• Jail warden implicated in murder


    The La Union Provincial Jail warden was implicated by the wife of a jail guard who was gunned down while inside the service vehicle here last January.

    In an affidavit filed before the Prosecutor’s Office, Marifel Casuga cited that Albert Palomique, La Union’s jail warden, together with alleged triggerman, Alfredo Paguirigan Yu, Jr., were behind the shooting and killing of her husband, Jonathan.

    Casuga claimed that her husband and Palomique were allegedly both involved in a love triangle with a woman named Cecille Nagoya of San Juan, La Union and that Palomique was jealous about it.

    It was learned that Palomique and Nagoya were having an affair and that Jonathan took her way from him, including the benefits she was allegedly getting from him.

    Casuga’s affidavit was corroborated by Judy Ann Dulay, a witness and live-in partner of Yu, based on police investigation documents.

    Dulay stated that Yu, reported to be a gun-for-hire, told her before the killing that his new mission was to kill a jail guard who was a womanizer.

    Dulay confessed to police investigators after Yu told her that he shot Jonathan in the Marcos Building, near the city hall and got his things and fled.

    Fearing that he left her for good, Dulay positively identified Yu in a CCTV footage provided to her as the man allegedly alighting from a red motorcycle a few meters away from the crime scene, dressed in what witnesses described to investigators.

    Dulay added that the night before the killing, Yu requested her to clean his .45 caliber pistol for use the next day.

    Palomique refused to answer to the allegation until he receives the formal complaint.

    Jonathan was waiting for his colleagues to get them transported to their work at the provincial jail in Barangay Camansi inside the service vehicle, when he was shot early morning of January 16.


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