• Jackie Chan mixes up martial arts and sci-fi in new movie


    He isn’t Jackie Chan for nothing. The martial arts superstar continues to bring fresh material to the big screen as he injects a dose of science fiction in his latest action movie, “Bleeding Steel.”

    Opening today in the Philippines, Bleeding Steel tells the story of Special Agent Lin Dong (Chan) who is torn between his family and his duty. The movie begins as his phone rings from the hospital informing him that his daughter who’s suffering from leukemia is in critical condition. He rushes to her but while on the way gets another phone call, this time from a co-worker, relaying the details of an urgent and dangerous mission to which he’s been assigned.

    The martial arts superstar is back with ‘Bleeding Steel’

    The mission involves Dr. James – a critical witness to a crime who had been kidnapped, when he could be the key to discovering and preventing a criminal group from unleashing destructive new technology.

    Filled with zesty fights and goofy scenes that are trademarks of a Jackie Chan movie, he also mixes his well-known martial arts moves with new fighting styles that are suitable for the sci-fi action movie that Bleeding Steel is.

    Directed by Leo Zhang and presented in the Philippines by Viva International Pictures and MVP Entertainment, the film was shot in Taipei, Beijing and Australia, with Chan’s intense fight scene atop the Sydney Opera House a definite must-see.


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