Iza Calzado gets lost in her ‘A Love To Last’ character



Conclusion poses problem to top-rated teleserye
The top-rated teleserye “A Love To Last” (ALTL)—which stars Bea Alonzo (Andrea) and Ian Veneracion (Anton) with Iza Calzado (Grace) in-between as the grand spoiler—has three weeks more to go before it bids loyal viewers adieu.

The big question as of this writing, however, is how to end the primetime series with a happy ending for Team Andrea and Team Grace.

One avid group roots for the “forever” syndrome on Andrea and Anton’s current relationship to conclude with the usual “and they live happily ever after,” while the other camp is all for Anton to end up with his estranged wife for their “love to get lovelier the second time around.”

The main goal, according to head creative writer BJ Lingan (with two co-writers Rona Co and Carlota Balane), is to end ALTL that deigns it mutually acceptable to both rival camps whether Anton ends up with Andrea or Grace in the final reckoning.

BJ disclosed that they don’t have the final blueprint yet for the ending, adding that they have learned to consider the feedback of the show’s followers to build up on the consequent characterizations to new heights without necessarily cutting corners nor going against its original and intended patina.

He said there is a considerable group even among bloggers that sort of speak for ex-wives to be given their second wind in a relationship with their estranged husbands. The feedback helped them in their revisions to make the flow of their storyline dynamic, organic and in keeping with the pulse of the viewing public. It’s close to giving in to the truism that says, “give what the audience wants and you keep your ratings high.”

Indeed, from observations, present-day televiewers have never been as discriminating.

Fortuitously, while Caveat was having aforesaid insightful tete-a-tete with Lingan at one of the restos around ELJ compound, Iza breezed in time to join for some brief moments where she shared one of her rarest experiences in delicately breathing life into her character as the intimidating ex-wife of Anton.

In a way, Iza validated the scriptwriter’s intention which was not to peg the interpretation of her role into the usual villainess type of woman out to grab her husband back to her or stand in the way to allow her husband to move on happily with another woman.

She recalled that for several years she has been doing martyr roles, some of which turned dark and out-and-out evildoers. She finds her role in ALTL far different in that she is able to bring in rich nuances and layers of acting to her characterization.

The many faces of Iza Calzado as Grace in ‘A Love To Last’ FACEBOOK PHOTO/IZA CALZADO

“It’s not the usual pa-kontrabida (villainess),” she said, adding that it is a totally different, interesting and refreshing role.

Yes she gets bashers as expected, but the issues raised against her by the same people do help in enhancing and adding more colors so to speak in attacking the role, thus making her characterization more believable, pitiable and at times pathetic and empathetic as well rather than just one-dimensional.

Disclosing further, Iza considers ALTL as one of her few fulfilled “bucket lists” through much of her acting career.

She said it was only on the same te-leserye that at one point she was totally lost to her characterization which took her on the edge, almost out of control, “tumulo ang laway ko sobra” (my mouth dripped uncontrollably).

Perhaps it’s due to the tenets of the “method” – whether coming from the school of acting popularized by the Russian guru Stanislavsky or his acting disciples in America, the late Strasberg and Adler – brought into the legacy to new breed of actors in the West finding its way to the Philippines, among them Iza herself.


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