• JaDine reacts on ‘TIMY’ and ‘OTWOL’ alleged disparity

    Nadine Lustre and James Reid

    Nadine Lustre and James Reid

    James Reid and Nadine Lustre—popularly known as the on-and off-screen love team JaDine—jointly declared they are not affected by ongoing comparisons among viewers between their past and present prime time projects on ABS-CBN—On The Wings of Love (OTWOL), which ran from August 2015 to February 2016, and the month-old yet thriving Till I Met You (TIMY).

    Expectations of course were through the roof for the follow up, which currently hasn’t caught up with the ratings and thrills the first one had set.

    “It can’t be helped. On The Wings of Love—some call it a phenomenon. It was the start of a new kind of teleserye. It can’t be helped but it really has a different story,” Reid told the reporters at his endorsement launch with Lustre for 7-Eleven City Blends Coffee at Oasis Events Place.

    “OTWOL is really close to the heart of the people so really they can’t help but compare it; I’m pretty sure Till I Met You will be the same [and gain its own loyalists],” Lustre agreed.

    Asked if they are bothered with the show’s ratings every night, Reid said, “Nowadays we don’t really mind the ratings anymore because it’s the new generation [watching]. Our inspiration is the millennial, and it’s really different and really hard to translate digital ratings into traditional ratings. But overall, the show is doing well, the story is developing nicely, we’re really excited,” he added.

    With LGBT themes now taking over plots on TV and movies, TIMY is at the forefront of the trend on prime time. Their show follows the story of three friends— Iris (Lustre), Basti (Reid), and Ali (JC Santos), a closeted homosexual— who eventually fall in love with each other and find themselves in an unusual love triangle.

    Asked if people aren’t ready for non-stereotypical portrayals of LGBT as in TIMY, the 23-year-old actor replied, “I think everyone’s accepted it, especially with JC in the role and he’s great at it. He is a nice guy and we’re lucky to have him. Again, such an amazing actor.”

    All is well
    With work out of the way, conversations with JaDine naturally went the way of their personal relationship.

    Admitting they too have their share of misunderstandings like any other couple, Lustre said, “That’s part of any relationship but we don’t make it last. We make sure that we talk about it.”

    “I’m not the type of person who holds grudges, so like in 30 minutes we’ll forget about [our misunderstanding],” Reid added.

    The actor is clearly inspired by the love of his life, as has written songs for her, one of which is titled “Forever,” which marked their first month together.

    “That was the first song I wrote for Nadine. The inspiration, it’s her of course. I was at a taping and alone in a room. The difference is that when you’re alone, the words just come up and the melody of the song,” said Reid.

    Meanwhile, proof that JaDine are a gem on screen is when top American group The Chainsmokers, liked their video singing the song “Closer” in a Cebu concert, and even posted the comment, “Awesome” on social media.

    “I was surprised over that because what I know is that they just liked the video since someone tagged them a collage, and then when I checked to verify if it was really their account who reacted to the post, I saw it was really The Chainsmokers! We were super happy, and neither of us could believe it!” Lustre enthused.

    “We weren’t able to reply or think too much about it because we were busy shooting,” she added. “But I am really happy because to perform is what I really love doing and where I started, and for international artists to recognize local talents, that’s really something for James and I.”


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    1. Wow, what comments from people who just show what they really are. Take your concerns to the studio and not bash these lovely hardworking actors. Unano(?) – are you talking about John Lloyd. Anyway, show love, kind thoughts and appreciation to this hardworking loveteam. Your life will be more meaningful and fruitful. I love JADINE and I think they’re the best!

    2. Wow, what comments from people who just show what they really are, so sad for them. Why not take your concerns to ABS studio and not bash these hardworking artists. Unano(?), are you talking about John Lloyd? Anyway, show love, appreciation and kind thoughts and not say unkind things to lovable Jadine team. It’ll make your life better and more meaningful! I love JADINE. I think they’re the best ever. I’m from North America and enjoy such lovable family show as TIMY!

    3. Dear TIMY,

      You do make shooting in our street here at Miguelin, Sampaloc Manila| Do you know that the shooting is a big ABALA at PUWERHISYO sa amin here at the Barangay. We don’ t get any money from being disturbed| si ROSIE the Carienderia Cook lang ang kumikita sa pagbayad ninyo ng rent at her house. Imagine, Carinderia Rosie said that you did give her a 1 year contract for the shootings| WHAT?!! isang taon pa kami ma-pepeste :P

      I think Nadine Lustre is JEHOVAH| Baduy fashion, no make-up and ang haba ng buhok: Bamboo’ s Probinsyana.

      James REid| Dwende/ Unano!!

      The people here at our Barangay 423-43 says that this Jadine are so mayabang and suplado| pwerhisyo na ayaw pa mag-papicture at mag-oansin ng tao :P

      Pate Garbage collection namen wala pag-may shooting| Hey, my lola has diapers to throw everyday, we get stinky trash when your shooting is at Aling Rosi’ s Kadiri na bahay :P