‘It’s Showtime’ no match to ‘Kalyeserye’


You can’t blame the competition for trying. Even as ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime took to the Smart Araneta Coliseum for a grand sixth anniversary kick-off concert on Saturday, GMA 7’s regular Eat Bulaga programming from Broadway Centrum still reigned supreme conquering both TV ratings and Twitterverse in astounding numbers.

Yet again, AlDub mega phenomenon broke its own 12 million Twitter record from last week and generated 21 million tweets and counting for hashtag #AlDubEBforLove.

In a mission to court Yaya Dub, it was Alden Richards’ first time to visit the household of Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola) and her sisters Tidora (Paolo Ballesteros) and Tinidora (Jose Manalo).

Upon arriving, Alden immediately showed manners of a gentleman like blessing to the grandmothers, giving them flowers and even removing his shoes before entering the house.

Finally, Yaya Dub revealed herself in a simple, collared red dress and a spark between her and Alden was immediately evident.

However, Lola Nidora imposed strict rules once again like “no touching” and maintaining a one-foot distance from each other.

Always respecting the elder’s requests, the two just teased by getting close to each other—even almost hugging—but never did. They also ate together and even fed one another with cake.

Seeing that the two were very obedient, Lola Nidora permitted Alden to visit their mansion anytime to see Yaya Dub again as long as she and her sisters are also present.

But what really made a mark in this day’s episode was the last part when finally, Yaya Dub shrieked, “It must be love!” not just once but twice! The scene happened as she said goodbye to Alden after they met at Lola Nidora’s mansion.

Another noticeable instances were when Yaya Dub and Alden were talking with each other without mic or lapel.

It’s Showtime, meanwhile, kept on reminding its viewers to tweet their official hashtag #ShowtimeKapamilyaDay that counted at 4 million by 3 p.m.

The figures from both shows were so massive that Twitter seemed to have reset. It’s Showtime’s recorded tweet of 4 million dwindled to 400 thousand at 1 p.m. while a few moments after 4 p.m., Eat Bulaga’s official hashtag slipped from 20 million to 150, 000.

‘It’s Showtime’ pulls out all the cards

Prior to the big Saturday showdown, It’s Showtime’s revelation of its star-studded “ANIMversarry” kickoff—Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla (KatNiel), James Reid and Nadine Lustre (JaDine), Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil (LizQuen), Kim Chiu and Xian Lim (KimXi), Coco Martin, Julia Montes, Richard Yap, the show’s mainstays Anne Curtis, Vhong Navarro, Vice Ganda, Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia, among the lost list of stars—raised the eyebrows of the show’s critics.

But the news of all their favorite love teams and artists sharing one stage was enough for fans to troop down Smart Araneta Coliseum. At one point in the show, a host proudly declared that there were 7,000 attendees.

The Manila Times, one of the media entities who monitored the show live, witnessed how the fandom gathered, flashed their hand-made and digitalized banners, and screamed at the top of their lungs for their favorite love teams and artists.

The over-all mood was festive and the high energy from the exploding opening act up to the eardrum-shattering closing production did not falter.

But the most memorable production was that of the show’s “in-house love team” Vicerylle (Vice Ganda and Karylle). Vice went as far as giving Karylle two peck on the lips that threw their unlikely love team’s fans off the roof.

Also notable was the fact that loveteams KatNiel, JaDine, and LizQuen performed together onstage at exactly 2 p.m., the expected time that the competition’s “Kalyeserye” showed AlDub together.

Coco Martin serenading “Pastillas Girl” also aired alongside and the closing production where three of country’s most popular love teams went onstage all at the same time. The screams of those love team’s fans were suffice to leave Araneta roofless.

But if the number of tweets was to be the basis, It’s Showtime, definitely did not succeed in the online battle but if the joy and satisfaction from the live audience were to be used as measurement, they definitely fulfilled their promise from the show’s very beginning—make the day enjoyable for everyone.


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  1. No match. Kasi nga tinaob lang ng aldub ang big stars ng ABS, accept na lang na di talaga nila time ngayon. It’s aldub for now..

  2. EB with Aldub and Its Showtime with Pastillas Girl are one of the big ships around the world. ABS-CBN is the ocean. Dont say GMA because most of the shows of GMA are flop, kundi pa sa EB di sila magrarate ng mataas.

  3. Yung 25millions tweet, pede nmn iretweet un para dumami, yes marami ng ang nanood ng EB last 9/26/15 ciempre free ang tv, ung sa araneta they need to buy black box para mgkaticket sa araneta. kami di nmne kelangan mgcomment palagi o mgtwet kasi, busy kami na manood n lng s favorite show nmen kesa mgcomment. ung mg atao sa araneta di yun nkpgtweet kasi busy sa live shows. you watch EB & we will watch Its Showtime. hindi pa tapos ang competition. natural na walng makatalo sa EB dati kasi walang alaskador na hosts tuald ni joey de leon na pantapat. eh ngayon meron na c Vice Ganda at ang buong tropa ng its showtime

    • well.. prng cnbi mo nrin na nde nila kaya c joey, kc tinapat nila sa kabayong bakla, at sa mga alipores nyang TH?

  4. But if the number of tweets was to be the basis, It’s Showtime, definitely did not succeed in the online battle but if the joy and satisfaction from the live audience were to be used as measurement, they definitely fulfilled their promise from the show’s very beginning—make the day enjoyable for everyone.

    Why? Didn’t we too enjoy the AlDub episode last Saturday? We don’t have to go to the Araneta just to enjoy it. AlDub phenomena electrified even us in manner we can not explain inside our sheltered homes. Anyway, siguro pampalubag statement lang yan para sa showtime. Understand.

  5. Dapat baguhin n nila ang title ng show nila. Hindi na It’s Showtime kundi “It’s Bugawtime” Kuya Kim, you are a respected talented individual, it is better for you to pack up things and leave the show. You are much better in your own program Matanglawin that is full of good learning and knowledge specially sa mga bata.

  6. Eventhough Aldub is not produce by GMA Network and produces by others, they are part of GMA and Eat Bulaga which the Aldub is standing, all the credits, good vibes, feedbacks and or even they get an award (future) it represents to their network. So don’t you separate the things of success which GMA Network, Eat Bulaga and Aldub. The success of Aldub is the success for both Network and program.

    • yes i do agree that its is the success of ALDUB but the fact still remain the Eat Bulaga and that the show s earning but not GMA. its earning goes to tape production they only pay the networks timeslot if ever Tape production decide to go with another network GMA will be down in the pitt. if GMA is successful why is it that its been lossing billions in profit and few months ago they have decided to close all thier regional network which some of theme are potentially new in the area. GMA’s movie is not even breaking any box office or hit 100 million mark, in compare to ABS low budget film that thing called tadhana even made it. if you going to rebuts bossings movie just to remind you bossings movie is self produce and is not connected to GMA. why is it that GMA’s artist cant even have a sold out concert in in moa or araneta not a fad sold out show that has buy one take one ticket of thier artist major concert, money flows in abs shows and talent. people spend to people and show that they want and so are the adveriser. in show business sucess means money and so are revenue. if GMA is Successful as you claim the network will not be in financial distress right now… let me reiterate eat bulaga is the only successful show in GMA and the only show which i love and watch specially ALDUB but the show is not at all a intellectual property of the network it is own by TAPE so the success is for production to savor and not the network… so they have the right to separate the success of EB to GMA.

  7. Ang daming love team n pinantpat ng dos wa epek sa aldub. Kawawa naman kau sinbayan p ng walng moral n halikan. Desperado na kasi sila. Magknu kya bnyad k karyle kya nia yun gnwa?


    • Frenanto Rimalco on

      ABS-CBN wanted to buy the rights of Eat Bulaga from TAPE in 1994. TAPE rejected the offer so ABS-CBN did not renew Eat Bulaga so in 1995, they went to GMA. Since then, ABS-CBN have tried beating Eat Bulaga with different noon time shows and always failed.

  9. Brian Richard Scott on

    Ibalik na lang ng ABS-CBN ang “Be Careful with my heart” (2nd chapter) pantapat sa ALDUB (Kalye Serye). Baka sakaling makadikit ang rating nila. Just a thought.

  10. maysadong masaktan si vice… hindi sya sport or matnggap ang pagkatalo…7,000 lng pumnta..kala ko ba npuno ang araneta.. ang capacity nun eh 15,000
    ..so napuno nga ba.. hahaa.. ilang love teams na nilagy nila.. at take note CBCP supports kalyeserye.. ☺?

  11. god gave aldub to us to change the world of love… di katulad ng kabila na pilitan at bad influence..whew… say congrats to aldub na lang mga taga kabila … come and join aldub nation and you are welcome.. :)

  12. hay Nako alam nyo kahit anu pang sabihin nyo logi pa rin ang taga GMA halos lahat nang artista sa GMA lumipat na sa ABS.. san ba ang mis manage diyan.. ang GMA kasi hindi sila nag focus sa talento ng iba ng artista pag meron silang pinasikat na 1 yon na ehh meron pa namang iba na kayang gawin nang isa… kung meron man mas logi sa dalawang channel yun yong GMA.

  13. Give a chance! GMA is getting high income from ALDUB sayang naman baka magtagal pa ng karagdagang empleyado..Goodd to push that give fatter financial income san nalang kayo kukuha ng sahod sa artista niyo..See yan nalang ang bumubuhay ng network

    • sure ka?eh kasama nga c duavit and gozon sa pimaka mamayaman sa pilipinas,,mas mataas ang rank nila kesa kay lopez

  14. yeah.7,000 attendees. Pero they need to keep in mind na they have invited 4 loveteams. Without inviting them – meron kayang pupunta ng Araneta? That 7,000 attendees did not cover up the whole seats in Araneta. Still a flop show for Showtime- know what? Vice Ganda is also desperate- why can’t accept that this year is not your year? Haha. Looser kana. You are nothing but a 2nd great copycat! Desperate Vice Ganda!

  15. Desperado na talaga si Vice para lang manalo. Anyway, nice try naman kesa makita ninyo ang show ninyo na unti unting bumabagsak na walang ginagawa. Pero sa ginawa ninyo, hinatak din ninyo pababa kasabay ng show ninyo ang mga love teams ng ABS CBN. Lahat ba talaga yung love teams na yun ang sa tingin ninyong ka-level ng AlDub? Hahaha! Pero okay naman yung love teams na nilaban ninyo, ang mukhang tanga lang na ginawa ninyo ay nung pinilit ninyong ilaban si Pastillas sa AlDub. ANG BOBOBO NG WRITERS NINYO! Tanggalin na ninyo nakaisip na ipasok siya sa inyo.

  16. trying hard and showtime lalo na si vice ganda xD desperading hinalikan pa ung co-host nya hahaha tpus parang binubugaw nila si pastilias xD
    HUY ang aano ka hah! baka ma MTRCB kah hah ! =b

  17. no match naman po talaga yung trying hard ng showtime na yan bakit kaya hindi makaisip ng maayos yung matatalinong consultant ng channel 2 kung sino yung dapat tanggalin at ano ang mga dapat baguhin para lang tawag ng tanghalan ang showtime sa panahon natin………..

  18. Just to clarify, the dwindling hashtags were actually wrong hashtags meant to sabotage the correct hashtags. That’s why there was hashtag #bestinsabotahe award the latter part were fans from both sides expressed their anger.