iWant TV preems web series on university grads


Online streaming and video-on-demand content platform iWant TV is releasing a new and original web series by award-winning director Pam Reyes titled “#Adulting.” The production is a coming-of-age, light drama-comedy that follows four young Filipina women from different colleges who are about to leave the comforts of university life for the first time.

Reyes, the creative producer of the award-winning movie “Birdshot,” said “#Adulting”explores the lives of millennials and explicitly shows the bitter, harsh, but fun reality of a young woman’s struggle in modern day Metro Manila while tapping on relevant issues.

When asked about what she expects from the series, she said, “I’ve always wanted to create something that shows the lives of young women in the Philippines. It’s a unique perspective that I hope the audience will like. It’s cool to note that we shot this with a team that’s predominantly women. The four characters I co-wrote with Rae Red have different paths and issues. We both graduated from UP Diliman hence most of the characters and situations are inspired by real life events.”

The main character, Aira is a Film graduate and aspires to be director but has to go through the ropes as a production assistant. It is through her character that the show throws inside jokes about the film industry. Lars, the big sister of the group, is coming from a long-term relationship and struggling to choose between her dreams and her love life. Sab, the “conyo quirky girl,” is battling personal and mental issues while maintaining a seemingly positive life. And finally, Bulak, the Public Administration Ilongga graduate, finds herself dealing with confusion about her sexuality as she tries to land a job.

“Adulting” is a term used by millennials to show they have carried out duties and responsibilities expected of adults.

iWant TV is a digital subsidiary of ABS-CBN.


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