONG. LENI ROBREDO

    • What is the difference of 2016 and 2022. Is 6years changes the mindset of a person. I will vote for Leni she has shown for many years that she wants to serve the Pilipino people.

  4. Leni is a first termer Congresswoman with no significant accomplishment in her District and did not shine in Congress. She will easily be beaten by any one of her opponents such as Marcos or Honasan. Trillanes and Cayetano have poor showing in surveys just like Robredo and both Cayetano and Trillanes are affiliated with the fake “daang matuwid” like Mar-Leni. True opposition are Honasan and Marcos – they have more chances of winning. This looks like the end of Leni’s political career . She has poor performance and low name recall and she is partnering with Mar who has poor ratings in the surveys for more than 2 years. Mar and Leni’s chance is onlyt hrough cheating using PNoy’s Hocus Pcos so the Filipinos needs to be vigilant against this.

    • Leni will win by large margin. Please listen to her. She is very truthful and down to earth.

  5. Bicolanos for Vice Presidents: Escudero, Robredo, Honasan, and Trilyones. Oh well, Not all of them. Cayetano, of course not but he has a “no”, and maybe we can consider Marcos as a Bilokano. So now the scenario is almost complete: Poe-Escudero; Roxas-Robredo; Binay-Honasan; and possibly, Duterte-Marcos; Marcos-Cayetano, or Marcos-Duterte.

  6. With the divided Bicolano votes, it is a big question mark if Rep Robredo could be the factor in Roxas’ candidacy and victory. It is a truism in politics that the only thing permanent is ‘interests’. Mrs. Robredo’s candidacy under Roxas will be the start of her downfall as a politician as she became a ‘trapo’.

    • That is your opinion. I believe that she is good for our country. Being negative will not bring us anywhere.

  7. that’s a political suicide Ms Robredo. you have enough time back off. do it now because Pnoy and Mar are using you like your late husband.

    • Being use for what? Do you think Leni does not have a brain? She is very smart and humble.

  8. go leni go…mar-leni are good…perfect match for the trapoe and i don’t know his name…