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    James and Nadine promised an exciting final week for ‘OTWOL

    James and Nadine promised an exciting final week for ‘OTWOL

    As the day’s most popular pairing in James Reid and Nadine Lustre begins the final week of their top rated ABS-CBN TV series On the Wings of Love this Monday, the usually reserved young celebrities became more open in talking about their relationship.

    Shortly after renewing their respective contracts with the network, they held a news conference where they gamely answered questions about how close they’ve become, all the way to admitting they “tried” to have a Valentine’s date but ended the occasion without one.

    “We’re definitely a lot closer since OTWOL began seven months ago,” said James who is known to give guarded replies every time he is asked about his personal life. “We’ve been through a lot together, and I can say she’s the only one who understands me now.”

    Nadine, on the other hand, also became more open as she related, “Last year was a rough year for me [in my perso-nal life]and it was James I opened up to. He was always there to cheer me up.”

    James even went as far as revealing they were supposed to have a Valentine’s date, which didn’t work out.

    “To be honest, we had dinner plans but they got canceled because the restaurant was full,” he confessed. “We spent the day in a mall shopping, buying video games.”

    Perhaps deciding they had said enough about “JaDine” moving on to the next step in their personal lives, James and Nadine proceeded to talk business and promised an exciting final week for OTWOL.

    Excitement over their characters Clark and Leah’s pending return to San Francisco where their love story began has reached fever pitch, even as Paolo Avelino’s Simon is set to reveal his true feelings for Leah.

    As of this writing, James and Nadine are also busy with final rehearsals for their February 20 concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum aptly billed JaDine In Love. With tickets sold out in just one day after the concert was announced, the Big Dome show last night kicked off their pending world tour.

    James and Nadine are set to perform for fans in Europe and the Middle East as they visit Doha (March 18), Dubai (March 19), London (March 26), and Milan (March 27).

    Through On the Wings of Love, James and Nadine have also been recognized by various award-giving bodies. This year, James is nominated in the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for Favorite Pinoy Personality, while Nadine led the MYX Music Awards race with six nominations including Favorite Artist and Best Music Video Award, among others.


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