It’s not just beauty, it’s ‘Artistry’


Artistry is a brand dedicated to achieving beauty ideals of facial skin care and color cosmetics distributed exclusively by Amway. A direct selling brand classified in the prestige category, it imagines the future of beauty.

According to Amway’s beauty product marketer Guia Santos, Artistry is the world’s top five best-selling prestige beauty brands for more than 10 years, based on Euromonitor study of global retail sales.
“It’s one of the top products in terms of skin care, lotion and moisturizer,” Santos enthused.

As in the case for Artistry, there’s much more to this prestige-based value of a brand, its special quality and the distinct nature of the brand experience. Its largest-ever Artistry Crème L/X luxurious offering combines forward-thinking science and exclusive CellEffect technology to instantly lift, visibly brighten, firm and smooth. It is an anti-aging solution clinically tested to help skin act up to 15 years younger.

Artistry Essentials includes all kinds of hydrating systems, boosters, whitening and repair serums, among others, to innovate beauty solutions—products that are luxurious, sophisticated and very effective. Amway is the first to market an innovative antioxidant complex that neutralizes the damage of free radicals at three stages of skin damage.

Artistry Colours makes it all the more meaningful that enhances and transforms one’s personal style. “Consumers who are passionate about this are convinced it’s absolutely perfect for them. Products that they feel they absolutely can’t leave without,” shared Santos.

“Take the enhancing concealer, for instance. Or the ideal powder foundation and the liquid and pure white powder foundation. These are some of the products that are driven by advanced scientific research and elevated beauty expertise,” she concluded.

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