• ‘Jail employers for hiring contractuals’ – Roque

    Harry Roque

    Harry Roque

    A neophyte lawmaker wants employers found guilty of contractualization or unjustly firing an employee jailed for a period of six years to 10 years.

    In his unnumbered Anti-Endo bill, Rep. Harry Roque of Kabayan party-list said employers should prove that the job item of those employees whose contracts end after six months does not have a counterpart wherein employees do the same job but enjoy a regular employee status. Endo is the colloquial term used for end of contract.

    “An example of this is on sales ladies. If sales ladies are fired after six months and yet there are sales ladies who are regular employees, then that would be a violation of this [Anti-Endo] law,” Roque explained.

    The measure mandates employers to justify their decision not to renew the six-month contract of an employee.

    “They should have a valid basis for their decision of non-renewal of contact. Otherwise, they will be facing criminal liability which is not provided under our existing labor code,” Roque said.

    There are at least 35 million contractual workers in the country. Llanesca T. Panti


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      ALLWIES will cooperate with you. The landmark standard for informal economy which includes precarious workers, is our prime goal. ILO Recommendation No. 204 Concerning the Transition from the Informal Economy to Formal.

    2. Matino na Pinoy on

      This is a very shallow proposal by a lawyer I was once idolized and his proposal will not and cannot make big difference in our labor law. President Du30 once promised during his campaign to end the ENDO, and that should be the most logical move, to create a legislation that is more workers’ friendly. Allow workers to be unionized so they will have more bargaining power and give them a little bit of job security. Presently, the only people that can have stable jobs are the people working for agencies, temporary work agencies, that hire contract employees.

      Companies where temporary workers are employed can easily fire these temporary workers anytime or whenever the management want. If a company says that certain position was eliminated because it is no longer profitable, and yet, the following day, the company can rename that position and hire another contract employee. This type of action is not in violation of any law, including the proposed legislation that Roque is about to write. Therefore, Mr. Roque should come up with a stronger legislation, by eliminating ENDO, unionize workers, increase the minimum wage, Equal Employment opportunity, close the gender gaps of our employment system, equality and equal pay, family leave and/or emergency leave, and more. Get in touch with me if you want to hire a consultant, but beware, I don’t come cheap. lol.