• Why Ivette Santos is the ultimate ‘wife peg’



    Ivette Gavieres-Santos has always been the ultimate wife peg of the elite wives and girlfriends club of the Philippine Basketball Association. For over 12 years, Ivette has stood by her husband Arwind Santos’ side as he triumphed under the bright lights of the country’s most famous sport.

    When asked what the secret was to their relationship, Ivette candidly replies, “Arwind and I have maintained a partnership where we respect each other’s opinions, needs, and ideas. We are not perfect but listening to each other always makes a difference. At the end of the day, we just make sure that we are happy and content with what God gives us. Every single day is still a learning process, that I believe is the greatest secret of all, to constantly learn and want to learn.”

    She goes on to reflect on her earlier dreams of wanting to be an independent woman, “I never once imagined to be a wife and a mother because I had other dreams but I realized that this is what God planned for me and looking at my life now and I think to myself, what more can I ask for?”

    However, God is truly in the business of making dreams come true because after having three children, Ivette’s dream of becoming an entrepreneur has come to life, “Once I got used to the routine of taking care of my family, I had the opportunity to begin a business with my relatives so I asked my husband if I could pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and he supported my love for learning through experiences.”

    This dream became reality through the Lemongrass House Philippines. Lemongrass House is an award-winning maker of spa and bath products that originated in Thailand. Lemongrass House is best known for their organic and natural products that are sulphate and paraben free, “As a mother, I am always concerned with the products that can cause harm to my children. Lemongrass House is also committed to the environment and that spoke greatly to my partners and I.”

    Run by three full-time moms, Lemongrass House is meant to bring something new to the Philippine market, “There’s truly nothing like it in the country today and we thought to share this amazing discovery we found in Thailand. When we first discovered it, we were at the store for over five hours!”

    When asked how she is able to manage her time wisely, she laughs, “I do not know really but thank God because I survive everyday. I still make it a point to be active in my children’s school activities and to not miss any of Arwind’s games. It’s really about how you manage your time and your priorities. I am also thankful for a very supportive husband and partners.”

    She goes on to say that having her own business completes her because it’s something that is uniquely her own, “It tests my capabilities but also builds my confidence on another level and in the end, it complements my totality and makes me a better wife, daughter, and mom.”

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