How Iya fights allergy


Allergies come from different sources and sure to pull one down. Symptoms include uncontrollable sneezing or colds with runny nose and watery eyes. Allergy attacks impair the senses and hinder enjoying life to the fullest.

Iya Villania

Some folks believe that if allergy attacks are ignored it will eventually go away and exposure to allergens may lead to becoming immune to it. Others think that people will eventually outgrow their allergy and be “healed” completely.

With this consideration, anti-allergy medicine Claritin with proven track record for the past 25 year has come up with an orally disintegrating format in Claritin Reditabs which can be conveniently taken even without the accompaniment of water.

“We want to be able to make others work and play hard, without the interruption of their allergy attacks. Even Iya Villania vouches for its proven efficacy and guaranteed reliability,” brand manager Carmel David shared to The Manila Times.


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