‘Jail me in The Fort’ when time comes

GOTCHA Wide-eyed Secret Service agents watch as a woman takes a close-up picture of President Benigno Aquino 3rd  upon his arrival at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Chicago where he addressed the Filipino community during his working visit to the United States on Wednesday. MALACAÑANG PHOTO

GOTCHA Wide-eyed Secret Service agents watch as a woman takes a close-up picture of President Benigno Aquino 3rd upon his arrival at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Chicago where he addressed the Filipino community during his working visit to the United States on Wednesday. MALACAÑANG PHOTO

PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd said he prefers to be jailed in The Fort, the posh eastern business district in Taguig City (Metro Manila), if he ever comes to that after his term, as he noted in jest that his ancestors from his great grandfather to his late father had served jail time.

“I’m the only politician in my family’s generation, I might be next [to be jailed],” Aquino told the Filipino community in Chicago in the United States on Wednesday (Thursday in the Philippines).

His remark drew laughter from his audience, who cheered as the President delivered his punchlines. At one point, he said he was told that national hero Jose Rizal also visited Chicago during the month of May as he did.

“I was thinking, Wow! we’re the same. But [the life of]Jose Rizal ended at the Luneta,” said Aquino.

Rizal was executed by Spanish authorities in 1896 at what is now Luneta (Rizal Park in Manila), then known as Bagumbayan, for allegedly inciting Filipinos to overthrow their European colonial rulers.

Aquino said his great grandfather was a Katipunero who was caught by Spanish authorities and jailed in Fort Santiago in Manila.

Katipuneros were Filipino revolutionaries who took up arms against the Spaniards.
Aquino’s grandfather was also incarcerated in the same fort during the Japanese occupation.

“My father was the third [to be imprisoned]. Every generation in the family, someone gets jailed,” he further joked.

His father, late former senator Benigno Aquino Jr., was detained for more than seven years during martial law in Fort Bonifacio and Fort Magsaysay before the family went into exile in Boston.

The President  made mention about powerful and “untouchable” politicians who are now either in jail in the Philippines or are under hospital arrest, referring to former President Gloria Arroyo and three pork barrel scam respondents–Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada and Ramon Revilla Jr.

Aquino’s speech turned serious when he talked about good governance and the need to continue the reforms he had undertaken beyond 2016, when he will have stopped down from office.

“Our mission [is]to prevent a return to the old rotten system [and]instead continue the country’s transformation,” he said.

“Good governance equals good economics, equals good quality inclusive growth,” the President added, noting that the Philippines is now touted as the darling of Asia for having  an investment grade status and over projections that the country may be declared as the second fastest-growing country this year in terms of its economy.
Aquino stayed in Chicago only for a day and met with various business leaders, including members of the US Chamber of Commerce and US-Asean (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Business Council.

The President also met with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel

Chicago is home to about 139,000 Filipinos, the largest population of Filipinos in the Midwest.

From Chicago, Aquino will proceed to Canada for a state visit, during which he and Prime Minister Stephen Harper will witness formal signing of a number of agreements seen to boost people-to-people relations and solidify the two countries’ ties on labor cooperation, development assistance and infrastructure development.

He will visit Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto before returning to Manila on May 9.

Aquino’s visit to Canada this week is the first state visit to the country by a Philippine President in 18 years.

Then-President Fidel Ramos made a state visit to Canada in 1997.


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  1. Filipino Pilipinas on

    Mga Kababayan…Ako po ay isang Mahirap…..Squatter….Hindi po ako nakapag College pero nakakainintinde po ako……Hindi po ako FAN ni Pnoy at mas lalong hindi po ako sumisipsip sa Gobyerno dahil ako mismo ay nakakaranas ng matinding hirap…napansin ko lang…na Andaming ang gagaling dito……akala mo kung sinong may nagawa para sa Bansa… Ako aaminin ko wala…pero hindi ako mapanghusga…mapanglait…na tao…He’s Still the President of the Philippines. and aminin nyo man o hindi…ilang presidente na ang dumaan…pero pare parehas lang sinasabi ng tao na against sa Gobyerno…kesyo corrupt…inutil…resign….at kung ano ano pa??? Cno ba ang may kasalanan??? Diba tayo din..Pinayagan nating Manalo e’?? Impeachment…..Patalsikin!! e kung ikaw kaya magiging Presidente.. ANO GAGAWIN MO???KAYA MO BA!!!??? HINDI KABA MAGKAKAMALI??? Everyone has their own Point of View… Maaring tama kayo o mali ako…or Kabalikataran??? CRAB MENTALITY…..yan ang tangalin naten..and if you are really a good citizen of the Philippines…be a responsible. and well mannered citizen.ang pagbabago naguumpisa sa sarili..matuto kayu umunawa..hindi yung puro kau SUMBAT…SATSAT…Hay…ung mga magcocomment dito. Wag kayo mag galing galingan…UNLESS..May Magagawa ka or May Ginagawa ka para ipaglaban ang mga Pinagsasasabi mo…Wag kayo Feeling Expert….

  2. Roldan Guerrero on

    PIGnoy is now submitting himself of the crimes he committed and still commit until he is in power. What a shame on this STUPID who pretends to be clean. Your time is now on a countdown. Are you now in mental breakdown?

  3. which grandfather of him? one of his grandfather is not a known patriot but a notorious makapili during the Japanese occupation. Apparently many of the good name stories are media made…

    Apparently his ancestors and probably including him are imprisoned for same crime-treason.

    its foolishness to compare Aquino from Rizal as he proposes personally.

  4. Abnoy-noyingski on

    Alam na alam ni Abnoy na meron siyang ginawang mga maling hakbang sa pagka presidente niya…he he he! Guilty talaga ang mama. Dapat lang na makulong ka. Alam ng halos lahat ng tao na kaya mo (si Noynoy) gusto magkaroon ng presidenteng kaalyado mniya ay para mapaglaruan nila (Noy at Mar) nanaman ang batas at ma-libre si Abnoy. Kung makapagmalaki sa Chicago, akala mo kung ano ang nagawa niya sa bansa. Ano? Pakisabi mo sa amin, please – nakikiusap lang hijo.

  5. Ang KAPAL ng Apog ng Mongoloid na Abnoy. Hanggang sa Chicago dala ang pagsisinungaling ng kanya DAW na mga achievements.

    This inutile president first and foremost RENEGED BIGTIME on his phony campaign promise of Freedom of Information Law, a prostituted-bastardized-sodomized National Budget via DAP/Bottom Up Budgeting stealing scheme, then boasting putting to jail the 3 Senators he dislike most while CONDONING Bigtime the corrupt ways of his Agriculture Sec, his trusted and disgraced friend ex PnP boss Purisima, and his bigtime JUDAS act of these fallen SAF44.
    And so everytime this Moron President opens his mouth and flashes that mongolid smile explaining his LIES and and regurgitated half truths – it is PUKING and pity the common masa for not getting a decent upgrade of the minimum wage ever since he took office. What a DISGRACE GOVERNANCE!!!!!

  6. President B.S. Aquino you are not going to jail,you will be hang for treason,abandoning and betraying the SAF commandos for cowardice for not defending our territorial waters in which the Barbaric China are taking our reefs and building islands.Your matuwid na daan is a fraud more corruption on your administration specially the DND.

  7. PresiNoynoy briefly mentioned Ninoy, then PresiNoynoy quickly changed the conversation before anyone gets to think about asking why PersiNoynoy does not seem to care about bringing the mastermind of the Ninoy Aquino Assasination before Pilipinas courts.

    • jason bourne on

      Iyan ang nakakpagtaka. Bakit hindi tina-tanong ng Media kung bakitn a ngayon Presidente na ang anak at pati Ina ay wala silang ginawang para-an kung hanapin kung sino talaga ang nag-utos. Eh kung si GMA at SC Chief Justice ay talagang pinarusahan niya eh bakit iyong mga taong maysala sa kanyang ama ay hindi hanapin? Nakakapag taka.

      Ang ibig sabihin nito ang mastermind ay mismong pamilya niya !

  8. jesus nazario on

    No, not the Fort but in Fort Bagong Diwa at baka magbago DIWA niyang pilipit ! Magbago nga kaya ? Abangan !

  9. Alam na Nya na meron Retribution sa 2016 kaya dinadaan na lang Nya sa tawanan at meron pang Panahon at sa 2016 miserable na rin buhay mo tulad ginagawa mo Kay former president GMA. Sa mental bagay ka roon!

  10. P.Akialamiro on

    As expected, Pres. B.S. Aquino had to drum up sympathy from compatriots in Chicago and at the same time ‘pat himself in the back’ for good governance which he claims to be good economics, without mentioning however the economics he inherited from GMA. He talked of untouchables, but no mention about any of his partymates.

    He is no Rizal because what he has done during his term are not even close to being patriotic. He will be jailed because he is worse than Erap and GMA who were jailed, not for any other reason.

  11. butch hirro on

    ang kapal ng apog mo pnoy!!!! as in talaga. not anybody in his right frame of mind would say that even in jest. baka karmahin ka. and i hope you end up with the rest of everybody who raped the philippines while in power. i hope you end up in the new prison facility that the government will soon be building. dun kayo ng mga kasama mo sa KKK. ayos ba yun sa iyo?

  12. Nancy Bulok Cake on

    Pinoy can be imprisoned for being honest and not corrupt. But the Binays no matter how many billions of pesos or dollars they steal from the government will never be in jail. Binay has the justices and media under his payroll.

    • I Remember... on

      Nancy… maybe YES, maybe no… Can you prove Binay is corrupt? What about DAP lady… your president was innocent? Innocent also to corrupt Senators with DAP?

      Either your brain is corrupted or you are a paid writer for a political party in quest of positive gains… What are you?