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‘Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real’

Maricel Soriano, Dingdong Dantes and Lovi Poe

Maricel Soriano, Dingdong Dantes and Lovi Poe

There are those who believe that only one person is meant to fulfill another one’s needs; yet there remain those who believe that every person is capable of loving more than one significant other for many different reasons.

On Monday, GMA Network seeks to present these two opposing realities in an intriguing and relatable story of a man who is married to two women at the same time, in love with both of them equally, in Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real.

More than just another drama that highlights infidelity or unfaithfulness in relationships, the series aims to show the viewers the real consequences and the changes in the life of the betrayer and the betrayed.  That there are no victors in such a situation that affects not just the three persons involved but everyone else around them.

Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real will showcase the undeniable chemistry of the three multi-awarded artists: Dingdong Dantes as Anthony Real; Lovi Poe as Shiela Salazar-Real; and Maricel Soriano as Millet Gonzales-Real, who will surely captivate viewers as they exemplify riveting performances.

Making the series grander are respected TV, theater, and movie actors and actresses who will be driven to take sides in the story: Robert Arevalo as Henry Gonzales, the rich and successful businessman and father of Millet; Celeste Legaspi as Aurora Gonzales, the beautiful and kind mother of Millet; Tommy Abuel as Justino Salazar, a retired police chief and strict father of Shiela; Jaime Fabregas as Jun Real, a simple, honest, upright man and father of Anthony; Susan Africa as Salome Salazar, the religious and devoted mother of Shiela; and in her GMA Network comeback, Coney Reyes as Sonia Real, the amiable and loving mother of Anthony.

Adding glimmer to the powerhouse ensemble are versatile actors and actresses Alessandra de Rossi as Sandy Alegre, the caring best friend of Millet; Dominic Roco as Dado Salazar, the protective older brother of Shiela; Rodjun Cruz as Allan Real, the younger brother of Anthony who is close to Millet; Marc Abaya as Vincent Dumlao, the close friend of Anthony who knows about his two wives; and Marc Justine Alavarez as Tonton Real, the adopted son of Anthony and Millet.

In the series, Anthony Real (Dingdong) is a man who is in love with two women and marries them both. He is caught in a bigamous relationship with Millet and Shiela. Both women are endearing to Anthony, making him feel complete as a man, husband and father. And in his goal to keep the two women happy, he realizes that the choices he makes will hurt everyone.

Millet Gonzales-Real (Maricel) is a successful loving woman who will eventually give up her career to be a full-time caring wife. She is willing to do anything for her family, most especially her husband Anthony. However, her world will be turned upside down when she finds out      that there is also another Mrs. Anthony Real.

Meanwhile, Shiela Salazar-Real (Lovi) has a strong-willed and adventurous personality but eventually, her vulnerability as a woman will be revealed as she falls deeply in love with a man who will make her his everything. But everything will change when she finds out that her husband is married to another woman.

Under the helm of esteemed director Andoy Ranay, with the help of creative unit head Suzette Doctolero and concept creator and head writer Geng Delgado-Delos Reyes, Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real will break the stereotype of people involved in extra-marital affairs. The series will show that all humans are flawed and have their own stories of love, pain and forgiveness that other people can identify with and learn from.

Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real begins on June 2, on GMA Telebabad.


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