• Jabs or jobs: How much is your diploma worth?


    DESPITE having thrown all the punches, uppercuts, crosses and jabs, Manny still lost by unanimous decision. Instead of an explosive ending, or the expected fight to the finish (and to Pacquiao a stab at immortality if not the Presidency of the Philippines) it turned out to be the Hype of the Century.

    Mayweather ran. Manny ran after him, trying to engage him. At one point, Mayweather became cocky enough to taunt the congressman. Manny ran out of jabs. But he still has several jobs to return to: an honorable representative, a congressman; actor/celebrity endorser, sports club owner, coach and part-time player.

    Besides even though he lost, he reportedly earned $3 million per minute.

    For the 500,000 plus college graduates, just one job would be like winning the first round of their life after the academe. The truth is, they will be competing with millions more unemployed and those who are already employed but looking for better jobs (mostly because they are underemployed).

    A college degree is considered a way out of poverty as the son or daughter who gets a diploma is expected to bring home the bacon not the “isaw” chicken intestines or “adidas” (chicken feet).

    Cost of college education in the Philippines
    Exploring the cost/benefit ratio of education in the country, how much are college degree holders expected to earn especially those fresh from academe (freshgrads) or recent graduates but without work experience?

    GMA News published tuition rates of selected colleges in the Philippines for the academic year 2012-13. Ateneo de Manila has the highest rate per term (P75,890) followed by De La Salle College of St. Benilde at P40,000; Far Eastern University – P39,000; University of Sto. Tomas – P38,000; De La Salle University Manila – P37,673; UP Diliman – P24,500. Polytechnic University of the Philippines has the lowest minimum cost per term at P666.00.

    For more details, you can click here-http://.info/tuition-fees-in-philippines/

    Available jobs and salary offerings
    Phil-Job.Net, the Official Jobsite of the Philippine government, shows there are 78,246 active applicants, 1,451,694 registered applicants for 131,409 vacancies. From the top 50 jobs listed with the government portal only four require bachelor degrees if the qualification level would be the basis for hiring.

    How much do college degree holders earn?
    Payscale.com provides a sampling of how much a college degree holder will earn based on the industry sector and which college he or she got the diploma from. On the average, however, median annual salary for cccountants is P252, 260; civil engineers – P231, 765; human resource manager – P484, 174; software engineer – P349, 570; and registered nurse – P120, 667. For more detailed info, click here – http://www.payscale.com/research/PH/Country=Philippines/Salary

    Graduates from some schools earn more than their counterparts from the “other schools.” Ateneo de Manila University graduates’ salary range is P232,960 – P1,755,320; De La Salle University (Manila) P179,785 – P1,494,838;

    Mapua Institute Of Technology P175,257 – P1,222,962; Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) P152,271 – P656,178; University of Santo TomasP174,449 – P1,143,397; University of the Philippines P212,913 – P1,450,600; University of the Philippines (UP) – Diliman, P169,919 – P1,439,532.

    Unemployment and underemployment usually follows a college degree holder and this year would not be any different. March last year, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) estimated that around 554,000 students who graduated from college in March — 3% higher than in the previous year — were in job hunting mode. How many of them found jobs directly related to their courses and got paid the average or median salary for their profession or occupation remains unknown.

    What’s real are the results of the January round of the Labor Force Survey in the same year which showed the unemployment rate climbing to 7.5% from 7.1% in the previous year. The Philippine Statistics Authority said more Filipinos had joined the workforce but then found that not many jobs were available.

    Of the 2.9 million persons who were unemployed as of January, those aged 15-24 years comprised 48%, and college graduates, 19.8%. For the rest who did were not fortunate enough to finish their courses and joined the ranks of the underemployed, the future looks as bright as the stars that a groggy boxer sees after getting hit with a KO punch.

    At any rate, the Top 50 Vacancies in the country, from the official website of the Philippine government, 46 of which do not need a college degree anyway, is topped by cashiers, of whom 138 are needed. The next highest are sales clerks (95), accounting staff (74) and accounting clerks (62). Vacancies for construction laborers and food attendants are the least, 19 for each. There are only 25 vacancies for Information Technology (IT) specialists.

    If it’s a job you need, you must have not only the right jab but also a wicked uppercut or even a dangerous hook.

    But then, there’s only one Manny Pacquiao, though he has many jobs.

    For the other 99 million plus Filipinos, the next choice (which perpetuates political dynasty) would be to look for padrinos, get a lotto ticket or work and migrate abroad.


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