StyleDiary (Summer Edition) Entry #04



I like to travel and go to the beach a lot or go on any nature trip whenever I can. So when I pack my bags, it’s always last minute since I always decide things to do at the last minute as well.

My sense of fashion, I must say, is very much like my personality—very spontaneous and fun. I don’t really plan what I would wear ahead of time. It’s always at the last second, after I get ready with my make up. I pick right before I head out the door. So I just go by how I feel at that particular moment—whether I’m in my fun or serious mood.

When I’m working, like if I’m shooting for TV shows or hosting events, I usually dress in whatever style they need me to wear, but I still incorporate my style since it is usually my clothes that I wear at events. For shoots, I like to wear my own, unless they have stylists there. They usually have the coolest clothes as well.

And for my women’s clothing line called French Dolls (, the dresses and the swimwear that I sell online are usually chic and sophisticated and can be worn from day to night and to events such as weddings as well.

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Model, event host and French Doll owner Jacq Yu loves the beach and has a “spontaneous and fun” stye.

I like to keep things classic when it comes to what I like to wear, so I go with neutral shades of black, white and nude. Or red, when I want to feel sexy. Sometimes I like to mix and match with something colorful especially when I’m traveling to tropical places.

I love wearing dresses and high heels when I’m feeling girly, and most times also, I love wearing black leather pants or jackets when I’m in my rocker chick mood. But during ordinary days when I’m just chilling or running errands, I’m in my T-shirt, jeans and sneakers or in my workout clothes. That way, I don’t have any excuse when i’m out and about and not go to the gym.

But since I’m a beach girl and I love being by the beach, the most favorite thing to wear in the world is bikinis… since it’s the easiest thing to wear and no need to think about what to wear as soon as you wake up. Simply brush your teeth and head out.


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